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17 years after the brief period in Turin, the businessman of Ceccano will present the offer to the municipality of Etna to form a new club and restart the Serie D after the bankruptcy. The founder of Vita Serena has a four-year project

“After saving Torino, the desire to return to the world of football returned after 17 years. I followed the events in Catania and after thinking about it for a long time I decided ”. Remember Luca Giovannone, psychologist and entrepreneur of Ceccano, dedicated to social and health services and founder of the Vita Serena drug addiction rehabilitation community? In 2005 he rose to the headlines for taking over Turin through the Petrucci Award, following the failure of Ciminelli’s management.

A brief and stormy break: fiercely contested by fans, after a few months he sold the company to Urban Cairocurrent grenade pattern.

Now Giovannone tries again with Catania, who failed last December and were forced to withdraw from the Serie C championship in April. For Saturday will respond to the expression of interest and present its offer to the municipality of Catania to set up a new company and restart the D Series.

A warm and prestigious square

The north corner of the Angelo Massimino Stadium in Catania (Photo © Roberto Quartarone)

Giovannone He is 58 years old and lives in Turin. His company is Osmosis Spa (“We billed more than 50 million in 2022”declared in those hours) and deals with temporary work. The Ciociaria businessman has clear ideas and does not hide his ambitions. Catania, on the other hand, is a noble place with 17 seasons in Serie A and 600,000 fans (it is the 12th most followed team in Italy).

The former company also owns the “Torre del Grifo” sports center, a state-of-the-art complex. Beyond his passion for football, Giovannone sees an important operation from many points of view.

In Catania and Messina the employer also has work interests. “We have 400 employees working on behalf of many companies”he told Itasportpress. I was in town for 10 days with my wife and loved the beauty of this place – added – I like Catania and its colors (ed. Rossazzurri) and if I am assigned the club, I will move to the Etna capital. Then I know very well that it is a historic team with a passionate hobby. In short, you can play football at certain levels. “.

Four-year project

The Torre del Grifo sports center

The Czech businessman illustrated and his plans to return to Serie A seeking a financial balance. “My goal is careful management – he explained GiovannoneI have never failed to follow the policy of baby steps and I will never fail. In Catania I will bring a future project that envisages the Serie A in 4 years. “.

The “Torre del Grifo” sports center could be an important asset to restart. The entrepreneur, however, is not unbalanced. “I am thinking about it and together with my team we are doing the checks but now there are other priorities he pointed out GiovannoneBefore the structure there is the coach and the players to think about. We will pay close attention to Scouting, the youth sector and the women’s team. “.

A versatile character

Luca Giovannone on the right in a poker player version complete with a pomegranate shirt

Luca Giovannone he lost nothing of his life. A graduate in psychology with 110 praises at the age of 23, he founded the “Vita Serena” community for the recovery of drug addicts in Supino. A forerunner in a period when the fight against drugs was based solely on repression.

He was called half volunteer and half entrepreneur. Then the rise of the world of social and health services. It was not an easy path, many obstacles, some mistakes. Sometimes eccentric, certainly stubborn and enterprising. He has always liked football. In front of the center for pleasure, president of Sporting Rio Ceccano and deputy of Supino. With one of his companies he sponsored Sigma Olomuc, a team from the Czech Republic.

Urbano Cairo to whom Giovannone sold Turin in 2005

In 2005 the adventure in Turin of which he has always been a great admirer. The strong protest of the fans with a lot of assault on the hotel where he was staying advised him to sell it in Cairo a few months after the rescue.

“At that time, I hired players for a budget of 20 million euros and, in fact, Turin went straight to Serie A.”he said in an interview.

In 1998 Giovannone he also tried his hand at politics, running for mayor of Ceccano with a center-right team. And that’s not all. He had recently returned to the spotlight for his victories in online and live poker where he performed under the Toro T-shirt and the nickname “losqualo63”. Now football again with Catania in the background. A reddish blue background.

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