Ipf and Lni Follonica, renewed the beneficial collaboration of sport and volunteering

FOLLONICA – The relationship between the Ipf Onlus and the Lni Follonica continues to be strengthened, a virtuous example of collaboration between sport and volunteering, a link that focuses primarily on a sense of community and the well-being of the territory . The collaboration between the Ipf Onlus-Odv (Follonica Family Institute) and the Naval League began in 2015 with summer activities aimed at people with disabilities. Over time, this link has been consolidated and enriched with innovative proposals in our territory: in 2018, the first sailing boat experiences were born, aimed at people with severe disabilities, also physical, designed and organized by Dr. Fausto Meciani, a sports doctor and sailing instructor who, with a few tricks and a lot of passion, has become a useful tool for overcoming many limits.

Lni then took over the purchase of an accessible boat, the Hansa 303, which allowed people with disabilities to live experiences that were thought impossible, although unfortunately this boat is temporarily unused as the walkway needed to on the rise it failed. descent.
The group of “children” accompanied by volunteers from the Ipf. they became well known at Lni’s headquarters on Viale Italia, frequenting the structure regularly and establishing stable social relations. This educational humus has allowed Ipf Onlus to enter into four agreements with the COeSO (Health Society) for sheltered employment. These inserts are aimed at young people participating in the project “After us” of the Queen of Tuscany with the Action “Casina mia!”, Aimed at promoting any kind of autonomy, in people with severe disabilities who are separating from the family. unit.

In 2021, the Ipf Onlus was also among the winners of the European call “Educate together” of the Ministry of the Family, aimed at children and young people in the area and territories, in support of different types of difficulties, including the school. . This project has consisted of numerous activities carried out at the IPF headquarters in via dell’Edilizia 168 in Follonica and will be held in the summer at the Lega Navale. It is aimed at a total of 30 participants, including primary and secondary school children, divided into three groups. It will take place in the nautical space and the beach ceded in concession to the Italian Naval League of Follonica. There will be 3/4 monitors of the sports club who will organize activities at sea and classes on land and in charge of an operator of IPF Onlus who will be in charge of surveillance on land. It will take place on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning, with meetings lasting about three hours.
With European funds, a beach chair has been purchased that will allow direct access to the water, even for people with great difficulty walking.

In a welcoming and organized environment, even from a structural point of view, children will be able to experience the beauty of living the sea in different ways, in particular as a “sports environment” but at the same time playful and aggregating. Being able to cooperate in double or multiple craft in the steering of a sailboat, facing individually the steering of a single ship, obviously age-appropriate, will encourage comparison, collaboration and allow learning to listen, recognize the rules, abide by them. All this by getting involved, facing decisions, but also fears, but never alone and with maximum security. The marine environment will lead to the knowledge of the main elements of orientation and to the knowledge of the winds and currents, a sea that must be lived but also that must be known and respected. The preparation of the boats, the dismantling of the same, more didactic moments, will be an integral part of the activities as well as of the collective games on the beach.

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