Aci Sport Sicilia: in Caltanissetta the delivery of the winners of the four-wheelers titles 2021. These are the winners – il Fatto Nisseno

Tomorrow, Friday 17 June in Caltanissetta, the delivery of the National Titles 2021. Final preparations at the Margherita Theater, where the winners will be presented at 6.30 pm.
Sicilians of each tricolor specialty of the 4 wheels.

The staff of the Delegation of Aci Sport Sicilia, coordinated by Daniele Settimo in collaboration with the City of Nisseno and the Automobile Club of Caltanissetta chaired by Carlo Alessi, is working to
days for the best outcome of the event. The final details are now being defined before taking to the stage and handing over the 2021 national titles to the hands of many Sicilian champions.

There is a lot of anticipation to see on the stage of the elegant theater some of the Sicilian aces behind the wheel, many of whom on March 12 were already awarded again in Taormina with the organization of the Delegation of Aci Sport Sicilia as Regional Champions on an unforgettable evening.

– “An unusual time of year for an awards ceremony, but still an opportunity to learn about sport – said ICA Sports Delegate / Ombudsman Daniele Settimo – the collaboration of the “AC Nisseno, Mayor Gambino and the whole city is clear and we are very pleased. It will be a pleasure to welcome all the guests and especially the winners whom we congratulate again.”

Among the protagonists of the karting, Cristian Blandino, winner of the Regional Championship of the 10th Zone and winner of the Final of the Regional Championships of the Mini GR 3 category, will be awarded as Salvatore Best winner of the KZN junior. Andrea Angelo Castro also won the title for the 10th zone of the 60 Minikart.

For Historic Cars, the winners of the TRZ Cup of the 4th Zone will be awarded: Natale Mirabile of the 4th Group; Marco Savioli 2nd group CL 3. GS 4> 2000; Fabio Gaspare Alessi with Giuliano Delle Vedove 3 ^ Autostoriche Area Cl.4 J2 A> 2000; Rosario Merendino 3rd Group and Cl. 3 GTS 4> 2000 (Lombard). Motorsport Island awarded among the stables.

The Slalom will be awarded to Antonino Di Matteo, winner of the national trophy of the E2SS Group and the winners of the 5th Emanuele Campo Slalom Cup Gruppo Prototype Slalom; Grup Gaspare Gennaro Bicilindrike; Giuseppe Perniciaro RS Plus Group; Mario Radici Group N (Southern Italy Slalom Trophy); Special Slalom Group Carmelo Francesco Pirri; Gabriele Giaimo Group E1 Italy; Girolamo Ingardia Grup E2 SS; Salvatore Giacalone RS Group; Nicolò Incammisa Group E2SC and Giovanni Tumminello winner of the Slalom Cup 1st zone Group N.
Enza Allotta will be awarded three Italian women’s slalom titles on the island.

For the Climbing category, the winners of the Italian South Mountain Speed ​​Trophy were awarded: Antonio Leonardi Racing Start Group; Salvatore Cocimano Racing Start 2000 Group; Filippo Cardillo Group A; Orazio Maccarrone Grup E2-SS 1600; Carmelo Saverio Basile Grup Bicilindrique 2/700; Motorcycle Salvatore Damusco E1 Italy 1150; Danilo Angelo Russo Racing Start Plus Group; Davide Gravina Prod Evo Group; Ignazio Amato Racing Start Group Plu Antoninio Torre Racing Start CUP Group; Salvatore Caruso Group E2SC 1400; Giovanni Carfì E2SS Group; Giovanni Cassibba Grup E2-SC 3000; Angelo Guzzetta Group E1 Italy 1600; Manuel D’Antoni as well as for the TIVM SUD for the Gr E2SH 1150 will receive the prize of the Cup of the Championship of Italy CIVM like Alfio Crispi winner of the Cup CIVM Gr. E1 Italy 1400 Class
and Winner of the TIVM Sud Class Cup Gr. E1 Italy 1400; Ignazio Cannavò won the CIVM GT-GT3 Group

Among the BIGs of the Salita tricolor climbs: Franco Caruso as the winner of the TIVM Nord E2 SC Group; Luigi Fazzino CIVM Under-25 National Trophy Winner – Absolute Speed ​​Trophy Winner
South Mountain TIVM South Under 25 Trophy Winner Samuele Cassibba Cl. CIVM Gr E2-SC 1000 – Winner of the Cl. CIVM Gr.
E2SC + E2SS 1000 – Winner of the TIVM South Class Cup Gr. E2-SC 1000
Martina Raiti winner of the CIVM Dame Cup – Winner of the Cl. CIVM Gr. CN 1600
Winner of Domenico Cubeda of the Italian Climbing Championship Gr. E2 SS.

For the Rally category, the winners of the 8th Zone and also of the Italian 2×4 Championship were awarded.
Domenico Lucchetta Ra 5h; Maurizio Rizzo and Massimo D’Angelo Class N3; Giuseppe Spanò and Luana Scaffidi Class RS 1600; Nazareno Pellizzeri and Michele Lo Monaco Class A7; Daniele pino and Alessio La Scala Class N1; Paolo and Claudia Gravagno RA 5N; rosaries Canino and Giuseppe Buscemi
class R2B; Maurizio Mirabile i Calogero Calderone Class R.5; Antonino Armaleo Class K10; Francesco Melia and Stefano Cimino Class A.5; Giuseppe Gangemi Class 2; Fabio La Greca and Cesare Tagliereni Class A0; Ernesto Riolo Class R2; C; armelo Molica Franco Cl Super 1600;
Michele Craparo Class N.4, Michele cardili Class Rs 200; Filippo and Davide Monteleone Class Rs 2.0 Plus; Alfredo Cicirello Class R3 C; Maurizio Cifo and Giovanni Barbaro Calsse N.5

Double prize for Salvatore Pio Cannella as Cl A6 winner and winner of the Rally Cup 8 ^ Zone Under 25. Carlo Stassi will be awarded as Major over 55 years; In addition to the winner of the eighth zone, Salvatore Castro will receive the Aci Sport Cup Italia Class Rs 2000 prize.

The Great Rally of the 2021 season will be: the brothers Nucita Andrea and Giuseppe as winners of the
2×4 Italian Championship; Roberto Lombardo and Andrea Spanò ACI Sport Rally Cup Italian Class Winners. Super 2000 – General winner of the 8th Rally Cup Zone – Winner of the 8th Rally Cup
Zone Cl. Super 2000 and Marco Pollara Winner of the ACI Sport Rally Cup Italia Under 25

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