“Sport saved my life.” Ana Fidelia Quirot’s visit to Co-Ro is exciting and thrilling

CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO – «And in short, it is useless to ask ourselves why, but life cannot be perfect. It is useless to complain, what we have to learn is to help others, to understand that it is not just you who suffers. I’m 32, I want to get to the Atlanta Olympics and that’s it. It is January 23, 1993 when Ana Fidelia Quirot, one of the great stars of international athletics, is hit by a kitchen stove explosion and suffers third-degree burns in 38% of the world. Two years later she became world champion in the 800, silver in the 1996 Games and then again number one on the planet in Athens.

The initial statement will be made public by Quirot herself, yesterday visiting Corigliano-Rossano, during an emotional interview with journalist Emanuela Audisio.

The former Cuban long-distance runner and sprinter, two-time world champion and silver medalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in the 800-meter dash, brought school students together in the Red Room of the Palazzo San Bernardino. locals, FIDAL technicians and enthusiasts and curious about athletics, which Quirot has been able to embody perfectly, becoming a symbol of that Italy-Cuba link that has always been alive.

The meeting is the basis of a conference: “The importance of sport in Cuba and in the world: methodological experiences compared to Fidal Calabria and Local Administrations” and had the strong support of Fidal Calabria, chaired by Vincenzo Caira and the Head of the Regional Master. Gianfranco Milanese, coordinator of the sporting and cultural event, immediately found an answer for the municipal administration of Corigliano-Rossano and the mayor, Flavio Stasi, with the collaboration of the Rotary Club Corigliano Rossano. – Sibaris and the National Association of Friendship Italy – Cuba, led by Pino Scarpelli.

The champion, visibly moved and grateful for her hospitality, immediately expressed enthusiasm for the presence of the many young people who came to the Red Room, inviting them to take advantage of the endless opportunities offered by the sport. He did not hold back even from the most difficult questions, those referring, in fact, to the domestic accident that happened to him, the loss of the daughter he was carrying in his womb at that time, the operations he underwent, the visit of Fidel Castro in the hospital. He spoke of the excellence of Cuban medicine, of the toughness of training, of the strength he had to find within himself. “Sport saved my life.” She was a deputy in Cuba, where women have equal opportunities and strongly claim their role. “During the pandemic, he says, many Cuban researchers worked to find the vaccine.” “In Cuba,” he says, returning to the subject of sports, “the coach is seen as a life counselor, as a father. But we must not forget the study, which is very important. It is difficult to reconcile competitive sport and study, but we can and must do it. “

At the opening of the meeting greetings from the mayor Flavio Stasi: «I am happy to be here with Ana Fidelia Quirot, champion of sport and life, to underline the importance of Sport as a bearer of values ​​and a moment of coexistence, in a period of restart. In a first table with the sports associations, from which the Corri e Cammina per la Pace was born, in the next few days others will follow, to organize the marathon Dall’Orologio al Castello and the sports Sundays in the city, with the track for athletics. The municipality of Corigliano-Rossano will always be present and available for this type of initiative. I thank the President of Fidal Calabria, Vincenzo Caira, Gianfranco Milanese, contact person of the Master Fidal, President of the Asd CorriCastrovillari, the President of the Rotary Club Corigliano-Rossano “Sybaris”, Pino Scarpelli, National Director of Friendship Italy / Cuba and Professor Carmelo Sanzi ».

Also present by the City Councilor Damiano Viterittithat as a practicing athlete, in his speech he referred to the founding values ​​of sport – friendship, respect, sacrifice, merit – and the councilor, Liliana Zangaro.

The regional president of Fidal, Vincenzo CairaHe stressed how the city of Corigliano-Rossano has shown, thanks to Mayor Stasi, a real openness to athletics, while reporting on the greetings of the National Friendship Association Italy – Cuba, the President Pino Scarpellirecalled Giovanni Panettiere, the young entrepreneur who has always been close to social values, who tragically died. Gianfranco MilaneseHead of FIDAL’s Regional Master’s Sector, spoke about athletics and the need for it to sprout with structures suitable for Corigliano-Rossano, who could boast of so many champions. Francesco LassoRotary President highlighted the values ​​of sport, for sociality and peace

– source in the Corigliano-Rossano press release

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