Ink versus lead time first episode, actors, where filming, final

Previews of the first episode of the series starring Claudio Santamaria.

Channel 5 today proposes the first episode of the television series The time: ink against lead that rtells the story of the Sicilian newspaper Time founded in 1900 by family Florio. The series consists of a total of five episodes aired weekly by the leading network of Cologno Monzese Wednesday in the early evening.

Ink versus lead time first episode – direction, protagonists, where to shoot

The direction of the series is in charge Piero Messina, Ciro D’Emilio I Stefano Lorenzi. The main protagonists are Antonio Nicastro I Marcello Grisanti played respectively by Claudio Santamaria I Maurici Lombardi. Also in the cast Daniela Marra in the role of Enza Cusumano.

The shooting took place in Italyin particular between Rome I Palermo. The production is from Indian production in collaboration with RTI (Italian television networks).

The first episode of the ink versus the lead time where it is shot

The time of the ink versus the lead first episode – plot

Antonio Nicastro It comes from Rome together with his wife Anna direct Time from Palermodiary of the Communist Party in a sales crisis, where collaborators face their day to day with a certain inertia and fear of dismissal. Next to Nicastroin the reorganization of the newspaper, there is that of trust Marcello Grisantichronicler and former supporter. Nicastro he immediately understands that the news readers need is much more than the long, rhetorical papers of the Party and, when of Lion’s Heart the aspirant to reporter arrives Domenico Sciamma, has confirmation. The boy is talking about a missing trade unionist: will the newspaper have the will to get to the bottom of the news?

The writing is soon halved and the party’s faithful leave the field to make room for the bravest and most motivated comrades: the Catholic editor-in-chief and poet. Giulio Rampulla; the reporter of crimes and donai Except Licata; the determined Enza Cusumano; Nic Ruscicathe photographer at just sixteen and finally Domenico Sciammathe people full of passion and idealism.

Final spoiler

Journalists are embarking on an investigation to connect facts and facts that have occurred between them Palermo I Lion’s Heartwhose leaders are linked to Dr. Miquel Navarra, surgeon and very influential godfather. Behind the old boss, however, a new mob is even more greedy and ruthless, represented by Luciano Liggiothe henchman of Navarra who is now working on “succession.”

This is the story of an upcoming investigation that sees journalists from Time personally involved on various fronts, forced to endanger not only their loved ones but also their own lives, to connect seemingly disconnected events and put, for the first time, the written word. mafia. Because lead can be answered with ink and danger with truth.

The ink of the hour against lead first final episode

Ink Vs. Lead Hour: The full cast

Below is the cast of the TV series The ink of the hour against lead and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Antonio Nicastro: Claudio Santamaria
  • Marcello Grisanti: Maurici Lombardi
  • Enza Cusumano: Daniela Marra
  • Giulio Rampulla: Francesco Colella
  • Except Licata: Bruno Di Chiara
  • Gaetano Donati: Marcello Mazzarella
  • Anna Nicastro: Sílvia D’amico
  • Nic Ruscica: Giampiero De Concilio
  • Domenico Sciamma: Giovanni Alfieri
  • Marco Maravigna: Josafat Vagni
  • Michele Navarra: Fabrizio Ferracane
  • Luciano Liggio: Lino Musella
  • Olivia Butera: Selene Caramazza
  • Little black: Daniela Scattolin
  • Sr. Fly: Giorgia Spinelli
  • Silvia Congiu: Tiziana Lodato
  • Dino Ruscica: Samuel secret

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