“Sport is making its way,” public notice for the use of public green areas

The interim manager of the City and Territory Promotion Sector announces that:
– By virtue and for the purposes of the Provincial Law no. 33 of December 4, 2006 and subsequent amendments and additions, relating to “Rules for the development of sport for all”;
– according to the modalities provided for by current municipal regulations;
– as established by GC Resolution no. 113 of 09.06.2022, relating to “Political-administrative domicile of the municipal initiative called” Sport opens the way “2022 edition addressed to operators in the sports sector for the use of public green areas in summer”

This Administration intends
– promote the municipal initiative called “LO SPORT SI FA STRADA”, with the aim of recognizing and enhancing the sporting experiences of the area, activating a “community restitution” of gratitude to those operators who make sports activities their social mission, and which were penalized by restrictive public health protection measures taken during the pandemic period;
– promote access to sport for all segments of the city’s population and make public spaces live in the name of well-being and socialization;
– offer the greatest availability of public spaces in a coordinated and organized manner to encourage compliance with existing distance measures;
– Contribute, albeit in the economic constraints of our body, also through the availability of public goods made up of green areas, to encourage the relaunch of social activities, following the restart plan prepared by the Italian government and following the directives of the community European;


Free-use urban green areas are those listed in the list of green areas (Appendix B of this Notice), except for the Urban Hygiene, Landscape, Mobility and Traffic, Urban Decoration, Tendering and Sector Sector. Public Works. , Extraordinary and ordinary maintenance, School building, Infrastructures, Expropriation, Heritage.


– Availability is limited to the days and times provided for the green areas under management and, in any case, in time slots that do not disturb public tranquility (between 7 and 12 and between 17 and 22) , and comply with regulations. in force for noise emissions and the protection of public peace;
– The free use of these zones and schedules includes the use of the same, but not the service of cleaning and / or disinfection of the mentioned environments;
– Users are obliged to take out a specific insurance policy that indemnifies the City Council from any damage to people or things that fall within the scope caused during or depending on the use;
– The activities scheduled with the quibus initiative must take into account any temporary unavailability of the parks where they can be used for events and / or exhibitions authorized by this body;
– within the green area, the parts of the park intended for sports activities must be identified and limited in order to allow citizens to use the park at the same time and guarantee its public use;
– At the end of the use, the area must be left free and clean of waste or any material and / or tool used during the activities;
– The use of the spaces is subject to the commitment to comply with current regulations for the prevention of Covid infection19. Each applicant, therefore, must also provide for compliance with the use of their own staff (employee or volunteer).

Authorized persons may use the said areas on the agreed dates and times, in the period June-October 2022, a period set by GC resolution no. 113 of 09.06.2022.

The possibility of using it in the form and terms set by the office, in the event of non-compliance with the obligations contracted or due to the needs and assessments of the Administration in the pursuit of the general interest, may be modified or suspend as needed.

Sub-concession of the area is not allowed, neither for free nor for a fee.


Entities in the sports sector, amateur sports clubs (ASD / SSD) and amateur sports clubs operating in the territory of the municipality of Andria are admitted, as well as parish oratories, which intend to promote the outdoor sports, as long as they comply with the regulations in force on the issue of containment of the current Covid19 contagion.

In relation to the spaces subject to free use, the subjects authorized or authorized to perform:
– various sports activities as long as they are compatible with the green areas of the city, object of this Notice, not subject, by their nature or specificity, to authorizations under the responsibility of other municipal dependencies.

Users of these public spaces, in the event that they are required by current legislation, must comply with the provisions of the Decree of the Ministry of Health of 26 June 2017 (Guidelines for the supply and use of semi-automatic defibrillators). and any other rescue device of amateur sports associations and clubs) and to which art. 7, section 11 of Legislative Decree 158/2012 converted with modifications by Law 189/2012, which communicates the names of members in possession of a valid BLS-D certificate, as well as the possession of a defibrillator. semi-automatic or other service life. savings device.


The public administration aims to listen to the requests and stimulate others in the community, preferring organic forms of collaboration in the use of public spaces, which through the practice of sport work creatively to develop proposals capable of declining some of the following keywords: COMMITMENT, SACRIFICE, INCLUSION, GROUP SPIRIT, EXERCISE OF LIVING.

To this end, the interested parties must submit a specific application in the form and within the time limits provided for in the following art. 5.

In the event that two or more associations express their interest in carrying out simultaneously and in the same place, they will be invited by the “Service for the Promotion and Dissemination of Sport” to negotiate a negotiation to define the programming of the proposed activities.

The applications received will be examined by the “Service for the Promotion and Dissemination of Sport” which, having verified their admissibility and completed any negotiations, according to the previous paragraph, will draw up the proposed programming of the activities and send it to “Environment “. Urban Hygiene, Landscape, Mobility and Viability, Urban Decoration, Tenders “and” Public Works, Extraordinary and Ordinary Maintenance, School Building, Infrastructures, Expropriation, Heritage “, for the fulfillment of its competence.

The proposed activities cannot start before the definition of the calendar by the competent Sectors.


Applications for participation in this Announcement, drafted in the specific form (Annex A) prepared by the City and Territory Promotion Sector, must be submitted by certified e-mail to the following address: [email protected] , no later than 2:00 pm on 6/20/2022.

The Administration reserves the right to reopen the terms of this Notice for the submission of new applications for participation, or to republish them in a later period.

The following documentation must be attached to the application:
– Copy of the identity document of the legal representative of the applicant;
– Copy of the deed of incorporation of the association or sports club;
– List of the total number of members with evidence of residents in the municipality of Andria;
– Copy of the documents accrediting the sectorial activity developed in the last three years; (optional)
– Copy of the documents accrediting any registration in championships, tournaments and other competitive or promotional events held in the last three years; (optional)
– copy of the collaboration project between aggregate and inclusion realities; (optional)
– Names of staff in possession of the current BLS-D certificate and declaration of proof of the presence of the owner / s during the activities to be carried out (if they are subject to obligation).
– substitute declaration in accordance with Legislative Decree 159/2011 made by the legal representative;


Likewise, for the purposes of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, and subsequent modifications, that the personal data of the competitors and the other members of the association, collected and kept by the City Council, will be used, even with computer tools, exclusively for the purposes for which refers to this Public Notice. .

The City Council reserves the right to carry out all checks aimed at verifying the veracity and correctness of the information provided and to request at any time the documentation relating to the requirements and conditions declared.

Anything not expressly provided for in this announcement refers to the rules and regulations mentioned above

The head of the procedure is Dr. Vincenzo Rutigliano, Head of Service of the OP of the Promotion Sector of the City and Territory, responsible only for activities related to the “Service for the Promotion and Dissemination of Sport”.

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