Spain wants to allow 16-year-old girls to have abortions (without parental consent)

Menstrual leave, but not only. There Spaina la invoice that on Tuesday 17 May obtained the first approval of the Government (pending the vote of the Parliament), wants to approve the right to abortion to young women, especially a 16 and 17 year old girlswithout having to wait parental consent before terminating the pregnancy. This is one of the many measures provided for in the bill of the Ministry of Equality, controlled by the Social Democrats of Podemos.

Spain wants to allow 16-year-old girls to have abortions without their parents’ consent

The new bill “on women’s sexual and reproductive rights” and in particular on the right of young girls to terminate a pregnancy aims to reform an earlier law on abortion passed by the Conservative People’s Party in 2015. of this law, in order to have an abortion, girls aged 16 and 17 must do so ask permission from mother and father to terminate the pregnancy. All this, with the new bill, would expire. And so underage girls could decide what to do with their bodies, without waiting for their parents’ approval. Please note that abortion is allowed in Spain until the 14th week of pregnancy.

This is a new step forward for the Spanish government towards women’s rights. Last April, the Senate passed an amendment to the Penal Code, under which obstructing or intimidating women who want to have an abortion has become a crime in Spain.

“We all know in our country that banning or limiting the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy, the right to abortion, has never served to reduce it, it has only served to generate more insecurity, more suffering and more poverty. among women, especially among the most vulnerable. That is why today we also send an international message of support to all women who fight for their sexual and reproductive rights, that is, that abortion is free, safe, free and a guarantee of the sexual and reproductive rights of all womenThus, the Spanish Minister for Equality, Irene Monteropraised the government-approved bill.

Irene Montero, 34, is Minister of Equality in Spain (Photo Ansa)

Spain will pay menstrual leave to working women

The news of abortion for young girls has faded into the background menstrual discharge. Because in fact a state that decides to pay and grant special permits to women in the days of the cycle was a turning point. Basically, in the same bill that obtained the first approval of the government, a special measure was provided, under which the Spanish government decided to recognize a menstrual leave of varying duration depending on the case, paid “completely” for the State, and authorized. in case of “disabling” cycles.

“We are the first country in Europe to recognize menstrual health as part of women’s rights,” said Minister Irene Montero. “The message is clear,” he continued. the menstrual cycle will no longer be a taboo. The time to go to work is over after we are filled with pills and have to hide the pain we feel ”. To access the menstrual leave, the minister said, it will not be necessary to have previously contributed. However, it will be necessary to prove, through a medical certificate, that the menstrual cycle is associated with incapacitating pain, a condition often linked to other pathologies.

And in Italy? In our country, in 2016 a proposal came from four members of the Democratic Party to introduce menstrual leave, but the initiative never went well.

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