Ready to laugh with our new “Paperissima Sprint” gags?

Vittorio, Mikaela and Shaila lead together for the fourth time the funniest show of the summer

Solange Savagnone
June 16, 2022 at 7:53 p.m.

It wouldn’t be summer without the hilarious gags of “Paper Sprint”, the program devised by Antonio Ricci, which has just started on Channel 5, which will keep us company throughout the season. As hosts, we find the now veteran Vittorio Brumotti (is in his tenth non-consecutive drive) flanked by former showgirls, Shaila Gatta I Mikaela Neaze Silva, re-entered service for the fourth time in a row. Not to mention the Gabibboregular presence since the first edition of the program, which aired in 1990.

The winning formula is always the same: in addition to the great classics, which the public loves to review, there are new sketches, unreleased videos of ducks, glasses and bugs on television around the world. In this edition, the three directors will perform in more than 270 different gags in thirty different settings: from the Måneskin stage to the “Tale e what show”, from the sets of famous films to prehistoric times and much more. . Also this year, viewers can submit their films to the site Consider that in the summer the newsroom receives about 150 a day. So don’t be shy and take a step forward as well. It will be a summer to laugh!

Vittorio Brumotti: “I never stop doing crazy things”

I call Vittorio Brumotti without knowing from which part of the world he will answer me. The latest news is in Dubai. Instead, he’s in Turin, where he’s shooting one of the many gags we’ll see on “Paperissima Sprint”. After taking a picture with two fans, he locks himself in the car to shut up and we start talking, commenting on his tenth time at the helm of the show.

Vittorio, have you changed since that fateful “first time” of yours?
“No, I’m still the same. On the other hand, if I changed … the director would change too: they want me like that. A little ‘achicoronado’ of life.”

Given the experience, if you were offered the jump to the “Striscia” counter (and not by bike) what would you do?
“I do not know, I am a man of action. Being an “institutional” conductor would do me good too, but then we should find a shoulder. Here, he would do it if Marco Magnifico, president of Fai (of which Brumotti is ambassador, ed) “.

Does Antonio Ricci assume that you will direct “Paperissima Sprint” or does he propose to you every time?
“Every year it surprises me! I always wait until the end, then Ricci’s call arrives asking me what I’m going to do this summer. Immediately afterwards I call my parents to tell them that I will do “Paperissima”!

What special effects will surprise us this time?
“It simply came to our notice then. The main thing is that I will shoot a lot of gags in real time with my bike around the world: Dubai, Spain, my Liguria and also the United States.

So it’s true that you never stand still. Sorry for the digression, but how did you do during the pandemic?
“I was one of the correspondents who was able to work. “Striscia” was considered a public utility program, and once I had permission, I decided with the authors to do the same for my services in the marketplace. I didn’t stop working one day. He was alone, with his cameras on. I suffered from seeing depressed people. “Paperissima” was helpful in raising the mood of spectators, especially children. Now there is another big problem: many of them, one in ten, have been taken prisoner by this sad reality, locked up at home and unable to leave. That’s why I want to do “Paperissima Sprint” around the world, to make the little ones want to travel and meet other people. “

Next to you we sleep Shaila and Mikaela. Glad to find them again?
“Year after year, a crazy harmony has been created between us. In four years and 1,200 gags there has never been a moment of tension. Three is the perfect number and it’s very nice that Ricci and the authors got it right with this trio, we’re three jokers. “

Did you expect the two to be reconfirmed?
“Absolutely not. I never ask who I will do the show with and when Ricci told me he was very happy. They are two nice, friendly and kind girls with everyone.”

Do you also spend time away from work?
“I don’t have an ‘outside’ life, I’m busy 364 days a year. I can’t find a moment just for me. “

With your girlfriend, Annachiara Zoppas, influencer, how do you do it?
“It’s very difficult to keep up with me, but she’s almost always with me. It’s a pleasure to travel together but then everyone has their own space: when we land she’s going to make her forays into fashion and art I risk my life on the bridges, but then we meet again for dinner. “

Ritual question: Did you collect new memorable ducks in “Striscia la Notizia” this year?
“I ran after a drug dealer. When I got to him I found out he was a plainclothes cop and we burst out laughing.

The latest in chronological order?
“Today! I punctured the wheels of my two bicycles. So I stopped on the street to disassemble them with people looking at me in disbelief and taking pictures.”

That “epic” thing that happened while you were working?
I had to do a show in Modena. I arrive at this building with my car. The door was open so I went in, assembled the complete structures with scaffolding and audio system. After three hours they call me and ask me where I was: I was in the wrong building! ”

Are you kidding at the table?
“No, but I don’t eat weird things. The other day I was at a company dinner and they made me a special carbonara. At one point I was told it was made with duck eggs and to make the shoe! Only me driving “Paperissima”! My stomach is closed.

Mikaela Neaze Silva and Shaila Gatta: “We want to bring joy and lightness”

Brumotti is right: Shaila and Mikaela are two nice, kind girls. And since the Velins are no longer in the lead, it’s even better to find them in “Paperissima.”

Before we move on, though, let’s take a step back: What did you do this first year outside of “Striscia la Notizia”?
Mikaela: “After so much sadness for finishing an experience that lasted four years, I wanted to invest in myself. So I started studying at an acting academy, it’s a beautiful new path. “
Shaila: “I’m also studying acting. In addition, I am also attending an aerial dance class.

What do you miss the most?
Mikaela: “The affection of the great family of Striscia and the routine: we lived in close contact 24 hours a day, but they all remained very present in our lives.”
Shaila: “I agree. And then it’s okay to give space to younger girls! It was a wonderful experience, but then you have to learn how to get by on your own.”

In the meantime, however, Antonio Ricci has turned you into “Paperissima Sprint.” Surprises?
Mikaela: “We didn’t expect to be reconfirmed, it was a big surprise. Each time we have lived this experience in a different way. Now, for example, there is a greater lightness and we feel more free to express ourselves.
Shaila: “That’s right. I like to think that every year we are the best version of ourselves. This time we ignored the errors, on the contrary, they are useful for the program, as they will show you all of them “.
Mikaela: “You will see slips, embarrassing moments, I who enter the scene and I stumble, I stumble upon something and fall. I am the queen of falls. You will see some beautiful ones ».

At this point tell me your last duck in chronological order.
Mikaela: “The other day I was in a taxi, I was in a hurry and trying to open a jar of yogurt, but maybe because of the heat it turned into a kind of hand grenade: it exploded in my face!” .
Shaila: “Instead, I’ll tell you two. I was in the ballroom, taking a dance step, the “big batterment,” and instead of throwing my leg in the air I put my wrist to my forehead. I also had the bruise. Then I went to the mountains to a spa and did a 15 minute treatment with essential oils, it was very hot. Once finished, I ran to the door to get out but it was glass and I didn’t see it. In order not to fall, I hit myself on the shoulder and forehead and hit myself! ”

I would say that for “Paperissima” you are perfect. Next to Brumotti, even more so. What was it like being with him?
Mikaela: “Beautiful! Over the years he has created a very strong bond, he is like an older brother. Together we make a fool of ourselves, he makes fun of us all the time. If she is not there, she misses her and brings a lot of positivity and joy to the set. He is a pillar of the program, but also a good and very sweet person. If you need it, it always helps. We are also friends in life.
Shaila: “Yes, he is our big brother: cheerful, full of enthusiasm. We make fun of him because he’s always on the move, but that pushes us to do more and more. Outside the set is a friend, a good guy who motivates you, advises you and stays close to you.

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