June 25 and 26 La Piazza illuminates the summer of Saint-Vincent

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The tournament organized by the ASD Valdostana starts again from the Riviera delle Alpi with 18 teams fighting in the fields of the oratory; Registration for the street basketball competition is still open

The square was presented today in the hall of the Municipal Council of Saint-Vincent

June 25 and 26 The square illuminates the summer of St. Vincent.

The amateur football tournament 5 organized byASD Valdostana returns after two years of detention due to Covid-19.

The event will encourage the Alpine Riviera Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June.

“It will be a party in the round,” he explained Paolo Sammaritani, on behalf of the County Council, during this afternoon’s press conference -. The Piazza is an event that knows how to combine sport with commerce and culture.

The square illuminates the summer of Saint-Vincent

The initiative, organized byASD Valdostanaleaves Aosta and moves to St. Vincent.

The square is supported by the Aosta Valley County Council and since Parish of San Vincenzowhich will host all the matches of the tournament in their fields.

“Our oratory spaces seem to be designed for this event,” said Rector Don Lorenzo Sacchi.

Paolo Sammaritani: “An event that can represent the restart”

“Today, more than ever, is the right time for this initiative, which could mean a resumption of trade, sports and culture after two years of pandemic,” he added. Sammarità -. I remember with pleasure the participations as a player and I hope that this year the tournament will be the success of the past years ”.

Francesco Favre: The event that opens the summer season

“La Piazza is the real launch of the Saint-Vincent summer season, although it has already started in part – explained the mayor Francesc Favre -. The official program will be released soon and, as every year, includes different events spread over all the days of the summer. There will be a cinema in the square, a billiards tournament and concerts. The hope is that this will be the first of a long series of editions of the tournament organized by Saint-Vincent. “

La Piazza: not just a two-day sport in Saint-Vincent

The highlight of the event will be the 5-a-side amateur football tournament.

The third edition of the Maicol Castelnuovo Memorial who will remember the unfortunate goalkeeper who died of an illness during the 2017 edition.

The sports program of the event will also find space there Basketball tournament in Oratori de Sant Vicenç street.

And there will also be non-sporting initiatives.

The central square and the village of Alpine Riviera they will come to life, in fact, with activities for adults and children.

Saturday night will feature music and dancing with branded DJ set notes The black sheep.

The two afternoons, the merchants of Saint-Vincent they have planned a street trade in the central street, exhibiting their best products and proposing some offers.

The best themed showcase will receive the Giuseppe Sagaria Awards.

Walter Pizzurro: “In Saint-Vincent we have found enthusiasm and availability”

“We are excited to start again from Saint-Vincent,” said Walter Pizzurro, president of ADS Valdostana. In March we realized that there were difficulties in organizing the tournament in Aosta and we thought we would try to go down, following an idea we had for years. Here we found excitement and great availability from all the players on the field and it was easy to create an important feeling. Our hope is to reach the numbers of the past, returning the tournament to the levels it deserves “.

Walter Pizzurro: “We want to return the tournament to the numbers of the past”

“Ours is a 3-5 year project,” he concluded Pizzurro -. In 2017 we had 80 teams, now they will be much less, it is undeniable that it is a difficult time, but we can grow again. We are working to be more and more present in the sports field, but also in the social field, with events that involve children, young people and families ”.

On the field 18 football teams 5; Street basketball registrations are still open

The teams at the start of the 5-a-side football tournament will be 18.

Registration for the street basketball event is still open.

For information and registration, log in to the Facebook page ofASD Valdostana.

The program for Saturday, June 25

On Saturday we will start playing football at 5 to 9 and finish at 23; the tournament will stop at 6pm for the match between organizers and politicians.

From 10 to 18, however, there will be a 4 vs 4 minibasketball tournament.

From 15 to 19 here are the medieval games in disguise; 16 to 19 space to paint faces.

At 6 p.m., until 11 p.m., there will be a 3-on-3 Street Basketball Tournament.

From 7pm to 9pm there will be a salsa and bachata workshop by Enzo Sánchez.

The program for Sunday, June 26

Sunday morning will be dedicated to the little ones.

In the program are the Alpine Riviera Trophy organized by the Saint-Vincent Châtillon, 5-a-side football matches and the mini-basketball tournament, as well as face painting. From 12 to 12.30 there will be a magic show.

At noon on Maicol Castelnuovo Memorial with its last stretches closing in the evening.

The decisive matches of the street basketball tournament will be played between the 17th and 19th.

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