Students do not move to the school in the village of Sforzacosta well for first grade

MACERATA – After escaping the danger, the “Natali” school in Sforzacosta will still have a first year in the next school year 2022-23. At this time, next year the confirmation of the formation of a first class at the “Natali” school in Sforzacosta will arrive again, at the end of a period of great uncertainty and fibrillation in the families of the village. of the outskirts of capital and political controversies that had been raised by many sides.

Recall that in recent weeks, in fact, the hypothesis of the suppression of the class within the primary school that is part of the comprehensive institute “Vincenzo Monti” of Pollença was issued and this had alarmed many parents who s ‘they risked having to bring their children. elsewhere.

The families had also written to the mayor and president of the province, Sandro Parcaroli, to ask for an intervention in the provincial office of the school and to avoid the risk of a class suppression that would have created many inconveniences to the families. The Sforzacosta school, in fact, had recently undergone a profound process of updating and restructuring by the City of Macerata and today the building is equipped with a gym, state-of-the-art computer systems, library, spacious and bright classrooms. , without forgetting the presence and importance of a large enclosed garden where to carry out outdoor activities. Just a year ago, the City Council itself had invested 130,000 euros to apply the thermal layer to the building, which allowed for high energy efficiency.
After a series of meetings that saw the collaboration between the City Council (in addition to Mayor Parcaroli, Councilor Paola Pippa was also interested) and the Province (in the person of the councilor responsible for the school network, Laura Sestili) with the manager of the Provincial School Office Roberto Vespasiani and the director of the institute “Monti” Catia Scattolini the danger has been avoided and, also in the next school year, the school ” Natali “will have her first class. “Cutting a class would have run the risk of a future closure of the school,” said provincial councilor Laura Sestili, “and that would have been a big mistake, for the time being, because the school is in full swing. resources. and it satisfies the needs of those who have chosen it and, both for the future, because in a fraction like Sforzacosta the possibility of having a valid reality with an expandable potential, with dining room, urban services and another requested by the community of the town ”.
The interrogators
The debate on the risk of cutting classes before primary school was also ignited in the city council, thanks to a question presented by the leader of the Democratic Party, Narciso Ricotta, who had asked the municipal administration to be accountable for the activities launched to avoid this hypothesis. One issue, the windy suppression of the class before the primary of Natali, in which the municipal administration was committed and activated immediately because if there had been this cut, it would have endangered the same existence of the school in addition to frustrating the work. carried out by the City Council in the building that houses the Sforzacosta primary that has been the subject of extraordinary consolidation and maintenance interventions and its failure and full use would have made the many resources that those interventions required and that today make it a of the safest in Macerata, they would have been spent unnecessarily. The same Councilor for Public Works, Andrea Marchiori, had remarked to the town council that “the Sforzacosta hamlet has the right to have a primary school, both because of the continuity with the nursery school in via Liviabella, and because many families have children in both schools, and otherwise they would run into significant organizational problems and inconveniences without this opportunity. ”Now the good news that calms the minds of families and city administrators.


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