A year full of satisfaction for the Rotary Club Riva del Garda: many initiatives including donations, solidarity and projects with schools

RIVA DEL GARDA. For Rotary, another successful “Rotary year” is coming to an end. Manuela La Via, president of Rotary Club Riva del Garda, first female representative convened for this position, can claim to have achieved the objectives set, including the consolidation of partners with the entry of four new members. Initiatives have also been taken in collaboration with other Rotary clubs in Trentino, as well as with the other Upper Garda Club Services.

Specifically, it was done a project for schools called “Service Arianna”, already concluded in 2021 with the involvement of Presidents Sandro Rigo, Manuela La Via and Roland Weithaler, thanks to which a system was given to the laboratories of the classes of the technological sector of the Itet Floriani Institute of Riva del Garda. from advanced georadiolocation.

Not only because, the members met with high school students in the area (Itet Floriani and Upt Arco) to explain their studies and their profession in the framework of school projects of “exit orientation”, consisting of helping young people choose their future. career more conscious once they graduate.

In the meantime, support the Eliodoro Social Cooperative, dedicated for decades to integration and inclusion activities, with the aim of supporting him in teaching a real job that develops self-esteem, integrates them into society and makes them financially self-sufficient, projects called “Making Centers”. Specifically, a feasibility study was carried out by a member of the Club, an engineer by profession, for the recovery of an abandoned building for the construction of professional laboratories; contributed to the purchase of a kiln for firing pottery; support the activities of the clothing workshop, in which some girls have learned, based on the basics, the profession of seamstress and now make custom productions for more brands. Artifacts from the ceramics and tailoring center are already on sale in the shop opened by the Cooperative on Viale San Francesco in Riva del Garda.

This year there has also been some support for the social gathering space “Common”, which for some years has been pursuing the goal of fostering relationships through joint work, enhancing the skills of each individual, a valuable resource also for the community. A space designed for everyone and open to everyone, where you can share your passions, learn new things, feel less alone, which is having great success among the citizens of Riva and beyond.

Along with the Lions Club Arco Riva del Garda, Rotary was present at the Solidarity Table, for its contribution to initiatives to support the most vulnerable people and families in our territory, under the direction of the social services of the Valley Community. Together with the Lions Club Arco Riva del Garda and the youth of the Rotaract Club Rovereto-Riva del Garda, the Club participated in “The Sarca still doesn’t,” Ecological awareness day consisting of cleaning the banks of the river Sarca.

As cultural services, an evening of concentrated music open to the public was co-organized “Music and Memory” whose pieces were performed by music high school classes of the Maffei Institute of Riva del Garda, with the intervention of the master and conductor Francesco Lotoro, in addition to participating with a contribution in support of the Foundation that has been involved in the recovery, conservation, restoration and dissemination of works, songs, scores, pieces, scores , written or delivered. for decades orally, produced by prisoners in Nazi and Stalinist concentration camps.

Besides, the Club has given the Riva del Garda City Council four historical and cultural itineraries or as they are called now “Urban hiking”, each of which ideally combines monuments and places of historical and cultural interest according to a logical thread: the Maroon coast, the Riva degli Stuccos, the fortified city and the places of Jewish memory. The four panels representing the four paths will be placed in the Piazzetta San Rocco, a place chosen because it includes the four themes of the paths: it is located behind the church of San Rocco with its fine stucco, in the heart of the Jews . neighborhood, close to the fortified walls and a stone’s throw from the monuments designed by the architect Maroni.

The project, carried out by the architect Francesca Odorizzi, with contributions also from the Superintendence of Fine Arts of the Province and the Magician, is not limited to the graphic representation of the routes but refers, by QR code, present both on the panels and in each monument included in the routes, to the Dedicated link to the institutional site of the municipality of Riva del Garda, for which the visitor, at any point along the route, can consult it and find a lot of information and cultural knowledge. The site will also expand in the future with new content and links, including from other scholars and organizations: The idea of ​​Rotary is stimulate collaborations for the continuous enrichment of a cultural container.

The project will be completed with the conditioning of some spaces within the way of visit of the hydroelectric power station, Maroni’s work included in the itinerary with the furniture designed by Maroni for his sister as a wedding gift.

The Rotary Club Riva del Garda, together with clubs from all over the Triveneto District, finally contributed to thesupport for the Ukrainian people, by purchasing medicines and medical supplies sent directly to Ukrainian doctors, thanks to the bridge formed by the various Rotary Clubs of foreign states along the route from Italy to the theaters of war, passing through Romania.

RC Riva del Garda also took part in the 27th edition of the Garda Forum, promoted with the other two Rotary Garda clubs, organized this year by the RC Salò-Desenzano del Garda, held in Lonato (BS) on May 24, 2022, with the subject: “Museums Burn”, as well as in the 17th edition of the Trentino Alto Adige-Südtirol Rotary Award, promoted together with the other ten Rotary Clubs in the Region and awarded this year to Dr. Georg Kaser, with the award ceremony held in Bolzano on May 30, 2022.

This is how Manuela La Via ended her own vintage, due to the coexistence planned for next Friday, June 24, at 8 pm, in the Restaurant of the Hotel Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort, in Riva del Garda, she will be able to handing over the president’s necklace to engineer Roland Weithaler, elected President for the year 2022-2023, aborn on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Club, which took place on December 13, 1962.

The relative celebration, to which he has already secured his presence of the Governor of the Rotary District 2060 for the academic year 2022/2023, Tiziana Agostini, and to which the members of the Rotary Club Rovereto, the sponsoring club, and the members of the Rotary Club of Starnberg (Germany), twinned with the RC Riva del Garda since 1968, will be invited to take place on 10 December.

Weithaler, born in 1967 in Augsburg in Germany, lives in Riva del Garda, has worked for 12 years in three different paper mills, since 2021, he is the legal representative of a company specializing in industrial tents. Member of the Riva del Garda Rotary Club since 2014, Weithaler will be assisted by the Board of Directors. composed as follows: Vice President Andrea Dalponte, former President Manuela La Via, Secretary Claudia De Scolari Bonatti, Prefect Germano Berteotti, Treasurer Augusto Betta, Councilors Piero Avella, Roberto Calzà, Mauro Chizzola, Mauro Pederzolli, Vittorio Rasera, Claudio Zanoni and Francesca Zanoni .

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