Football: Pérez “Mbappé dreamed of Real, what remains at PSG does not matter”

“He has also been under political pressure and has changed his mind,” says the president of the whites MADRID (SPAIN) (ITALPRESS) – One dream, two broken dreams or neither? Hard to say, but the impression is that Florentino Pérez looks a bit like that fox who couldn’t get to the grapes. In a very long interview on the Spanish television program El Chiringuito, the president of Real Madrid addresses all issues, but obviously there is also room for the Kylian Mbappè affair that did not happen. “His dream was to play for Real, we tried to sign him last August but they didn’t let him go, he kept saying that he wanted us until 15 days before the situation changed, he probably suffered political pressure. economic and chose the easiest way, but first he could tell us -explains Pérez- Then I knew that I did not want to participate in an event of a sponsor with his selection, but football is a collective sport and so we said to ourselves that this Mbappé was no longer what we wanted, it was not what the Royal dreamed of. , I don’t think it makes much sense, but I’m sure the boy was impressed. They want him to grow up in France, but Zidane came to Madrid, Benzema did great things … I don’t understand. “Florentino Pérez wants to emphasize that the mentality at Real Madrid is different. “There is no one above the club here. He is a great player, he can win more than the others but this is a team sport and we have values ​​and principles that we cannot change. He, on the other hand, has changed. I think his mother wanted Real Madrid to make his dream come true when he was a child, they tell me that he is ashamed of what happened. I repeat that the Mbappé who was about to come here is not “But now I want him to stay at PSG. I want the dream. This Mbappé is not my Mbappé who refuses to advertise with his team. Real Madrid has been above the others, this is a collective game and we will not take anyone who puts the group at risk A player is not a singer or an actor, he is part of a group where everyone is equal, no one is above the others “. Mbappè’s speech stole the spotlight, but Pérez spoke of much more, of the rumors about Zidane at PSG (“I’ve always heard he’s a man made for Real and for France, so I don’t know if he will change. mind “), by Haaland (” We have the best number 9 in the world, have we put him on the bench? “), but also by Carlo Ancelotti. “I thanked him for saying yes and coming back,” said Florentino Pérez. “This year he created a very good atmosphere. He is a man who treats all the players very well. more than anyone else “. He also talks about Vinicius (“It’ll be a Golden Ball like Benzema will be”) by Hazard (“So far he’s been unlucky, but he wants to counterattack and we believe in him”), Bale (“He was great, he wanted good “), but also on football policy by attacking the president of the League. “I don’t feel supported by Tebas, I feel hurt, we also have an ongoing case and in the courts we will go to the end with Barça which is a serious club, in difficulties but which has great value, with Laporta We have a good relationship and I’m sure we’ll see great classics again. ” Having said that he gets along well with all the clubs (“PSG and Manchester City included”), he does not give up the Super League. “It’s still an idea, we are waiting for the decisions of the Luxembourg court. We believe that we have the right to organize competitions between us, even with Uefa. We have never been afraid of being expelled from the Champions League. Accidents before. The final? What happened shouldn’t happen and can’t happen. I wonder why Paris was chosen as the venue … “. – LivePhotoSport photo – (ITALPRESS). ari / red 16-Jun-22 11:30 h

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