There are categories in football

And ours is getting lower and lower.

To think that on the eve of the match between Germany and Italy the German press was the most critical and concerned makes you think. Everything went well for us (the perfect way not to look reality in the face, but we’ll be back soon) while his doubts about Flick and gloomy predictions about his team were squandered: The National Flick team has a problem but no one wants to admit itwrote the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of the most important newspapers in Germany), continuing: “the selection goes round and round. There is a risk of losing your sense of direction“. It is still: a victory over Italy would be a real success for Germany (…) Those who do not discover the hopes of a football match against Italy and continue to speak with confidence about the world title as a goal, are already laying the groundwork for new disappointments. ”

“Whoever says that wins best nationals they are still or are still a natural thing in Germany, you have to deal with that statement. “

We do not want to venture into the merits of reflection Mannschaftwe only allow ourselves to correct the German press in one detail: Italy is not among the “best nationals”, perhaps. And there will be a reason to talk about winning a World Cup that we, for the second time in a row and after the elimination with Northern Macedonia (again, Northern Macedonia), will see on television. Here, on the other hand, a couple of worthy races in the League of Nations were enough to forget the blue collapse, the real national sports drama we experienced a few months ago.

We had written it on several occasions, not to act against and criticize the media waves as usual, but out of absolute conviction: the recent exaltation of Italy was not only ridiculous but counterproductive. Apart from the Gnonto-mania, which returns the image of our sports narrative and then, fortunately, was retracted by the newspapers themselves, it was the whole score that was detonated: the apology of the green line of the azzurri, for the newly inaugurated youth course. de Mancini; and with that the compliments after the tie with Germany, the victory with Hungary (not even Brazil) and the tie with England (knocked down yesterday at home by the same Hungarians 0-4).

If you continue to see a glass with two full or half-full drops of water, the search for a solution will be automatically turned off, the disturbance needed to start over. On the other hand, revolutions have always been made in history when there is no bread; I we don’t realize that football really lacks bread. In recent days someone has given us defeatists, even though we are enemies of the nation we are rowing against them in time of war. It is exactly the opposite: only by addressing the issue – with the clear awareness of now representing a provincial football, of being clearly inferior to the “best national teams” and in fact having one of the poorest Italian national teams in history – will it be possible . identify solutions and act accordingly.

Not in vain, and once again, after the elimination with Macedonia nothing has been done. Nothing at all.

At least after Sweden, a bit of dust arose, the B teams were inaugurated (obviously the letter and the dead reform). Not this time. And if the so-called “reforms” have not been made – in any case, from the obligation to make more Italians play to a reform of the youth sectors, from the abolition of the growth decree to investments in personnel and infrastructures, etc. – is also for the stupidly enthusiastic attitude of the press and our football executives, to whom a victory in the League of Nations is enough to restart justice and forget all the profound analyzes (with proposals for related revolutions) that had advanced a few months earlier. Enough, you can’t go on like this.

Meanwhile, humiliation after humiliation, the awareness that ours is growing in the Italians Nacional follows the inclined plan of our championship, slowly sinking into smaller Europe. This was confirmed by the lessons of Argentine and German football, and yesterday’s symbolic 5-0, later transformed into 5-2, which was the first defeat in an official match in the 90th minute against Germany. But we, here, are always ready to turn the corner: if until yesterday the League of Nations was a competition with its own dignity, today that has matured a catastrophically historic result is worthless. In the words of Mancini: “This does not frustrate our path. And there will be evenings like that others“It’s good to know. Which path is unknown, as if letting the” young “play play would open a path in itself. But now it’s words in the wind. Better to wait for miracles, to which we Italians are so accustomed.

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