between cooking, idols and European football 2022

Outside the field of footballthe blue striker Cristiana Girelli is known for doing magic in the kitchen. But on the turf, the “Chef” – as her classmates call her – hopes to find the perfect recipe for success this summer.

The bio-black bomber is set to take the Azzurre to the top of Europe, adding another step to the growth shown at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

After not qualifying for four consecutive times, reaching the quarterfinals three years ago was the time to pick up on the progress of the players under the direction of Carolina Morace.

However, securing the European stage was a bit of an Achilles heel for this talented team. The last time the azzurra team managed to overcome this result was in 1997.

However, being inspired by the azzurri’s victorious campaign last summer could be a big push for the players to try to bring the silverware of the women’s tournament to Italy as well.

And Girelli will no doubt be a focal point of the tricolor propulsion system that will hit the field in July.

Soccer boots and chef’s aprons

When she’s not busy breaking records with Juventus, Girelli likes to trade shirts for chef aprons.

“He loves to cook, he’s always in the kitchen, he likes to do new things. We call her from time to time chef“said the companion Lisa Boattin in an interview with DAZN.

And Girelli admits that “he likes to cook for his friends.”

“When we organize an evening together, I usually take care of the menu.”

“I’m the one who prepares the food, who cooks!”

But social issues aside, Girelli admits that “as an athlete, you have to pay attention to food.”

Cristiana Girelli in a hug with her Juventus teammates

Photo of Getty Images 2021

Walkers in the words of their peers

In a team full of great personalities, both at club and international level, Girelli is a lush player.

And while Barbara Bonansea reveals that “off the pitch it’s very sweet”, it’s easy to say: “competitiveness keeps it for the games”.

Arianna Caruso there is no doubt that being in Girelli’s company is fun: “It’s a lot of fun.

“It’s silly, he always makes fun of you, you have to be careful when you’re by his side and talk because then he imitates you. Feel your breath on your neck (ed river). He’s a unique character, and they should have invented him if he hadn’t been there, “said Boattin.

While she is busy making her teammates laugh off the pitch, Girelli is decisive as soon as she sets foot on the pitch.

“She’s good at getting in and holding the ball and holding it. It helps the team get up. On the field when you have a striker like her, you feel comfortable playing the ball,” Bonansea said.

And always according to Caruso having Girelli on the team is a guarantee “Because you’re sure he’ll throw it in the ninety minutes.”

The statistics speak for themselves: the player of the year in the Serie A 2020, became the first Juventus player to score 50 goals for the club, many of which came at crucial moments.

And that goal machine was replicated with the blue shirt, with 46 goals in 78 appearances.

Girelli following in the footsteps of the idol Del Piero

For Girelli, playing for Juventus is a “dream come true,” he told

Not only has she become a key player on the team she encouraged when she was little, but she is also succeeding in emulating the greatness of her football hero, Alessandro Del Piero.

Similarities: same number 10 on the back of the shirt, identical pride of the emblem on the front.

“As a kid, I used to go to the stadium and watch a lot of Del Piero games. That is why he is my idol. It was enough to see how he moved on the pitch, his behavior and, of course, how he touched the ball.

“Because I think that every time he touched the ball he created something special, a characteristic that other players may not have,” Girelli said in an interview with Network 24.

And if there is an old saying that warns people never to meet their idols, Girelli had other plans: “I met him. [Del Piero] during a national team retreat (in September 2021) and at the World Cup in France, after my hat-trick against Jamaica, he sent me a video message. We’ve been in touch on Instagram since then. Sometimes he calls me “congratulations.” It’s amazing to me. ”

In July, however, Girelli has the opportunity to write his own story away from his hero and go where he has not been able to: take Italy to the top of European football.

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