In Cesenatico, a month of sports for young people of Csi (16/06/2022)

From mid-June to mid-July: for a whole month the town of Cesenatico will become the sports capital of the Italian Sports Center, home to the finals of the orange-blue championship, reserved for teams of different sports and different categories.

From today until the middle of next month, about 3,000 people are expected on the Romagna coast, with a total of about 2,000 athletes competing in different sports, both sexes. The first event, from 16 to 19 June, is aimed at children, athletes under 12 who have competed throughout Italy in the project.
“Sport and march! Growing up with sport ”, designed for the Kids (under 10) and Giovanissimi (under 12) youth categories and dedicated to guaranteeing the principle of multisport. For 30 years, CSI has stimulated multidisciplinary motor activity between the ages of 6 and 12. There is a discipline of support team, basketball, volleyball, football, along with a multi-sport athletics activity (vortex, long jump and fast running, 60 meters). The underlying idea is that children should experiment and not specialize in these developmental age groups.
Then it will be time for the Student / Junior category from 2 to 6 July with the “U13 Pvo / Ragazzi” category on the weekend of 7 to 10 July to close the long tricolor sprint to the national titles from 15 to 17 July. July with the National Sports Championship “Top Junior / Open” team.

Created with the support of Apt Servizi Emilia-Romagna as part of the Sport Region project, the cozy Eurocamp sports area in Cesenatico will always be the venue for CSI national events.

From today, then, the Romanian town will be invaded by the positive charge of 50 orange-blue sports clubs and from tomorrow the first final of Sport & Go will come to life with the first day of competitions, reserved for athletics events. In fact, 525 athletes, including 159 girls, took part in the three orange-blue days, ready to compete for the under 10 titles of football 5 (6 teams), football 7 (4 teams) and mini volleyball (4 teams). ). With them in the final also young people under 12 on the football field 5 (9 teams), football 7 (6 teams), mini-basketball (6 teams), mixed super volleyball (6) and 6×6 volleyball (9 teams).

The universal language of sport

They are represented in the field 15 regions and 31 territorial committees of membership. Regattas, passes, nets, bushes and baskets will have many languages. Emilia Romagna, host, is the most represented along with Liguria (69 athletes). Lombardy, Puglia and Veneto each have more than 50 young people each. Sicily had 47 finalists, Umbria 39. Modena, Genoa, Venice, Vallecamonica, Brindisi, Latina and Perugia are the committees with the highest chances of victory: their teams have 56, 37, 34, 29, 24 and 23 mini respectively. -sportsmen.

The national president of the Italian Sports Center ideally greeted the little orange-blue finalists. Vittorio Bosio, which emphasizes the importance of this associative experience, especially in this age group of the finalists, reiterating the importance of this youth activity for the CSI. “It is our greatest commitment, in which we have been working hard in recent years and even more so today after the pandemic came to a halt. These sports games, as soon as school is over, I hope they represent a great moment of celebration, happiness and rediscovered sociality. We firmly believe in this multi-sport formula that is antagonistic to Drop Out, to abandonment, to loneliness. Let the boys play and win the best»!

On Saturday 18 June, the penultimate day of competitions at the Eurocamp, on the eve of the allocation of the first 8 orange and blue championships, a Mass will be celebrated in the evening at 9 pm by the CSI national ecclesiastical assistant. don Alessio Albertini.

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