The Easter Eggs and the references that appear in the second episode of the Marvel Studios series


In dialogue with Bruno Carrelli (Matt Lintz), Kamala Says “I tried to shrink, fly and talk to the ants, but nothing.In addition to being a tribute to the powers of Scott Lang alias Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), this is a clear reference to the comics of the House of Ideas since Mrs. Marvel not only has the ability to make your body bigger, self-regenerate and take on the appearance of other people, but it is also able to shrink just like the ant man.

Mrs. Marvel


Bruno:Why do you think you have the powers of Ant-Man?

Kamala:Because we are both lovely and look much younger.

Kamala’s response is a clear metanarrative reference that pays homage one of the most popular memes about Paul Rudd. Despite being 53 years old, the Ant-Man performer came in Marvel Cinematic Universe seems at least 15 years younger than his chronological age, with social people always fascinated by how little the actor’s appearance has changed since his film debut in Girls in Beverly Hills (1995) and that he is always trying to understand what is the secret of his eternal youth.


At the beginning of the episode, Zoe christens the superhero who saved herAvengerCon with nickname “Night light“(“Night light“), Clear reference to the identity of Night monkey. For those who don’t remember, a Spider-Man: Away from home (2019) Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) tries to make his new girlfriend believe anyway, Betty Brant (Angourie Rice) that there is a European version of the Webweave named “Simi Nocturnes“To protect the identity of Peter Parker (Tom Holland). On the occasion of the debut of the cinecomic of Jon Watts in home video, however, Sony Pictures premiered the fictional trailer of a movie dedicated to the night monkey that contains all the scenes with the costume Sigil for Spidey.


In one scene, Zoe talks to her classmates about the AvengerCon incident, saying she felt safe after being surrounded by a “beautiful white lightThis attitude of the character towards the superhero is a tribute to the comic strip written by G. Willow Wilson, in which Zoe begins to idolize Mrs. Marvel for saving her.

Mrs. Marvel Mrs. Marvel Mrs. Marvel


Exactly what happens in the pages of Mrs. Marvel Vol.3 # 5Kamala asks her best friend to better understand the nature and workings of her new superhero powers testing their limits and capabilities.

Mrs. Marvel


Looks like your power doesn’t come from the bracelet. It comes from within you. As if she had a bracelet unlocked your power.

The most important revelation of the episode concerns the nature of Kamala Khan’s powers in the Marvel movie universe which, contrary to what many have hypothesized, it does not come from the bracelet sent to him by his grandmother but from within.. Although it is still early to understand the origins of his skills recently Sana Amanat revealed that the powers of Ms. Marvel are “related to the start of something on the MCUThe producer declined to provide further details on the significance of the statement, adding that she and the lead writer Bisha K. Ali saw this creative choice as an opportunity to link Kamala’s powers to her cultural identity: “What makes their powers unique and special is this they don’t come from your bracelet, but from something bigger and much more personal. This has a considerably greater impact, at least from my point of view, on Kamala’s history.

Mrs. MarvelMrs. Marvel

In another interview granted to Erik Voss from We RockstarsBesides, Adil El Arbi I Billal Fallahdirectors of the first episode and the end of Mrs. Marvelspoke of the changes made to Kamala Khan’s powers from the House of Ideas comics, implying that Kamala’s powers at MCU are in an evolutionary phase and we have not yet seen their final form.:

Fallah: “When we approached the project, its powers were described as ‘solid light’ [nella sceneggiatura] and with the production team and the visual effects team we were really looking forward to capturing the spirit of the comic. So there are still aspects of the powers he has in comics, such as his hand getting bigger or when he doesn’t control his powers, which represents the teenager’s changing and growing body. But, you know, following the episodes [Kamala] will gain more and more control over their powers …

El Arbi: “It will evolve …”

Fallah: “… And in the last episode there will be serious things. “


During this sequence, Bruno wears sunglasses that look like spectacle frames EDIT (acronym for “Even dead I am the hero“or”Even dead I am the hero“), An advanced artificial intelligence system created by Toni Stark giving access to the global satellite network providing an arsenal of missiles and drones in case of possible threats to Earth. This beautiful Easter egg connects with Kamala’s best friend’s passion for MCU scientists.

Mrs. Marvel


So could it come from Asgard? Am I related to Thor?

Kamala speculates that he is from Asgard – celestial kingdom and home of the Asgardians – and relate to it Thorthe God of Thunder played by Chris Hemsworth which we shall soon see Thor: Love and thunder from Taika Waititi.

Mrs. Marvel


Please let me go. You have to let me go.

During this sequence the sacrifice made by Natasha Romanoff alias Black widow (Scarlett Johansson) on the planet Vormir en Avengers: Endgame (2019) to obtain the Gem of the soul. In fact, during training, Kamala asks Bruno to let go of his hand and let it go the same way he went into the blockbuster Antoni I Joe Russo.

Mrs. Marvel


In one scene Kamala e Nakia Bahadir (Yasmeen Fletcher) performs the Wudua traditional Muslim rite that involves washing body parts to purify oneself and maintaining good physical and spiritual hygiene before praying.

Mrs. Marvel

Some may have been surprised or confused by the lack of explanation in this scene but, as the director recently stated Adil El Arbi and by the lead writer Bisha K. Alithe goal of the series ’creative team was give a more authentic and realistic view possible of the rituals and celebrations of this community while trying not to be didactic or forced with explanations.:

El Arbi: “We try to be as authentic and realistic as possible, and the characters do not explain what it means. That’s what we wanted to do with this show. “

Wings:I am very suspicious of justifications, of being didactic and of explaining things openly. I much prefer a place to make it clear who Kamala is as a person. The celebrations and events we see in the series, and the way she interacts with elements of her community, they represent the daily life of an American girl. “


Another scene almost identical to Ms.’s comedy series. G. Willow Wilson ‘s Marvel is the moment when Kamala and Nakia interrupt the sermon of theImam. It is even necessary to report the presence of two girls with the intention of secretly using their mobile phones just like in comics.

Mrs. Marvel

Mrs. Marvel


Also in the Marvel movie universe Islamic mosque from Jersey City is managed by Sheikh Abdullah (Laith Nakli) just like in the comics. Created by G. Willow Wilson e Adrian Alfona in 2014 and introduced in Ms. wonder Vol.3 # 3Sheikh Abdullah often acts as a support figure for Kamala Khan, listening to the girl in times of trouble and giving her valuable and wise advice.


In one scene Kamala, Nakia and Bruno go to the party at Zoe Zimmer (Lauren Marsden) and at one point the protagonist is offered drink a fruit juice that unknowingly contains vodka. This moment is almost identical to what happens in the pages of Mrs. Marvel Vol.3 # 1.

Mrs. Marvel


In the party scenes, Kamala wears a hat of leather identical to that which wears its comic version in the career of G. Willow Wilson.

Mrs. Marvel


In the second episode of Mrs. Marvel There are several tributes to Indian culture that include references to:

Sweet Shop Boyship hop group, formed by rappers Heems I Rice MCwith the manufacturer Redinho. A curiosity: Riz MC is actually the stage name of Riz Ahmedbest known for playing Bodhi Rook en Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) i Carlton Drake / Riot en I will see (2018) and for his extraordinary performance in Sound of metal (2019).

Baazigara 1993 Indian romantic thriller directed by Abbas-Mustan and starring Sha Rukh Khan. The film, centered on a man trying to avenge the fall of his family and inspired by the novel A kiss before he dies from Ira Levinis considered a cult a India and he is still remembered today for the huge commercial success he had at the box office when it came out.

DDLJo Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (in Italian The brave will take the bride), a 1995 Indian film directed by Aditya Chopra as well as one of Bollywood’s greatest hits.


Another reference to Indian culture is represented by the frequent mentions of Sha Rukh Khan. The latter, also known as SRKis an Indian actor, film producer and television presenter who often appears on the list of most influential people of Indian culture and entertainment industry in India. In an interview Sana Amanatco-creator of Ms. Marvel and executive co-producer of the show even joked that if he depended on her, would convert the series from scratch to insert a cameo of the actor: “If Shah Rukh Khan wants to be in this series, we will shoot it again! We will definitely be back in production for it! Call someone!

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