MILAN – known suffering of passengers (in fact it offers twice as many seats really occupied, one million compared to 550,000 passengers in May 2022), but the data on punctuality and cancellations are better compared to those before the Covid.

This is a summary of the image of Trenord’s offer illustrated this morning in the Regional Commission of Territory and Infrastructures by the Councilor for Transport of Lombardy Claudia Maria Terzi and by the CEO of the regional railway company Marco Piurthe.

Criticism of the opposition for the delay of delivery of new trains (especially the leader of the M5s group Nicola di Marco), while Niccolò Carretta from Action he questioned the delay in the committee discussion on the new service contract, so the calendar reaffirmed the request to ban batch service. On the new service contract, Terzi said the renewal will be addressed soon in commission with a technical document. “It’s good to have reached an agreement on the intention to see us as soon as possible with a draft contract – was the calendar’s response – as long as it is not done without political margins.” “It is also difficult to impose sanctions if it is not possible to find the materials,” the commissioner replied Simone Verni of the M5 which caused inefficiencies and delays in the delivery of convoys.

Piuri, on the other hand, responded to the opposition, which denounced a problem with trade union relations with proliferation of strikes. And the CEO’s words were clear, opening the front of the strikes called on Sunday: “When there is a strike on Sunday the average membership is 60%, during the week 25%.” Trenord CEO had previously talked about how redistribution of demand after the pandemic (“Those 250,000 missing passengers” will return “or not” depending on the decision of banks, insurance companies, major consultants “on whether to stay or not smart work.). But he also said that the weekends are beginning to see interesting flows, linked to tourism and family travel. Therefore, Piuri continued, “we believe that it is anachronistic to continue to consider Sunday as a day without the need for a guarantee band. We have asked the unions to discuss our proposals. But no useful date was found until July 8, when the next strike is set for 10 “. A Sunday in fact.

However, Ad Trenord’s numbers are encouraging for Lombard’s train service. Average deletions went from 102 daily in 2018 to about 71 in 2022 (excluding strikes). Of these, only 21.1 were due to causes attributable to Trenord (30%). Punctuality, ie arrivals with less than 5 minutes delay (excluding delays recovered with arrivals less than 5 minutes but only at the terminal as established in the service contract with the Region), in 2022 is equal to 85% , a significant increase over 2019, in the pre-Covid era when punctuality stood at 80.2%. Improvements that are also the result of more effective maintenance: the unavailability of trains due to breakdowns in 2022 was on average 4 daily at the regional level, 50% less than in 2018, 44% compared to 2019 and 15% up to to 2021..

Until the change of time on June 12, the offer was 2,167 trains on weekdays, 1,610 on public holidays, 97% of the pre-life service, with one million and 30,000 seats for 550,000 passengers. But here – he intervened Claudia Maria Third parties – the “difference can only be seen from 22-22.30 pm”.

The commissioner is optimistic because “there is a new demand for the weekend, not just from the suburbs”, but there are no illusions about the renewal of the service contract: “The lack of users complicates the negotiation ”. Passengers in Lombardy, Terzi clarified, before the pandemic covered 45% of service costs, “in other regions 10-15%”, and it goes without saying that the impact of the decline in passengers in the region has a different impact. from other territories.

In June, however, the number of passengers exceeded 600,000. In the first five months of the year there has been an increase in one-off travel tickets – they are 47%, they were 40% – and the Malpensa Express – today 14%, was 11% – , compared to a drop in season tickets, which fell from 48% to 38%. To welcome and encourage the return of passengers, Trenord is working to renew its physical and digital sales channels. The shopping experience will be increasingly paperless – with the introduction of refillable Chip on Paper tickets – and digital, with dematerialized subscriptions. In addition, in 2023, 242 self-service ticket machines will be installed – of which 113 are new generation – serving 182 stations, where 92% of passengers are concentrated.

The most important line break with respect to summer works has been confirmed: per works at Tirano-Colico from June 26 to September 9 the Tirano-Sondrio-Lecco-Milan section will be suspended.

For Andrea Monti della Lega, the service is so efficient that there are no longer any journalists to “pile up Pirellone’s boardrooms to point out any inefficiencies and delays: that’s why I hope that a unanimous request from all political groups, both majority and “We are doing our part to continue to guarantee quality service. We are doing our part.”

For Nicola Di Marco (M5S) “the aspect that clearly emerged is the absence of a vision and a political strategy, through which to take passengers on trains. More than two years after the outbreak of the pandemic and months after the end of the emergency, there is a lack of vision, a plan to promote sustainable mobility in the Lombardy region, while never lacking resources for pharaonic highways or self-promotional advertising campaigns “.

Filtr Lombardia to Trenord: strikes on Sunday? Correct platform
Stanzione in Piuri: those who take turns do not rest that day, let’s talk about the problems

“I don’t see a relationship between strike and Sunday” because “for those who work shifts, the day off is not Sunday.” So in ‘Di’ Luca StanzioneSecretary of Filt-Cgil Lombardia, responds to the words of the CEO of Trenord, Marco Piuri.

This morning, during the Autonomous Commission of Territory and Infrastructures, the CEO of the regional railway company said that “when there is a strike on Sunday, the average affiliation is 60%, during the week 25%” and that, for for this reason, “We think it is anachronistic to continue to consider Sunday as a day without the need for a guarantee band.” But Stanzione does not accept this reading and replies that “if this type of strike has a high level of participation it is because the platform where it was called has a high level of participation. These problems must be solved so that there is no need to strike, neither on Sunday nor on other days. “

The secretary of the Filt-Cgil Lombardia He therefore defends the legitimacy of Sunday strikes “for those who take turns, so they have to work seven days a week, and the day off is not Sunday. “I don’t see a connection between strikes and Sundays, because a railwayman has a day off to go up, that is, he can change depending on the days he works.”

For Stanzione, therefore, “the real problem is that in this country the right to strike in recent years has suffered considerable restrictions. Instead, a deep reflection should be opened on how to reform Law 146 to better reconcile the need for mobility with the need for a strike ”.

Source: DIRE Agency

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