Conti: ‘In 1982 we were united and united. National? I’m sure, but we let Mancini work. “

Wednesday the inauguration of the Sports city accounts in Nettuno (Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi, Gigi Di Biagio, Vincent Candela and Antonio Cabrini also took part in the event). Bruno Conti he spoke into the microphones of Sky Sportsspeaking of the National of the 82 and that of Roberto Manciniwhich must be restarted after the lack of access to the World Cup in Qatar.

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Stars and paddle, on the grass of the Bruno Conti club

We are in Nettuno, the kingdom of Bruno Conti.

“I’ve lived there and I’ve had this relationship all my life. Even when I was playing in Rome and training in Trigoria, I traveled by car: here and the my homeland“.

Here we know the union with paddle tennis, an increasingly popular sport. Today was the inauguration of a center where the whole Conti family was present, but you have brought together the great family of football: from your teammates in 1982 to Totti and De Rossi.

“We have opened the center for the families, you can bring children. After the paddle courts we started working on the paddle courts stitchwhich is the our daily bread. It is a reality important. I thank all the colleagues who attended, from Cabrini to Aldair, Totti and De Rossi. No one has left us out they are left behind. I would like to give a special thanks to Daniele (De Rossi, ed), because she was retired for 22 days, she came back at 5.30 in the morning but today she wanted to be part of this family. I thank you, as I thank you all extraordinary friends“.

Today it mattered little to win, friendship mattered. What is the value of that World Cup won in 82? Cabrini defined you as a brother, what is left of the legacy of that winning, strong and cohesive group? And especially with that teacher who was Bearzot …

“We all knew, since retirement, the media cherry to Bearzot, Paolo Rossi’s call … a set of things he has for us it brought so many difficulties. In the first round, the three draws (against Poland, Peru and Cameroon, ed.) Encouraged the controversy. The team had many players in the whole of Juventus who then proved and did a lot. We mentally unlocked ourselves in the match againstArgentinaand gave us serenity. We passed the round with three draws, then we proved it that groupthat still sends messages today, it was compact I cohesive, followed by a great helmsman as Bearzot and with leader with Gaetano Writing and Caesar Maldini. Today we made a presentation, because we are approaching Forty years of the World Cup victory. Even today there is talk of a World Cup in which we have won great teams. We are proud I’m still talking about it today. “

After that World Cup, Pelé called you “Marazico”.

“She was OK satisfaction. We toured Rome in 1980 and Pelé played with Cosmos. I don’t hide that yes she was struggling to take a picture with him. Two years later, reading those words was one of them indescribable joy and great satisfaction. “

Today there was also Bruno Conti Junior, he always looks like you, he plays for Cagliari and has signed his first professional contract.

“He didn’t take him out of his grandfather, because I fell short and he’s taller (laughs, ed). good experience and has features for fun. We look forward to hearing from you in the future. “

From the selection of 1982 to that of Mancini. What is missing and what is missing from this selection?

“We had a great time, cheering and cheering the European. We have also gone through this situation: between the World Cup in Spain and the World Cup in Mexico wounded. At this time, with the difficulties we have faced, Mancini is working for the future with a group of young people doing important things. Beyond the defeat against Germany, I am very optimistic about the future, But No need be controversial right away I give judgments. Right now, Mancini must continue to do the work he is doing rebuild“.

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