CRV – Fourth Committee – Representatives of the Confartigianato on accidents at work in court – Press release – Veneto

(Arv) Venice June 16, 2022 – The Fourth Committee of the Permanent Council welcomed Dr. Dr. Flavio Scagnetti and Dr. Luca Bertuola, an official of Confartigianato, continues his in-depth work on accidents at work and occupational diseases.

The auditors provided useful information to define the risk profiles in the craft companies and to identify possible prevention measures.

In small and medium-sized craft companies, construction is one of the sectors most exposed to accidents. The number of fatal crashes and falls from a height is significant. It should be noted that, in a direct survey of 1,388 workers, 30.8% of those surveyed believe that more information is needed precisely on the causes of falls from a height. Beyond the generic training to be given to workers, it is essential to verify their psychophysical aptitudes to perform tasks in certain contexts, such as working at height. The training will also have to be adapted to the needs of the many foreign workers, which are destined to increase in the future.

With the aim of prevention, the organization of the company and participatory training are strategic, with the figure of the safety representative of the workers in the center. Above all, it is important to make a cultural leap in the field of prevention in the workplace: in the face of an imposed regulatory obligation, it is necessary to understand its usefulness to ensure a quiet working life, beyond the burdens imposed.

Among the actions carried out by the Confartigianato provincial, we highlight the prevention activity aimed at, as well as preventing hazards in the workplace, to predict, experimentally, dangerous situations to prevent unforeseen events.

It is also very useful to carry out civic education projects in high schools, with special attention to occupational safety, also through practical exercises on the right behaviors to follow to prevent accidents and improve risk perception.

The representatives of Confartigianato proposed to channel the sanctions imposed by SPISAL to carry out actions to promote safety and health at work, also in collaboration with companies.

Outside the session, the chairman of the committee He highlighted “the important role that Confartigianato plays in the field of training and information in matters of occupational safety. Above all, the coordination activity that is carried out in the service of the member companies, of medium and small dimensions and that, therefore, would find serious difficulties to carry out the necessary training by themselves, is fundamental. From what we have heard today, it is clear that safety at work and prevention need a cultural change; with this, school training will be one of the next fronts to be developed. I think it is useful to include training in occupational safety among the compulsory subjects ”.

He Vice President He pointed out that “national legislation on safety at work does not take sufficient account of the specificity of craft companies, which are small / very small. The repressive approach that characterizes SPISAL control should be transformed into a more collaborative attitude that rewards companies that invest in worker safety. I thank the representatives of Confartigianato for the interesting ideas they have offered us today. I believe that Confartigianato itself represents an important point of reference for the needs of the many artisan companies that characterize the economic fabric of the Veneto. “


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