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The idea of ​​our R&D lab was to develop a paddle board surface that had DNA Casali Sporttherefore different from those commonly used – in artificial turf saturated with silica sand – and able to offer great comfort and safety of play.“, Explains Mauro Moreschi, General Manager of Casali SpA

This is the genesis of XPadelthe innovative Casali Sport resin flooring system, designed to ensure an evenly competitive game performance (bounce homogeneity, performance stability over time, excellent vertical deformation) but at the same time designed to ensure joint stress containment of the players, thanks to the presence of a functional elastic layer that consists of a special mat with shock-absorbing properties.
The measurements made with the artificial athlete when comparing the data with respect to the 12 mm monofilament artificial turf of 54,600 pt / m2 obstructed with silica sand, have in fact demonstrated a capacity of energy absorption (KA) 30 to 60% higher and a vertical deformation value (RV) 40% higher than synthetic turf in the two versions of the Casali Sport system: XPadel RB and XPadel AC.

If we wanted to summarize the broad characteristics of an XPadel field, it is important to highlight, in addition to the security provided by the registration. shock absorptionits interior and exterior versatility, its homogeneity of performance at each point of the track due to the perfect uniformity of the surface, the correct sliding – in most turf fields the excess sand can cause an excessive slip that, in more than increasing the risk of joint trauma, it limits the effect given to the ball on cushioned or effect shots- and the pleasure of playing on a surface capable of regaining high-level technical performance.
These are qualities that excite the players who compete in an XPadel field, but also those aspects that are most interesting to clubs, academies, sports centers and in particular to those who are called upon to make, in this case, a real “own choice”. field “; XPadel is weather resistant, durable and easily renewable with a simple rethinking or repaving, it has low maintenance costs and allows a wide selection of colors in addition to the classic blue, for greater customization of the fields within the sports facility.

In addition, both versions of the XPadel system arise from the desire to better meet the needs of sports facilities and users. In the AC version, characterized by an acrylic resin finish, the tone allows a nervous and fast play, the bounces are fast, the grip is yours. of great competitions, the vertical deformation is three times that of the artificial turf; in the RB version, the polyurethane finish with EPDM in rubber granules offers the possibility of customizing the grip, ensuring a comfortable, always exciting game, without the abrasive effect of silica sand, and the absorption of blows is more than double that of artificial turf. .

Also, the choice of an advanced field like XPadel cannot be ignored many other factors such as the total number of fields present in the sports facility, the age range and sports training of the users, the frequency of use of the surface given the density of pedestrian traffic of this sport, the available budget, the sports activities offer plan. which can attract and satisfy growing groups of athletes.
In this sense, it is essential to carefully evaluate the best solution, given that an XPadel field is aimed primarily at users looking for a differentiated and innovative offer, in this case backed by a brand like Casali Sport and its thirty. years of experience.

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