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Bologna, June 16, 2022 – The Virtus Segafredo Bologna cancels the first match point of the Armani AX Milano championship by winning the fifth match of the championship final 84-78. The Bianconeri were the protagonists of a game of great substance sealed by the great tests under the markers of Mouhammadou Jaiteh (17 points and 13 rebounds put on the farm mostly in the first half) e Toko Shengelia which, despite a feverish attack suffered in the last hours, again showed great solidity in the area, closing with 15 points, 11 of which were signed in the second half. However, the contributions of Hackett, Belinelli, Teodosic and Cordinier were also essential, although they did not reach the double figure, they guaranteed the quality of the exteriors. The Bianconeri started with the turbo attached and reached +13 at the end of the first quarter. Milan still had the merit of not letting go of the game and little by little, trusting it Nicolò Melli (20 points), Kyle Hines (15 points) e Sergio Rodríguez (16 points and 6 assists), made a comeback that culminated in an advance in the fourth quarter. A Melli coach less than 3 ‘from the end, however, reversed the inertia of the game leading him to Virtus who closed the accounts with the spectacular plays of Shengelia and Cordinier.

The race

Virtus started well, putting in a lot of intensity, looking for the heart of the area and finding it with Weems and Hackett who put the first bianconeri points on the farm (10-4). When Jaiteh also goes up with blows, the Bologna advantage increases to +7 (15-8). Milan, on the other hand, try to stay upside down with Shields and Hall but fail a lot in the close-up shot, on defense they fit too well into the inside game and with three straight points from Sampson. it even slips to -13 at a 9-0 high (21-8). The partial is interrupted by Melli with three important plays but the lengths of delay of the Olimpia to the sound of the first siren still are thirteen because in the nth attendance of Teodosic it writes down the ninth personal point in the fourth, to which also adds five. rebounds. Milan try to react at the dawn of the second quarter but temporarily lose to Shields who limps out of the field: it is Chacho Rodríguez who tries to load his shoulders, recovering from -14-achieved with the triple from the corner of Cordinier- to -7 (28-21) forcing Scariolo to take refuge in a dead time.

The minute of suspension does not affect the confidence found by Olimpia that prolongs the partial 10-0 with a Hall triple for the white-and-reds -4 (28-24). Jaiteh’s float and Shengelia’s entrance make the “Black Vs” breathe again, returning to +8 (36-28). At 3’30 “from the break, the spirits are warmed up a bit with a double technique to Grant and Weems who thus reaches the three personal matches and is forced to return to the bench. So we enter the final stretch of the first half and the sprint smiles at the guests who, despite a loose Jaiteh (8/8 initial shot, 17 points and 8 rebounds in the first 20 ‘), manage to reduce the difference only five long . thanks also to an unsportsmanlike injury suffered by Melli (42-37).

Virtus comes out of the locker room well and scores a hacked 8-2 inspired by Hackett who, along with Shengelia and Cordinier, makes them double again (50-39). Olimpia are forced to stop to rearrange their ideas, but when the Milanese return to the field it is raining wet with Bentil’s fourth foul, third in just over 3 minutes. Virtus seems to have fully regained the inertia of the game in his hands but risks complicating his life a bit with two coaches in an amen who, added to Melli’s free throws, bring Armani back to a single figure (54-45). Rodriguez from the corner hits the potential triple -6 outside. Hines takes charge with a personal 4-0 to keep his team in the lead, which 3 ‘from the penultimate siren finds the same gap at the end of the first half (57-52). Scariolo tries to stop the bleeding with a timeout but Milan only returns to a late possession (57-54). Juventus’ response is entrusted to Pajola and Belinelli, who with a jumper and a bomb extend the elastic of the Virtussino advantage again (62-54). Armani managed to resist even this mini-shoulder and score a 4-0 by the -4 with 10 ‘of the end. The break is extended to the beginning of the fourth quarter with the game to four of Grant that is worth the Milan parity of the 62-62 and the later robbery of white and red ball that culminates with the hand of Hines that is even worth l external advancement (62-64).

Another break of the night goes up to 10-0 and is stopped by the basket and extra free by Belinelli. At the Olympia things get even more complicated with the departure of the field due to another problem in Shields’ ankle who gets angry and also catches the coach. Hines tagged the guest reply but on the other hand Belinelli unleashed and the new Bologna +3 mark, however, was canceled by the five consecutive points of Rodriguez who tagged the counter-advance of Armani. The face-off is tight and the turning point of the game comes less than 3 ‘from the end when Melli is whistled by a coach: Teodosic does not miss the free kick and the next possession from the corner comes Shengelia’s triple to push his team at 80-75. Grant misses the triple from -2 and Shields is stopped on the counterattack by Shengelia and then also misses one of the two free throws scored in the next action. Marco Belinelli, on the other hand, didn’t miss a shot on goal and with a two-on-two ice cream he put the stamp on Juventus’ success.

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