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June 16, 2022

Livorno, June 16, 2022

The event was held on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 14 at the Osteria BardoVino in Montescudaio.

The Uisp Terre Etrusco-Labroniche Committee presented the trophies and individual awards to the protagonists of the 2021/22 season

Twenty-six teams between 11-a-side football and 5-a-side football. then everything started again until the championships, with the commitment and satisfaction of both the teams and members, as well as the professionals.

The awards ceremony for the championships organized by the Uisp Terre Etrusco-Labroniche committee took place on Tuesday 14 June on the stage of the Osteria BardoVino in Montescudaio.

Many participants for a final dinner accompanied by good music and then departure with the delivery of trophies, certificates of participation and individual awards to the protagonists of the field.

In addition to the representatives of the 5 and 11 football teams, present by the Uisp Terre Etrusco-Labroniche Daniele Bartolozzi (president); Fabio Ercolini (head of football activities), Massimo Di Girolamo (football coordinator 5 and 11); Angelo Martini (umpire), Massimo Parra (umpire).

“Seeing so many people is an important sign,” said Daniele Bartolozzi, “as a starting point for our activities and entertainment.”

It has not been easy, but we can celebrate this season and I thank all those who have made our fun possible.

It was not an easy bet to win, but with everyone’s help the right balance was found to complete the championships.

So, I wish you all the best for the new season, which we hope will begin under the best of auspices and good luck to those who represent us in the regional stages ”.

Thanks to the teams, athletes, managers and collaborators also of Fabio Ercolini

Ercolini emphasizes “the value of fair play recorded during the season, which has not found significant episodes in terms of discipline.

So I hope we can start again in September in the best way, with a series of news that we will discover soon.

“We were the first in Tuscany to leave and leave again,” explains Massimo Di Girolamo.

I applaud the winners, but also all the other protagonists, so the wish is to have left behind the problems linked to the pandemic ”.

Here is the list of all the winners.

In the field of football 11, the most coveted trophy given to Sporting Club Rosignano, which won the championship and faces the regional phase.

The biancoazzurri also won the Discipline Cup and the title of best goalkeeper, given to Luca Gavarini.

On the second step of the podium is the Palazzi Monteverdi, which has the best player of the tournament in the person of Filippo Manni.

Third place went to Quercianella Termisol Termica. The trophy for the title of top scorer was for Bogoi Gheorge Remus, 18 goals scored with the shirt of Arci La California Amatori.

A certificate of participation was also given to all participating companies, as well as a special award to Alessandro Cheti del Vada 1963 for his 24 years of participation.

As for football 5the palm of the first place went to Pergo 16, able to win the championship by winning the 1996 Serie A playoff final, which then closed in second place.

In the playoffs of the B series, on the other hand, the Electroregulation Team prevailed.

Finally, the individual titles:

Team Elettroregolazione’s Valerio Dei is the top scorer of the season and also the best player, while the best goalkeeper is Alessandro Moro of the BGA.

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