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Applications for insertion, updating and / or transfer of GPS 2022/24 have been submitted and applicants are now awaiting publication of the rankings. Service evaluation: rules and scores. All useful information

Evaluation questions

Currently, the provincial offices of the schools and the delegated polo schools are involved in the evaluation of the qualifications declared by the applicants in the applications (submitted on 31 May). This is the first control planned in OM n. 112/2022, which will be followed by that of the school where the applicant will stipulate the first substitute contract in the period of validity of the GPS, ie 2022/24.

Already during this first check by the USP, in case of discrepancies between the degrees declared and the degrees actually held, applicants may rectify their score or be excluded from the ranking.

After the evaluation of the applications, the provincial school offices will order the applicants according to the sum of the scores derived from: access degree; titles academic, professional and cultural beyond the degree of admission; service titles.

General rules for evaluating the service

The following are the general rules regarding the evaluation of the service and the period within which it must have accrued:

  • the Catholic religion / alternative activity teaching service is assessed as a non-specific service;
  • services provided with atypical contracts (not as a worker), in private schools or vocational training centers, in curricular education or in the workplace, are evaluated throughout the period in accordance with the criteria laid down for employment contracts. work (the service is evaluated for the sole purpose of assigning points);
  • The teaching service prior to the year 2000 provided in legally recognized or equivalent secondary education institutions, in the primary school or in the equivalent nursery school, is evaluated half of the score provided for specific or non-specific services;
  • the service provided in non-equal schools included in the regional registers is evaluated half of the score provided for specific or non-specific services;
  • the teaching service provided by Italian citizens in Slovenian and Croatian schools with Italian as the language of instruction is assessed as the corresponding service provided in Italy, provided that it is certified by the consular authority in accordance with the school offices of Trieste, Udine in Gorizia;
  • Military recruitment service, substitute service assimilated by law to military recruitment and civil service are fully valued, if done in accordance with the appointment;
  • the services provided are evaluated: in public and private centers, including foreigners; in the spring sections only for infant and primary education (as specific to kindergarten; as non-specific to primary); in the educational itineraries of foreign countries or schools with a foreign system in Italy, recognized by the respective countries; in regional projects; in the context of courses on the right / duty to education, related to the education and vocational training system;
  • services performed during the periodicity of the selective courses at the end of which the degree has been obtained (including the degree in SFP) are not evaluated;
  • the service provided during attendance at support specialization courses is evaluated;
  • the service performed without an access certificate is evaluated, provided that the same has been achieved (qualification) on the date of submission of applications;
  • the service performed simultaneously in two competition classes is evaluated as specific to both competition classes;
  • the service titles, which had to be declared in the applications, are the ones deserved in the biennium 2020/21 – 2021/22 (taking into account that the deadline for submitting applications for the previous biennium was August 6, 2020, There should be no teacher who has not accumulated the maximum score for the 2019/20 academic year, if there is one, there should be a teacher who had a contract on 31/08/2020; in this case, those interested had to declare the accumulated score from 7 to 31 August 2020, again within the maximum limit, for the academic year considered, of 12 points);
  • in relation to the academic year 2021/22, to applicants who, until 31 May 2022 (deadline for submitting applications), had not completed the entire year of service, OM 112/2022 gave the possibility to declare the later expiration date of the contract, in order to accumulate the maximum number of points provided; These were teachers with contracts on 06/30, 08/31, at the end of classes or, in any case, after May 31, 2022, who could declare the service not only performed but also what has not yet been done. has been made and covered. by the contract (the effective performance of the said service will be confirmed later).

He service borrowed in messages from support is rated as:

  • specific in GPS support of the specific degree;
  • specific on specific grade competition classes;
  • not specific to any kind of competition and places in support of different levels.

Difference between specific and non-specific service

The service, as mentioned above, is evaluated as specific and non-specific:

  • by specific service we mean the service provided in a specific class of competition / type of place for which it is evaluated;
  • by non-specific service (valued at half of the specific service) we mean the service provided in another type of competition, type of job or other qualification other than the one for which it is evaluated.

Example: I did a year of service on the A-22 and was also introduced to the GPS on the A-12; the service will be valued as specific to the A-22, as non-specific to the A-12.


The overall service score that can be assessed for each ranking, for each school year, is equal to a maximum of 12 points. The same service is evaluated (for applicants included in more GPS, ie for more places / competition classes) as specific and non-specific.

GPS commonplace

The (specific) service provided in the specific degree, by common job or support position, for which the evaluation is performed:

  • is classified p. 2 for each month or fraction of at least 16 days, up to a maximum of 12 points for each school year.

The service (not specific) provided to another degree or to another category of competition, for which the evaluation is carried out:

  • is classified p. 1 for each month or fraction of at least 16 days, up to a maximum of 6 points for each school year.

GPS support

The (specific) service provided in a place of support in the specific degree:

  • is classified p. 2 for each month or fraction of at least 16 days, up to a maximum of 12 points for each school year.

The (non-specific) service provided in another job, another competition class or another category:

  • is classified p. 1 for each month or fraction of at least 16 days, up to a maximum of 6 points for each school year.


In order to proceed with the calculation of the points due, all the days of service are accumulated (relative to the same school year; days corresponding to different school years cannot be added), taking into account that one month has always been 30. days and that no note (separately) the individual 16-day fractions. Thus, for example, the applicant who has completed 32 days of service is entitled to 2 points; the 4 points start with 30 + 16, that is, with 46 days of service. Therefore, the calculation is as follows:

  • from 16 to 45 days same p. 2 (p. 1 if not specific)
  • from 46 to 75 days same p. 4 (p. 2 if not specific)
  • from 76 to 105 days same p. 6 (p. 3 if not specific)
  • from 106 to 135 days same p. 8 (p. 4 if not specific)
  • from 136 to 165 days same p. 10 (p. 5 if not specific)
  • from 166 days onwards just as p. 12 (p. 6 if not specific)

The highest score is also obtained, as we read in the notes of the assessment tables, if the service provided complies with the provisions of article 11, section 14, of law no. 124/99, according to which:

  • the annual service, for which the 12 points of the specific service or the 6 points of the non-specific service are obtained, is accrued with a service provided, even if it is not continuously, for 180 days or with a service provided uninterruptedly. until 1 February until the end of the final scrutiny operations or until the end of the educational activities for the nursery (in accordance with article 11, paragraph 14, of the Law No. 124/99 and as indicated by the Ministry of Education with note No. 7526 of July 24, 2014).

Double score

The service provided, from the 2003/04 academic year to the 2006/07 school year, in the multi-class schools of the mountain municipalities, in accordance with law no. 90/1957, as well as in the schools of the smaller islands and penitentiary institutions, is valued in double measure.

The score was therefore doubled only in the case of lending to the said institutions and in the period considered.


The article was written based on the following provisions:

  • in OM no. 112/2022 and in the tables of evaluation of attached qualifications
  • to note 1290 of 22/07/2020
  • in the MI FAQ

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