Giulia Molino: “Anorexia is a monster, you can beat it if you learn to live with it”

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Singer (happened to Amici), influencer and now writer: “I do not oppose the thoughts that haunt me again. I know how to keep them at bay. After all, the monster is always there, silent. “

from Giuliano Delli Paoli

Giulia Molino

Living with a monster called anorexia, having the courage to look it straight in the eye every day to close it in a hidden corner of the mind, to share its weight and to help those who suffer from it. It is the mission of the singer, but also of influencer and writer Giulia Molino. A milestone, reached after touching and fearing death, which today the Neapolitan artist shares through songs, stories on Instagram and pages of a book: You will learn to live with it. Courage and hope. Beyond the disease , just published for Mondadori, in which he recounts his dramatic experience. Family anecdotes, Whatsapp messages, loves, friendships, fears, falls, rebirths, and above all the complicated relationship with food: the 23-year-old musician – who jumped to prominence in 2019 with the second place of Amici in the singing section that was. followed by the gold album with debut album “Okay” – joins the pieces of his mosaic into nine chapters. Not only. Giulia Molino opens a media gap, taking advantage of the persuasive power of Instagram, the social network that, by definition, rewards aesthetic perfection, effectively reversing its perspective. In her profile, which has 350,000 followers, Giulia collects real stories of girls who have suffered or continue to suffer from anorexia. And every day the number of his fans or simple followers who decide to break the silence and finally face the monster increases.

Explain a traumatic experience such as anorexia through music, social media and now also a book. How did this journey begin?
“It simply came to our notice then. It was not easy to explain it in simple words. The coexistence I am talking about, starting with the title, arises, for example, from an awareness achieved after some very serious episodes of self-harm. I hit the wall, the glass, it was a skeleton. I thought there was no reason to live anymore. Then the healing began. And it only came when I realized that I didn’t have to fight the monster but learn to live with it. I still do not oppose the thoughts that haunt me again. I know how to keep them at bay. After all, the monster is always there, silent. So I don’t have the presumption to say I defeated him, as many do. Because I think the best way to deal with demons is to “hold their hand.” I also sing it in one of my songs (Nietzsche, ed).

Many of his fans who suffer from anorexia have found the courage to tell themselves by sending him stories that he later shared on his Instagram profile. What does it have to do with social media?
“Today I have the clarity to realize that everything that is exposed on social media is filtered even when it is not filtered. I have thousands of followers, but I remain anti-social. But I can’t use them because they’re too important for the job I’m doing now. But I certainly don’t use my smartphone like I used to. The phone scares me. If I come across an image of a perfect girl in a dress, I must immediately find the strength not to fall into the illusion that it is real. Instagram rewards aesthetics and can feed spectra in patients with eating disorders. But there is also the positive side. Many of the messages I receive privately on Instagram are stories of anorexia. Having the opportunity to interact instantly and directly with otherwise unreachable people is a sensational advantage that only social media can give. Reading stories like mine, trying to help those who often face this drama alone and in the silence of a bedroom. In short, Instagram can also help indirectly.

Who are the people who helped her?
“My parents obviously helped me right away. But the highlight was when I went to see my mother for help. Then, in a sense, Maria De Filippi also came. I was afraid of Amici. to expose myself, to sing my greatest weakness in a free style and then transformed into a song.I was afraid to share the monster in my head.But Mary helped me understand that to sing my suffering, let it go without fear , exorcising him through songs would have been helpful not only to me but also to many people who are reflected in my words, in what remains a mostly incomprehensible pain for me. that I sang my discomfort in public also had a revealing effect.

The last chapter of the book, entitled “A Giulia” is a letter to herself.
“La Giulia is a summary of two lives that continue to touch.”

What do you mean?
“It simply came to our notice then. I wrote I Learn to Live Together to Leave Both Sides of Myself in its Pages.

The complicated relationship with food also plays a central role. At one point he writes: “It’s not a diet that someone gave me, it’s my scheme.”
“I follow a pattern that is an integral part of living with the monster. I have to learn to calibrate everything I eat, without depriving myself of my social life. Before, for example, I stayed home because I couldn’t see my friends and my friends eating. Absurd, isn’t it? ‘

Record debut in the top ten among the most listened to albums in Italy, tens of millions of streaming, a gold record. Did success and music help you?
“My love for music saved me in a way and it did in one of the darkest periods of my life. After three years of chronic thinness, the muscles were virtually atrophying, including the vocal cords. My speech therapist explained to me with concern the risk I was running. He could have lost his voice forever. At that moment I saw years of dreams, efforts, persecutions, sacrifices, worries disappear. And all because of a fucking illness. It was this fear that made me run to my mother and ask for help for the first time.

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