Clearpay and astrologer Lumpa talk about your summer

Astrologer Lumpa

We can finally say it: summer has arrived!

The most beautiful and casual season of the year, but in addition to the heat, the sun and the well-deserved vacation, it also involves several unexpected expenses! That’s why Clearpay, a leader in “Buy Now, Pay Later” payments and known as Afterpay outside of Europe, wanted to read the stars to find out together what to expect from the summer of 2022.

In collaboration with the astrologer LumpaClearpay wanted to research the different signs to see what’s new in the coming months, with tips and hints on what products might be the right allies for your summer and how to manage your finances so you don’t run out. unprepared!

Are you ready to find out what your horoscope has in store for you? Here are the tips from Clearpay and Lumpa!

TheAries will have a particularly fun and exciting summer, thanks to a personal revolution that will mainly affect the field of professional growth. A good dose of positive energy and prosperity will be key to meeting a small challenge in July, useful for putting personal relationships in order. In such a busy summer, the advice is to dedicate yourself to training, thanks to the right supplements and proteins, such as those from MyProtein. And why not take advantage of this new climate to renew dishes and kitchen accessories with Lumen Casalinghi products? Finally, Mymo jewelry will be essential to celebrate an important moment in life and always remember a crucial period for growth.

After a stressful period, seasoned with economic anxieties, a turning point for the Bou it will have its climax in August, with important events in store.

For many of the signs this can mean not only a marked growth in career and income, but also very interesting encounters from the point of view of romantic relationships. The advice of the Bull is, therefore, to make the most of this summer by traveling, traveling and dedicating himself to all possible activities, such as Paddle! The Paddle King is, in fact, a great solution for consuming excess energy and having fun with friends. With the arrival of greater financial stability, the Taurus will also be able to give himself a whim again, such as Gaja Refashion bags or a perfect Vip Nails manicure.

After an unstable relationship in the spring, and Twins you will find a promising summer, fun and full of opportunities, especially of an emotional and sentimental nature, but which does not exclude also positive encounters for professional growth. Venus and Mercury in the sign of Gemini will ensure a splendid fitness, as well as a certain ease to be noticed. In this sense, JDSports offers a wide variety of shoes and accessories, perfect to start with the right foot! Even the economic possibilities will be winning in the summer and fall, so why not give yourself a Swarovski jewel to shine? One thing the Twins are sure not to miss this summer is company, and what better way to enjoy your friends than a BBQ House BBQ with BBQ products and barbecues?

This summer will definitely be the season of Cancer, especially for singles! After difficult years and a particularly tired June, the summer months will finally bring a big change of air.

Summer will also open a period of luck for finances, so shop around! For lovers of heat and beach days, the advice is to always remember to protect your skin, thanks to Dermalogica products. To adapt to all these changes, the absolute summer accessory to wear will be the bag for the sea or excursions, such as those proposed by Gianni Chiarini. Finally, Babydodo products are perfect for new parents of cancer on their first vacation with the puppy *!

The summer of 2022 will be memorable for the Lion, some have come out brilliantly recently from a crisis in the profession, while others are still in the midst of change. The advice is to take advantage of the months of June and July to show you more than usual and to pay attention to all the opportunities that present themselves. There will probably be unexpected expenses related to some last minute events, but no need to worry, Leo will make up for it in the fall! In this sense, if the stress begins to be felt, a small supplement like Shasymat can be very helpful, as well as a trip out of town on a motorcycle, exposing Motocard products. Finally, even in the face of unexpected expenses, it is always time for the Lion to give himself a jewel, especially if it is personalized, like those of Dreamit.

After all the fatigue accumulated in the winter, the Virgin take advantage of the summer to dedicate yourself to relaxation and psychological well-being. July in particular will be very positive for the feelings and towards August the singles will see important news. Summer will be for the Virgin the prelude to an autumn full of important news and purchases: for those who are about to move, Salerno Casalinghi offers accessories and appliances for the new home! But let’s not forget that the Virgin is the sign of timeless pieces, she never gives up an elegant but simple style, like that of Roy Rogers.

Finally, while waiting for the news of the autumn, we always remember the importance of summer skin care products, such as those from Igea Pharmacy.

The fall of 2022 will finally mark a very happy season for ai Weight scale, which from the anniversary will enter a much more romantic phase of life. Summer is still busy, especially in June, when Libra will have to take advantage of its ability to manage anger. Finally, the race represents a phase of growth that will be consolidated: hence the purchase of stylish clothes and accessories, such as Footpatrol shoes. Even Libra kids will always be at the forefront, thanks to Vanity Kids clothing and accessories. Finally, how to say no to the manicure dedicated to this sign? Libra Nails is waiting for you!

May began a period full of changes, even sudden ones Scorpio. It will be a summer full of quiet occasions, especially in the initial period. Attention in late July, where an event could reopen the chapter changes with an unexpected new one. Be careful not to spend too much in early summer! In this sense, Shein offers style and a wide variety of options at discounted and affordable prices, to always have memorable dresses without compromising finances. Doctor Convenienza will also be the perfect ally of Scorpio, with supplements, herbs and cosmetics at the best price. Finally, Dart Store will let you discover the amazing effect of dart play on mood!

June has a very pleasant energy that will allow the Sagittarius to kick off the season with the best of intentions. But pay attention to the signals that life will try to send and the substantial changes from a practical and professional point of view that will come in the fall and winter. Sagittarius is very generous, he loves to offer everyone a drink and make presents: this summer’s advice, however, is to pay attention to shopping, because autumn could lead to some small tax or unexpected spending problems. In any case, your Teva Footwear products will allow you to start the season in the right spirit, and it could be a great opportunity to try a new sport, such as skateboarding, with Extreme Games! Finally, thanks to Ottica Pagano you can always be in the lead, with fashionable glasses.

He Capricorn he will arrive at the beginning of the summer tired from the end of the work season, a period that is also complicated by relational clashes, with his partner or with some friends. But summer will give its best from mid-July and especially in August, when warmth, sea and relaxation will regain the harmony of mood and relationships. August will be a very pleasant month for new sentimental encounters and will be a happy time for Capricorn finances, which can be dedicated to some more whims, such as the shoe for the summer, with Crocs Italia! For adventure lovers, Df Sport Specialist is the place to find the right outfit and accessories. Also, for many Capricorns, this is the first summer with a child on holiday: run to Mr Toys to find the perfect toy!

After a turbulent period from an economic point of view, for the Aquarius begins a happier period of recovery, which will evolve into an autumn and a winter with several opportunities to increase income or improve professional position. This summer has a season of events, concerts and snacks for the Aquarium, super conducive to receiving opportunities and interesting news. The month of August will also bring a lot of news for singles, with new encounters desired by the destination. Aquarius is a sign that likes to stand out for refined tastes and is certainly among the best candidates to be a Bugatti fan! In these hot months it is essential to protect the skin with suitable products, such as Loreto Pharmacy. Finally, for aquarists who like to waste their energy on a bike, Pissei offers the right technical suits!

After some frustration brought by spring, by the Fish the changes will finally come in the fall / winter, with casualties, new jobs, new commitments and lots of shopping to do, from small appliances to work tools. August will be a very happy month for the relationships, feelings, and creativity that will come from the energy at rest. Singles will also have their chances, thanks to their charm and exceptional fitness. The holidays will erase the worries and give the necessary serenity to be able to face the great changes of the future from September. For a charming summer, at Bassini Boutique you can always find the perfect outfit. For Pisces about to move or move, Casa Viva will allow you to enjoy the choice of furniture!

This summer, therefore, promises to be full of news, opportunities and relaxation for all signs and also in terms of shopping will be a happy time for almost everyone.

For those signs that you should be wary of expenses, Clearpay offers the ability to flexibly pay for your online purchases, splitting the amount into three installments with no additional interest or costs. One year after its arrival in Italy, Clearpay has grown in the market and, as the data from the survey conducted in collaboration with Human Highway show, interest in BNPL and Clearpay is growing strongly, especially in the younger generations.

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