“Disconnect from the Internet and connect to culture”

The ‘Magnificent ’20s: The Best Students in the University

At Suor Orsola Benincasa University, 20 is the perfect number: many students are considered the best, in terms of average and number of exams passed over time, in the current academic year; students who deserve praise for their work. This is the Alsob Prize (association of students and graduates), which selected the ‘magnificent 20’ of the Departments of Education, Psychological and Communication Sciences, Humanities and Legal Sciences. An initiative that, among other things, goes hand in hand ‘Naples is back! Let’s live together again ‘, which aims, with students as the protagonist, to prevent discomfort and addictions in the area. Representing the best members of the Corsican sisters, Serena Cozzolino I Gennaro Bottigliero they told Atheneapolis ambitions, projects, and secrets of their study path. She, 23, from Portici, is 29 years old on average in her senior year Master in Pedagogical Advice after the Bachelor of Science and Psychology in Vanvitelli; he, 21, of Pollena Trocchia, about to graduate Degree in Business Administration and Management and Green Economy with an average of 27 and a brief past as a footballer of Excellence. Both of them, in their hearts, explain the surprise that arouses the call among the best: It was really a surprise receive the email, we didn’t expect it. What a reward for the work done over the years! “. At dinner with the girl at the time of communication, Gennaro found it hard to believe: “At first I thought it was a joke, the sender did not have an institutional address. As soon as I realized, I was very happy. “.

If both were among the best results in the University, there must be a reason. Far from having signed a pact with the devil to take home as many exams as possible in a very short time, the children put different recipes on the plate, which have to do with their own subjective skills. On the one hand, Serena talks about it ability to choose what really stimulates our passions, sometimes some people follow paths imposed by others. In both the Triennial and the Magistrale I was lucky enough to choose all the very interesting topics, so I didn’t have much difficulty. I think there are no secrets, I read the texts and, repeating, I quickly assimilate the concepts “. On the other hand, Gennaro has always condensed his study time, so as not to take up space in his private life, made by his passion for languages ​​and travel. I focus a lot on materials management. I prepare and study it for no more than two or three hours. At this time, however, I am super focused. I am convinced that the University should not be a stress, but a bad life. Guys also strive to offer suggestions to those who can’t keep up with the pace. A dynamic, in retrospect, very widespread and all but out of the ordinary. “For some exams, they have been useful to me diagrams and summaries, adds the student; the partner, on the other hand, bets everything “About avoiding any kind of distraction, which is not easy especially for our generation that is completely absorbed by social media. Disconnect from the Internet and connect to the culture, this is my advice. myself the first semester I encountered a lot of difficulties, I got low grades, then I understood how to study and everything went well “.

Gennaro i Serena has clear ideas about the future, closely linked to the choice of their respective undergraduate studies. “I am very happy with my university choice because I have always cradled two dreams: become a masterat a university or school, and perhaps one day succeed to set up a family home to help children with more difficulties ”. An idea that, in the 23-year-old, has its roots in the past attendance at an oratory: “There were guys who lived particular situations, supporting them and making them smile made me feel alive.”. Gennaro’s ambitions are very different, after a school based on aeronautics and sailing, he hopes to witness a slow but irreversible green revolution in the sector. “After high school I realized that I wanted to continue on this path, but emphasizing sustainability, which, unfortunately, is still far from feasible. A sustainable ship can also be built, but the infrastructure is lacking. Despite this, the green economy is experiencing great development and I am sure that in the coming years the experts in the sector will be more and more in demand “. While waiting to continue with his master’s degree and perhaps find a job in transport, Gennaro has a dream: Create something of your own in the business world.

Claudio Tranchino

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