Extraordinary competition bis: how much will the 5 CFU training course cost?

Extraordinary competition bis referred to in art. 59, section 9-bis, of the decree law of May 25, 2021, n. 73, converted, with modifications, by the Law of July 23, 2021, n. 106: today is the last day for submitting the application. The USR is working to find the curators, who will be in charge of evaluating the disciplinary oral examination and the degrees presented. Below are the rankings of a number corresponding to the places in the call and the fixed-term appointments for the 2022/23 school year.

Submission of the application

Applicants may submit an application for participation in the competition from 9.00 am on the day following the publication in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic – 4th special series “Competitions and examinations” – of this decree (therefore from May 18) until 11:59 p.m. afternoon of the twenty-ninth day following the opening of the petitions. MINISTRY NOTE

Access requirements

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Which seats will be allocated

These are the residual publications of the entries in the POSTI 2021/22 function

thus distributed by provinces. The distribution by province could still be changed.

You can only apply for one region and, in that region, only one competition class for which you meet the requirements.

The competition schedule provides

  • competition consisting of a disciplinary test (oral examination) and assessment of grades;
  • merit classificationsformed from the scores obtained in the disciplinary test and in the evaluation of qualifications and which includes only the winners corresponding to the number of places available.
  • fixed-term employment during the 2022/23 academic year;
  • completing a university training course in the 2022/23 academic year with conclusive proof;
  • Carry outduring the term of the fixed-term contract as 2022/23, of the annual course of initial training and test referred to in Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 59/2017;
  • permanent employmentafter passing the final test of the university training cycle and after the positive evaluation of the course and annual test of initial training, with legal and economic effects from September 1, 2023 or, if later, from the date of commencement of service, in the same fixed-term work school;
  • obtaining the qualification after the confirmation of the position.

University training course

The university training course takes place during the academic year. 2022/23, ie the year of temporary employment, p fulfills the purpose of making a comparison between the competencies of the applicant and those of the professional profile of the teacher.

The course is activated by universities and is divided into 40 hours of training activities equivalent to 5 university training credits (CFU).

The 40 hours of activity are organized in three thematic areas related to the areas of professionalism mentioned:

  1. training in the cultural-disciplinary, methodological-didactic and formative-professional dimensions (3 CFU – MPED / 03 Didactics and Special Pedagogy)
  2. training in the organizational and institutional-social dimension (1 CFU – SPS / 07 – General Sociology)
  3. preparation of a balance of competencies and a consequent individual development project (1 CFU – MPED / 04 Experimental Pedagogy).

How much could it cost?

Not the amount initially planned, more or less comparable to a full course such as TFA or TFA support, therefore with a fee of 2,500 – 3,000 euros.

The credits to be purchased are only 5, so assuming a cost of about 50 – 60 euros per CFU can not exceed the figure of 250 – 300 euros. To which must probably be added a registration fee.

In addition, we do not know if the Ministry intends to propose a controlled price, so that prices do not fluctuate between the different universities and that all the winners have the opportunity to participate.

The advice

It is possible to write to [email protected] ask questions (individual answer is not guaranteed, but discussion of general questions).

It is possible to follow all updates through the secondary competition label

It is possible to interact in the forum of Competitions of mutual help for teachers

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