This is how he went to the Pride in Rome with his godmother Elodie [VIDEO]

No.We are everywhere, all the time.

At Pride we celebrate our essence, our bodies, our voice and our stubborn and joyful revolution.

We have always struggled to break down the walls of oppression, silence, invisibility, violence within which the patriarchal history of wars and injustices has tried for centuries to shut us down and annihilate us. Much remains to be done …

The world traversed by the pandemic, nature reacting to the arrogance of humanity and humanity itself, which has never stopped bleeding from the wounds caused by weapons and iniquity, place us all before our eyes and hearts the contradictions and mistakes of a culture that excludes and cancels.

We must ensure that nationalist and conservative rhetoric, false references to a glorious illusory past, and attempts to exploit the LGBTQIA + struggle for pure propaganda — in war scenarios as well as in Western democracies — do not find blood. There is a risk, in fact, of easy mistakes, without offering solutions to specific problems.

We always have to do it rememberinstead of the conquests made over the years they are fragile and the bar of mobilization must always be kept high to avoid setbacks.

The most ruthless and backward propaganda of power always tries to strike and feed hatred towards people who oppose its oppressive logic and contrary to the inalienable principle of self-determination; We’ve even seen it recently in the ridiculous rhetoric against the values ​​of Pride which accompanied the reactivation of the war a Europe and we see it in the infamous setback of the United States for the right to abortion.

Let us not be distracted and deceived by rhetoric: we know very well that behind every war and every choice that affects the freedom of the people lie economic interests, geopolitical ambitions and partisan opportunisms.

Pride embodies the movement towards one new realityin which the fabulous multiformity of identities and existence, with all the differences that make us who we are, is the resource to take advantage of to heal and rebuild.

Pride is on you, no matter who you are and who you love … So listen now and join us

We are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, aromatic, pansexual, polyamorous, non-binary, gender fluid, drag queen and drag king … We are black, Asian and Latino people, serokinetic people. , the poor, sex workers, migrants, gypsies, synths and hikers …

We are many, too many, one multifaceted community impossible to enumerate whole.

We are anyone who is on the fringes of society and we fight to assert our existence, to take what we deserve.

We feel a responsibility to build a new world suitable for people with any disability or neurodivergence.

We are organized into groups, associations, unions, occupied social spaces, cultural clubs, choirs, theater companies …

We want to develop in our non-standard forms and inhabit collective spaces with our bodies, all correct and perfect, as they are, as we want them.

We want transgender people to always be respected, whether or not they are medicalized or operated on.

There law 164/82 it needs to be updated urgently as it does not focus on self-determination of one’s own body and mental and physical health. Even in the legal realm we are still overdetermined and humiliated by those who believe they can decide our lives.

We want bisexuals and pansexualities to be fully recognized as orientations in all aspects and in all their facets and to be given space for self-representation.

We want to overcome the strictly binary view of gender identities and for non-binary identities to be fully accepted in our cultural conception.

We are the here I am and the future write.

We know what we want and we are the prospect of a just and supportive tomorrow. To the supposed inevitability of history, we oppose our irreducible struggle. And we will make the utopia a reality.

We want to break established patterns.

We have new rules to establish, new forms of relationship to affirm.

We want to break the dominant narrative that speaks for us and about us. We want the ways in which we define and explain ourselves not to be overdetermined, as well as the way we present and express ourselves.

We believe in social justice and peace.

We believe in the secular state and anti-fascism.

We want disarmament and international cooperation to end all conflicts.

We stand by the oppressed peoples and those who fight against those who invade their territories. Wars are the choice of power and the devastation of peoples. We know and reject the patriarchal logic of war and nationalisms.

We take sides, in particular, next to the Ukrainian people which resists.

And we are with the Russian people fighting against an authoritarian and repressive government.

There pandemic it reminded us of our fragility, the vulnerability of our human imperfection. But we have learned and we know that we can only be saved together.

We need to regain a sense of community and mutual support. We believe in the close relationship between us and everything around us.

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