“Me, always in a hurry. Winning is easy today”

At the dawn of the 80’s Giacomo Agostini is still on the track. Because you are a driver forever and he is the gentleman 15 times, the one who has won more than any other, 15 World Championships and 123 Grand Prix. Numbers that the greats who came after him have pursued in vain. Historical recreations around the world are playing fake roles to have it. A few days ago he went to the Tourist Trophy, the damn race won ten times before fighting to be excluded from the world calendar after too many dead left on the road. However, on the Isle of Man they love him and still love him, because almost fifty years after his farewell to the races he is still a myth and people are crazy about him.

“This is something that fills me with joy. Seeing so many people, even so many young people, who recognize me and greet me. It makes me think that I have given something to life. I received a lot from the races, but I am also convinced that I have always been available with those who asked me for an autograph or wanted to exchange a few words because having people who admire you is a very beautiful thing and it is right to reciprocate. they wrote, maybe after months, but I did. That was it. “

Today we run for a motorcycle manufacturer, you ran for Count Agusta.

“I had a teacher if we say so. First Commander Morini, then Count Agusta, owner of MV, now we run for big clubs where there are directors who are very good at their job but who may not even know “Things have changed a lot.”

Not in the Tourist Trophy, where people die today like when you ran there.

“Same. Exactly the same as then. On the other hand, nothing has changed except the exit panels, where the cemetery is behind. And they’ve only changed temporarily because they’re being restored. I competed in the Tourist Trophy and I got it. “After the death of Gilberto Parlotti, I said enough, I didn’t want to be forced to go there anymore. there have also been many accidents this year.

MotoGP, on the other hand, has changed.

“The races are beautiful, interesting. What doesn’t convince me is that one day a rider wins and the next week it’s tenth. Fans, I’m convinced, want to have the great pilot, the star who manages to do what others don’t. On the one hand, having so many winners is nice, but the fans want the character. Maradona in football, Hamilton in Formula 1. It is not true that those who win too tired, the opposite happens. Rossi and Márquez have become what they are because they have earned so much. Today’s bikes don’t help because with a lot of technology it takes little to get from the first to the tenth. Today MotoGP has 24 great talents, all capable of winning, but not always being in the lead. And so the champion who conquers the public is missing.

What would you change?

“It would take a bit of power, because with the current speeds as soon as you glide the bike starts like a rocket, with huge risks. The races were good even in my day and with 100 hp less than today. Then I would pull out some electronics because I would like the driver to count more. Engineers will hate me, but with less sophisticated bikes we would have the phenomenon again, which manages to do things that others don’t do and that everyone wants to see. “

Which of the greats of your time left you a special memory?

“Imelda and Marcos invited me to the Philippines and I had a wonderful holiday in the palace. Gianni Agnelli struck me with his great charm and it was a pleasure to meet Enzo Ferrari at the Modena circuit, when there was still no track in Maranello and they went there to test their cars. I brought an MV Agusta to King Juan Carlos of Spain. When I tried it I was thrilled but I was also a little scared because I saw that it went a little zigzag. I thought, if there are any problems … And then I am grateful to our presidents: Saragat made me a knight, Ciampi Commendatore ».

You really liked them.

“Damn, I liked it, yes, but as soon as I moved everyone knew it, so you know how many legends, it looked like I had a hundred thousand girls. I was young, friendly, green-eyed, world champion. The hardest part with a woman is breaking the ice when you don’t know each other. In my case, however, everyone knew who I was, so it was easier to strike up a conversation. “

Let’s talk about your career as an actor.

“I did a little bit of everything: movies, photo novels, carousels. It was a good thing like running in Formula 1, because I learned what it means to run in the highest race formula, I know how to stand in front of the camera, I know that in photographic novels you have to be bo. to pretend … But it wasn’t my job and when Pietro Germi asked me to make an important film I said to him: I know I’m good with a bike, but I don’t know if I’m good enough to be one. an actor. He replied Don’t worry, I’m behind you and you’ll see ten of them. Then nothing came out because filming started in March, along with the championship, and everything fell apart.

So you’re a little lost …

“I was very lucky. I was in love with the bike, I dreamed of running and I ran, then I won a race, I won the Italian championship, the World Championship, then more world championships, I can’t say I wanted anything more. I was satisfied with everything.

After Agostini, Valentino Rossi. Are there any similarities?

“You have to have similar qualities to win. In my day we were a little more serious, we didn’t let go too much, Valentino brought something more, with his shows he brought joy, he snatched smiles. I was more closed, he was more open.

You’re still strong.

“It simply came to our notice then. I go. I’m not stoned yet … I’m fine, I’m fine, yesterday I went cycling at 250 per hour. As long as I feel fit it’s okay, even as the years go by. I like to go to all these events to which I am invited. I’m tired but I like it, because if I stay in the same place for too long I get bored, I like to be on the move.

Do you still have a dream in the 80’s?

“Not really. I just wish I could stay in that spirit and keep doing the things I did thirty years ago, even going a little slower.”

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