Recruitment of GPS Sostegno 2022, the ministerial decree arrives. The latest updates

The Ministry of Education has summoned the trade unions today to find out about the next ministerial decree that will regulate the new extraordinary contracting procedure from the GPS support bracket in compliance with article 5-ter of the decree law of 30 December 2021, n. 228.

Like last year, in fact, GPS will be affected by fixed-term appointments following the “ordinary” appointment procedures of the Merit and GaE rankings.

What the procedure involves:

  • the assignment of a fixed-term contract to teachers enrolled in the first strip of the provincial rankings of substitutes for support positions. The fixed-term contract referred to in section 1 is offered exclusively in the province and in the modalities of places for which the teaching staff is enrolled in the first strip of the GPS of support places and for which it presents only licitud.
  • Completion of the annual initial training course and passing the disciplinary suitability test
  • Entry into office with legal effect from September 1, 2022.

How the question looks: applicants express their willingness to participate in the procedure and prove possession of the requirements by applying in the same province in which they are registered in the first band of the GPS for the support site electronically through theapplication Online Instances (POLIS) “.

What is stated in the question: the types of jobs for which, having the right, it intends to participate in the procedure ilorder of preference of educational institutions divided by type of place; it is possible to express the preferences of the office also through theconcise indication of municipalities and districts.

Prior publication of available places: USRs indicate the number of places available in each school, broken down by type of place.

Seat allocation: The offices check the applications submitted, assign the candidates to the individual schools through an automated procedure in theorder of the indicated seat types and expressed preferences, depending on the position covered on the first side of the supporting GPS. In case of indication of synthetic preferences, lorder of preference of all educational institutionswithin the municipality or district is carried out on the basis of theincreasing alphanumeric ordering of the typing code.
The results of theLocal offices communicate identification to interested teachers and schools.

Training course and eligibility test: Suspicious candidates assigned to the school with an IT contract on 31 August carry out the annual course of initial training and testing (Article 13 of the Legislative Decree of 13 April 2017, n.59). After the positive evaluation of the path, the teachers carry out a disciplinary test that passes the candidates who reach an eligibility threshold, therefore there is noattribution of a score. The test is evaluated by an external committeeservice educational institution. In the event of a positive assessment of the annual training and test course and a positive judgment of the disciplinary test, the teaching staff is hired for an indefinite period, from 1 September 2022, therefore benefiting from the legal backdating of employment in IT. .

Disciplinary test: consists of an interview to check, in relation to the programs referred to in point A.4 of theannex A of the decree of the minister of 5 November 2021, n. 325, for the school ofinfant and primary and in point A.2.1 ofAnnex A of the Ministerial Decree of November 9, 2021, n. 326 for secondary and high school, proper possession and exercise, in relation toexperience acquired by the teacher and validated by the positive improvement of thecourse of initial training and tests, of knowledge and skills oriented to an individualized educational planning that, respecting the rhythms and styles of learning and needs of each student, identifies, in close collaboration with the rest of the members of the class council, interventions balanced between learning and socialization and the full exploitation of the abilities and potentialities that the student possesses.

Trial time: development ends in July 2023.

Anief’s position

The Anief, present at the meeting, reiterated its position regarding the need to use GPS for appointments in the role of ordinary channel after the GaE. In addition, the request of the Administration for attention to transparency has been reiterated with a series of clarifications, especially regarding the timing of the different procedures – even the preparatory ones such as the publication of the GPS and the control of scores- and to provide the right times for precariousness. to apply online. For the candidates included in the I GPS Sostegno Band, therefore, the hope of a permanent recruitment-oriented appointment has also been confirmed for this year, but to know the recruitment figures the process is still long: after of the ordinary procedures for the appointment of positions – for which the authorized places have not yet been formalized – the Administration will have to make the forecasts of the ordinary competitions of 2020 that are not published and proceed subsequently to the hiring of the GPS. As last year, the criticisms already denounced of a job with a fixed-term contract until August 31, during which teachers will have to undergo the probationary and training period and, in case of passing, in the subsequent disciplinary interview already scheduled for those hired last year through the same procedure.

Obviously, the whole process of appointments from the GPS should be activated after the dissolution of the reservations to the GPS and after the end of the appointments in office from the ordinary processing, therefore in the month of August, but The Administration has not yet provided certain times even for the start of ordinary appointments in office, which will be followed by GPS recruitment procedures not only aimed at permanent appointment, but also for the purpose of alternates on June 30 and August 31st..

Anief, present at the meeting with his delegate Chiara Cozzetto, asked the Administration to define the appropriate times for the realization of the online application for participation in the procedure, a preventive and timely publication of all places available before submitting the application by the applicants. and the possibility also for GPS workers to participate in the transfer procedures to obtain the final seat. The compilation of the application for participation for the appointment of the GPS in accordance with art. 59, section 4, of Legislative Decree 73/2021 will be contextualized again to that of participation in the ordinary substitutions of 30 June and 31 August. In addition, clarifications were proposed by the Anief on how many, also hired for this year by GPS in accordance with art. 59, section 4, having obtained an adjournment of the training and test course for justified reasons provided by law in order to specify that the repetition of the training and test period will be done in the same place already assigned for the previous replacement intended for the appointment to office. In addition, in case of aggregation of regions for the conduct of the final disciplinary interview, Anief asked to immediately specify the possibility -already planned for this school year- to conduct the distance interview online.

The position of Flc Cgil

Com Flc Cgil we renew our satisfaction with the expansion of the recruitment of the GPS 1 support band, a measure that we wanted firmly and for which we fought, in respect of which we had, therefore, an important victory. Requests made to the Ministry refer to the deadline for submission of applicationswhich should come out after July 20, or after the dissolution of the reservation by sixth-graders from Tra support. Relaxed times for the submission of applications, on which the Ministry has not yet ruled. Possibility of participation of permanent staff, in application of art. 36 of the CCNL, which is confirmed. It will also go clarified whether this procedure follows or precedes, as we wish, the speedy callwhich this year is confirmed according to current legislation.

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