Three girls awarded the “Stefano Bertacco” scholarship.

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Small daily gestures of care, attention, service, sometimes given for facts, but not given for facts, especially for those who receive them. Thanks for these gestures Vittoria Adami, Rachel Osose Lawani and Erika Salihaj the winners of the 2nd edition of the “Stefano Bertacco” scholarships.

The recognition, intended to keep alive the memory of Senator and Councilor Stefano Bertacco for his administrative, political, human example and care for the most vulnerable and the new generationsaims to provide a tangible signal aimed at recognizing the commitment of young people, denounced by third sector organizations, public and equality schools, which have distinguished themselves in solidarity activities and free social action towards the weakest and neediest people .

The constitution of the three “Stefano Bertacco” scholarships, amounting to 1,000 euros each, it was approved unanimously by the City Council in the session of October 29, 2020 and the corresponding Regulation was approved with a subsequent resolution of February 27, 2021.

As noted by the Commission, which evaluated the reports received, attention to others does not necessarily have to go through extraordinary gestures of altruismbut it can also be implemented through “normal” actions that, however, denote a special sensitivity and commitment to put oneself at the service of those who need it most, as did the three winning girls.

The winners

Victoria Adami16-year-old, recommended by the Piccola Fraternità di Borgo Roma association, stood out for the sensitivity and attention shown towards people with disabilities involved in different leisure activities, helping to create an inclusive environment and demonstrating how diversity it can become a growth opportunity for everyone.

Rachel Osose Lawani13 years old, recommended by the San Michele Promotion Group, thanks to her collaborative and altruistic nature, she has been able to experience different occasions of social solidarity, contributing daily to the well-being of the community where she lives and putting herself. at the service of the little ones even on the occasion of dance performances of the Dance Expression project.

Erika Salihaj17, reports the DBA Italia ODV Association, collaborated as a volunteer on the occasion of some events promoted in the area, providing assistance and support to participants, showing special attention and sensitivity to the elderly and giving a smile to the children affected by pathologies and their families.

The mayor, the councilor for social services and the members of the jury took part in the event in the Arazzi room: the chairman of the 5th commission of social policies of the council with the manager Nicola Rinald and the president of the CSV-Service Center of Volunteering. of Verona Roberto Veronese. Two of the three winners, Vittoria Adami and Erika Salihaj, were present, along with their families and representatives of Third Sector associations who have joined the tender.

“It’s hard to think that two years have passed,” said the mayor Sboarina -, more to realize that this time has passed without their support, closeness and fraternal help. Because Stefano Bertacco has always been a man, before he became a politician, who made his life an example of what generosity and sensitivity are, humanity and commitment to the needy and those in need. A job done without encouragement, without ever waiting for recognition or thanks, every day, with the maximum availability for everyone. The aim of the scholarship is precisely this, to ensure that Stefano’s work continues to walk with the legs of young people who, like him, have the innate gift of altruism and solidarity and give themselves to others without expecting anything. ” .

“The recognition – explains the Councilor for Social Services, Maria Daniela Maellar – was established by the municipal administration to keep alive the administrative, political, human example and the attention paid to the most vulnerable people and the new generations by the senator of the Republic and councilor of the Municipality Stefano Bertacco. A few days before the second anniversary of his death, these awards take on an even deeper meaning, becoming a kind of ideal passage of relief between Bertacco and future generations, committed to pursuing the ideals of love and generosity towards the most needy. “.

“Stefano had the ability to aspire to the well-being of all, especially with small daily gestures,” added the chairman of the Social Commission. Gianmarco Padovani -. The hope is that the three young winners will continue to be an example for others and a benchmark, as was Stefano Bertacco for all of us.


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