Papin: ‘Sanches perfect for Milan, Mbappé the strongest. Messi? He is 35 years old

Long talk at Sky Sport with Jean Pierre Papin, former Marseille and Milan striker, Golden Ball in 1991 and now coach: “Renato Sanches perfect for Milan but also Faivre de Lyon”. In Ligue 1: “The most fought championship but Messi is no longer the same while Mbappé is the strongest in the world.” In the next Golden Ball: “Benzema did extraordinary things in the Champions League”

A European Cup won with Marseille, the Golden Ball in 1991, two years in Milan and many memories of Italy. Jean Pierre Papin Today he is a coach but above all he is a great connoisseur of football and still very attached to the colors of the Rossoneri. In the interview with Sky Sport, the former French striker talks about Ligue 1 and Serie A and also some marketing tips for Milan: “Renato Sanches? In my opinion, he can play for all the teams in the world. He is a type of player who knows how to adapt, he has to improve when going from zone to zone, al Milan there are several players who play this way and he it would be perfect“Another player Papin would recommend to Milan:” The best young player I’ve seen this year is Faivre (Lyon attacking midfielder). In my opinion, he is a player who would be good for Milan. “Papin had a teammate at Milan, Paolo Maldini who, as a coach, orchestrated the Rossoneri’s rebirth: “Paolo is Milan, he started in Milan and will finish in Milan. Paolo knows football, he knows Milan. He knows what Milan needs.” In short, Papin is always attached to his old team: “Yes, I’m very close. We call Marco Simone very often because he trains close to where I train and we talk often.” Among the French players who have impressed Milan the most are Hernandez and Maignan: “Maignan gained strength and I think the title can give him even more – he says – I knew Theo (Lucas) ‘s brother better, I was very surprised. on the computer “.

“It’s not easy for PSG to manage the players’ egos”

With the Milan chapter closed, we are talking about Ligue 1 again: “This year I have seen a much more competitive championship than last year. PSG were champions, but this year they have had more difficulties And that was a good sign, “he said. “The PSG that had to manage the many champions available based on a dualism for anything as simple as that in between Donnarumma and Navas“I would have taken a goalkeeper number one and a number two, when you have goalkeepers of this level it is difficult to choose – Papin continues – And then this situation was not well explained. Once Navas and another Donnarumma, now they chose Donnarumma but they should have done it before. ” So for the Parisians, it’s mainly a management problem: “I can’t say that because when you’re a coach and above all in teams like this it is difficult to manage the ego of the players. Not a problem for Pochettino, he leads the team on the field. The problem comes from above. “Or the management:” I think some players when they’re not playing don’t talk to the coach but talk directly to the managers and I don’t think that’s good. “

“Messi? It’s not what it used to be. Mbappé strongest in the world”

Much more was expected of Messi than in his first season in Ligue 1 he did not manage to be as incisive as the years in Barcelona: “The problem is that in my opinion Messi can not play everywhere – he explains – Messi is a Barcelona player, of the great Barcelona And to reach a team even if it is Paris, one of the strongest, it costs him a lot. We have memories of an incredible Messi and this year has not been incredible. , Leo is 35 years old and cannot be the Messi he was 5 years ago and then when you change at that age in my opinion it’s more difficult. “A problem also of tactical positioning and integration with teammates according to Papin:” In my opinion it is not so easy to play with Messi, he is a separate player. He doesn’t see Messi with Barcelona and we miss him for not seeing him repeat these things, but In any case, you can’t whistle to Messi, a player with seven Golden Balls can’t whistle: “What does PSG need to improve to settle in Europe?” I would try to create a group. I don’t see a group, I see a team but not a group maybe there is work to be done on this. “A special mention for Mbappé: “It has always improved, it has become stronger every year and in my opinion it is today he is the strongest player in the world “.

“Golden Ball at Benzema? He did extraordinary things”

After winning the Ballon d’Or in 1991, another Frenchman could regain this prestigious trophy. Everyone talks about Karim Benzema, the European champions with Real Madrid: “Benzema has been one of the strongest this season. I’ve seen Mbappé more closely but this year Karim in the Champions League was amazing“.

“Genesio de Rennes the best coach in League 1”

Going back to Ligue 1, there have been some good and bad surprises this season. First of all some episode of violence too much: “I can’t understand how you can go to the stadium to hurt – says Papin – They are people who say they applaud the team but then go to the stadium to hurt“Then there was the Descent from Bordeaux: “It’s an old team of mine, I’m very sad. There is everything to do a great company and instead for a few years they do everything the other way around and this year they are coming down, he explains, no one expected. This year Bordeaux have conceded more than 90 goals in the league alone, there are a lot of problems. Maybe it’s best to go down now and come back stronger in two years. The soul is missing and for me the soul is the players who come from the youth team and they are not there today, that is a problem “. To conclude, the best coach in Ligue 1: “I really liked Genesio (Rennes), is a young man who knows football very well. He played very well for Rennes. Next season? Some more rivals for PSG, in particular Rennes, Monaco and Nantes “.

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