Rome, Malagrotta fire: school and sports activities suspended 6 kilometers away

ROME – By order of the mayor of Rome number 98 signed today, the Suspension from pedagogical-didactic activities I recreational and sports activities of educational and childcare services, including summer centers, public and private, necessary after thefire at the Tmb plant in Malagrotta that occurred yesterday.

In addition, it was ordered: to prohibit the consumption of food of animal and vegetable origin produced in the identified area; the ban on grazing and scratching farm animals; the prohibition of the use of fodder and cereals for animals, collected in the identified area. The measures, explains the Campidoglio, are contained in the “contingent and urgent order defining precautionary measures” and “pending the drafting of the model for the fall of air pollutants, and in any case for a period not exceeding 48 hoursby virtue of the precautionary principle, for a radius of 6 km from the place of the fire and, in any case, limited to the territory of Rome Capitale.

It is also recommended to limit outdoor activities, with special consideration to those of a recreational and sporting nature, and to keep the windows closed in case of persistent and foul-smelling smoke. “In case of emergency, please contact the unique emergency number 112 or with the 24 Hours of Operations Room of the Civil Protection of Rome Capital at the toll-free number 800 854 854 or 06 67109200.


A first report on the fire that affected the Tmb plant at the Malagrotta landfill yesterday will be sent today to the Rome Prosecutor’s Office. As a result, an investigation will be formally opened in Piazzale Clodio, which will immediately investigate the origin of thefire and the possible presence of malicious misconduct. Representatives of the Rome Prosecutor’s Office are known to be present at the scene.


Ecomafie commission chairman Stefano Vignaroli, who has been following the situation since last night, went to the scene of the fire with NOE carabinieri for more information. So in a note Vignaroli, who defined the situation as “very serious.” The fire that destroyed the gasifier yesterday Malagrotta and Tmb2 saved Tmb1, which is smaller than the other and has a daily treatment capacity of 600 tons of undifferentiated (300 less than Tmb 2).

“Tmb 2 is completely unusable,” said Vignaroli, “and who knows how long it will take, managed more than a quarter of the unclassified waste in Rome and that will be a problem,” he said. it was not touched by the flames, it is working, they plan to restart it and I think it could happen in a few hours. However, there is a problem related to the health of workers and those who take responsibility for protecting it. Arpa has installed a tracking station but will not return results immediately. We need to understand how to make them work safely. ”


The mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, is conducting an inspection in Malagrotta, where a fire broke out yesterday afternoon involving Tmb2 and the gasifier. With the mayor, accompanied by the firefighters still busy extinguishing the stake, also the Capitoline Councilor for the Environment and Waste Cycle, Sabrina Alfonsi.


Black smoke in the sky is still visible. Although in smaller numbers than yesterday afternoon, when all hell started around 6pm. The fire of the gasifier and the Tmb 2 di Malagrotta (the largest) is still in progress. Firefighters have cordoned him off but he is not yet fully domesticated. With the flames extinguished, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will order the empowerment of the area to understand the causes of the great fire that destroyed the gasifier (disused for more than 10 years but which functioned as a CDR reception tank produced by the 2 Tmb) . ) and the largest of the 2 mechanical-biological treatment plants, which processed 900 tons of undifferentiated waste daily in Rome.

The big black cloud released by the fire is controlled by ARPA Lazio, which last night placed two mobile control units depending on the wind direction. While the fixed, which has been parked in Malagrotta for years, should already give the first results on a possible increase in the values ​​of PM10 and dioxins.

A wooden coffin under the banner “Manifesto today not to die tomorrow” shines on the outside of the entrance to the ‘City of Environmental Industries’ along with some signs against the construction of the wet waste biodigester. (120 thousand tons per year) at Casal Selce, not far from here. “Last night there was an unbreathable air,” said Marco Donati, a local citizen and president of the civil party association, “just as the citizens of this side have been breathing for 50 years. It’s time to dump her and move on. I do a little for one. There has never been such an incident here. The Tmb was working at full capacity and everything suggests that the system has malfunctioned. “

The black cloud worries farmers in the area, such as Marco Papi, owner of an organic farming and beekeeping business: “My business is a mile from here, behind the hill on the other side of The road, the implants burned, and yesterday, when this terrible mushroom of smoke rose into the air, I began to be afraid, and this kind of environmental pollution is devastating to everyone. , which are environmental monitors, is even worse because they steal these particles and take them to the hive. I have chills. “

I will probably be forced to throw away all the production of the year and replace all the wax. I am afraid that what is happening to me, the other farmers and the resident citizens is devastating. I miss the production of the year and will have other costs to replenish everything. It’s thousands of euros that I wouldn’t have, in addition to the loss of my markets. Among the companies in the Lazio Region, those of the former Maremma entity and the private ones, we are talking about a thousand interested companies from here on the coast “.


“In these dramatic hours triggered by the fire in Malagrotta, all our facilities and our technicians have been working at the forefront since last night together with the firefighters and all the police, operators and competent authorities to whom I thank The great work done, far and still in progress As the Department of Ecological Transition, we are present with Arpa Lazio with two samples in two places, one in Malagrotta and another in conduct surveys to check air quality, of which we expect the first results tomorrow morninga. In addition, with the offices of our Department of the Environment we are in contact with the bodies and authorities involved to contribute with environmental monitoring to the coordination of all operations and the different aspects involved. So Roberta Lombardi, Councilor for Ecological Transition and Digital Transformation of the Lazio Region.

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