“Cesena has chosen Toscano to go straight to B”

If Monopoli is a name that a month ago caused annoying itching in Cesena, for Alfio Pelliccioni it is simply the second home. “Or even the first one – smiles the former sporting director of the Cavalluccio – depends on your point of view. But let’s just say that after San Marino, it’s where I left my heart. ”

And especially where Pelliccioni has returned for a week, after taking Catanzaro a step (or a minute) from the play-off final: “I’m ready to start my third adventure in Puglia, it won’t be easy. “Monopoly has returned from the best result in its history.” the beloved south and in a group C he knows by heart, like Domenico Toscano and the first new faces chosen by the coach and Cesena for next season.

Alfio Pelliccioni, let’s start with the coach. Is he the right man, after two years with Viali, to try to improve even more?

“It simply came to our notice then. I met Mimmo and had him as a rival when he was at Mantua and he won the championship at the head of Novara. He is the ideal coach to try to win a championship, because he knows how to do it, having won in four different cities. Has experience and has the right profile and features. I have faced his teams several times, he always plays with a 3-5-2 easily recognizable thanks to a strong and strong identity: his teams are always aggressive and dynamic. Mimmo is a very demanding man, he wants strong players and he is never satisfied. It will focus primarily on experienced players because they guarantee greater security. If you want to throw young people and grow over the years, he is not the ideal coach. But if you want to win, Toscano is a guarantee. Therefore, if Cesena has chosen him, it is because the goal is one: to win immediately. When you take a coach like that, you take him to win and not to throw young players ”.

You know Mario Mercadante very well, who was your captain in Monopoli and until 20 days ago also a symbol of the Apulia team. Which player is he?

“I had him with me for two years and it was a real pleasure. Mario is an exemplary professional, a guy who gives his all on the field, bad and hungry, who never backs down. He is a player who would always catch. As soon as I arrived in Monopoly this year, I called him to confirm it, but he told me that I wanted to try an experience in the north and that I couldn’t wait to get started. He can also play four, because he was born as a left winger and if he wants, he can also play the whole band, but three is ideal. In a team that wants to win the championship, it will never be the 8-man man on the ballot, but one of those reliable, loyal soldiers who never pulls his leg back and never pulls out less than 6 “.

From Mercadante to Albertini, who this year challenged Catania and who in the past faced off as a rival when the winger wore the Virtus Francavilla shirt.

“He is one of the players I hired a year ago in Catanzaro, because Vivarini also played 3-5-2 as Toscano. It is a right side, ideal as a fifth in the middle of the field because it has a very large leg, but it is also useful as a side or high side. He has played 26 games this year, he is ideal in a Tuscan team “.

To prop up the defense, Cesena wants Kontek, whom you challenged two years ago.

“It’s a very strong defensive center on a physical level, in my opinion a Serie B profile. If you want to lift the wall, it’s a great option.”

How do you think Cesena is doing after last month’s disappointment?

“He’s moving well and especially fast, listening to his coach.”

If you bought a Cavalluccio player, who would you bet on?

“Andrea Ciofi. It’s my thing, especially in a three-man defense. Well, if Andrea stayed, he would be very happy with Toscano.

And what do you think of the Cesena attack?

“If the players are still under contract, there is a first-class attacking park left. And if Corazza came … I know he really likes Toscano, with whom he won the C in Novara and Reggio Calabria. Well, I know him well, he grew up in the Portogruaro youth team when I was the sporting director and in 2010 we won the C. I have always followed him, in this category he always guarantees you a good number of goals and that is why I would take him immediately. ” .

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