Mediterranean Games, Tizzano: “Peace Sports Vehicle”

Mediterranean Games, sends a deep message from the Aniene Rowing Club. Precisely where “Mediterranean Power-Mare Nostrum” was presented, with the support of the Terzo Pilastro Internazionale Foundation, chaired by Prof. Avv. Emmanuele Francesco Maria Emanuele. “A red thread unites all countries “, as Walter Rosso admirably pointed out in the graphs illustrating the solidarity project for women undergoing breast cancer surgery: it is an initiative that goes beyond national borders and lands on other continents “, argues the Olympic rowing champion. gold in Seoul 1988 and Atlanta 1996, which boosted the recent victory of Francesca Roberto and Angelica Erpini, first in the junior doubles, repeating the success in the pair of four with Lucrezia Monaci and Matilde Paoletti.

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Mediterranean Games, Tizzano: “Peace Sports Vehicle”

The introductory greeting of the president of the Circolo Aniene Massimo Fabbricini (“Davide Tizzano and Prof. Emmanuele Emanuele are two forces that come together”) was followed by the intervention of Prof. Avv. Emmanuele FM Emanuele, President of the Terzo Pilastro – International Foundation, said: “In my life I was lucky enough to meet Davide Tizzano, a man with whom I share a great sensitivity, characterized by a humanitarian and social vision of sport. elements that differentiate him from other champions and that have ensured that since the beginning, between us, there was a unique common ground of purpose and vision.For this reason I fully welcomed the project “Le Sirene di Ulisse – Rowing for Cure” , which combines health with sport, and allowed to return the smile to cancer women operated on for breast cancer, through rehabilitation in Dragon Boat, which is able to bring many physical and psychological benefits to those who have This disease is all the more relevant as the neoplasms spread more dramatically, greatly affecting our social fabric.

In this sense, just yesterday through the Terzo Pilastro Foundation I donated a new and futuristic microscope to the Regina Elena Tumor Institute that allows precise intervention in tumors, especially brain-spinal, without damaging the surrounding tissues, while that only for a few. Weeks ago, the new IDI Oncology and Surgical Dermatology Pole was inaugurated for the treatment of skin cancers, always created with our contribution. Returning to the project we present today, which originates precisely from “The Mermaids of Ulysses”, I am proud to have supported it and I confirm that the Foundation will be with Davide Tizzano on this path also in the coming years, because it is the best evidence not only of the sensitivity I mentioned earlier, but also of a scientific intuition corroborated by incontrovertible medical evidence.

When Tizzano, in his capacity as president of the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games, admirably symbolized by the three circles of Europe, Africa and Asia, proposed to me to extend our project also internationally, I immediately joined with enthusiasm, because in this way this happy experience can also be spread in African or Asian countries where it is not yet known or practiced. On the occasion, Prof. Avv. Emmanuele FM Emanuele received the prestigious “Socrates” honor, established by Isidoros Kouvelos and awarded by the International Olympic Academy, by Stavri Bello, Secretary General of the Albanian Olympic Committee, “for the fundamental support given to the promotion and dissemination of education sports and Olympic values ​​”.

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