Nightmare returning from Gardaland: six girls harassed on the Peschiera del Garda-Milan train

Never has a train ride been longer and scarier for them about girls that, returning from a day spent in Gardaland, they have been sexually harassed on the train which brought them back to Milan. Friends, they all have between 16 and 17 years oldfour Milanese and two from Pavia, experienced real moments of terror on June 2, aboard the regional 2640 that of Peschiera del Garda (Verona) had to take them to the Lombard capital, they were attacked by the same group of young people who were already the protagonists of the riots in the city lagoon.

Harassment on the train

Six friends returning from Gardaland report being sexually harassed on the regional train carrying them back to Milan from Peschiera del Garda.

We were surrounded. The heat was suffocating, some of us fainted. While we were looking for a driver, he was moving with difficulty through the wagons, ”said the sexual assault, explains one of the protagonists. The train is full, the temperature is very high and the girls feel like they are being chased by a group of young people, mostly black, who are being taken out: “They laughed. They told us “White women don’t go up here”“They told the newspaper who first gave the news of the episode to the teenagers. Even the mother of one of the victims said on social media: “My 16-year-old daughter went to Gardaland with her friends today and got on the train to return to Milan. they have been surrounded, palpated, harassed by some subjects. They could not get off the train because they were crowded. They managed to come down to Desenzano del Garda, in a state of shock, tears and the parents went to retrieve them “, writes the woman, describing the dramatic experience that her daughter had lived. Then he goes on to denounce the lack of police intervention: “Now I wonder, is it possible that these events continue to happen? Then I read about the children’s bands that have come together today and they all came from Milan. But what are they waiting for to intervene Some of the frightened girls managed to contact their parents from the train, who were alarmed and called 112, but without any help. get off at the next stop to the one they had left, in Desenzano, where the relatives later recovered them, very shocked by what had happened. The next day, Friday, June 3, everyone has it filed a complaint with Polfer from Milan Central Station.

The riots in Peschiera del Garda

unrest fishing boat
On the afternoon of Thursday 2 June in Peschiera del Garda there was a big fight (Instagram)

The six friends on Thursday, shortly before 6 pm, were on the platform of Peschiera station waiting for the train to return to take them home after spending a day in Gardaland. Remember that both the platform itself and the tracks have been packed “for more than a year hundreds of boys and even a few girls, mostly North Africans, our age or a little older. They shouted and ran. They also spat at the windows of a train that arrived before ours. ” Probably the same group was among the protagonists of the riots on the beach of Peschiera, where a crowd of young and very young, perhaps attracted by a video on TikTok announcing a kind of rally for June 2, hurt the forces. of the order intervened on the ground.
In fact, it was unleashed during the event a great struggle (also referred to as stab wounds) may have originated from the theft of a wallet, which required police intervention with riot gear. There are several disorders that the agents had to suffocate, some of which ended up in the videos posted on social media, on the Welcome To Favelas page. Some of the young people, in the late afternoon, then went to the station and boarded the already crowded regional train, which would take them back to Milan.

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