Sport, Anaoai: here is “Sportiamo”, the project dedicated to health and entertainment

From sailing to cycling to tennis – everyone has their own discipline. The project, presented today at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. An online form and questionnaire to receive expert advice

ROME – Promote sport and ensure that everyone can find the sport that most closely resembles it, broadening their horizons, investing in their own health and personal satisfaction. The SporTiAmo project, created by the commendable association Anaoai (National Association of Olympic and Azzurri Athletes of Italy) with the support of Sport and Health, was born with this goal, because it is never too late or too early to play sports. or embark on a new adventure, approaching a new discipline.

The project, presented today at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, involved the creation of an online sports guidance service, an easy-to-use tool available on the Sport and Health portal. By filling out a form and a questionnaire that can be downloaded from the website (, the user can receive information from an expert to choose the ideal discipline to undertake for fun, Health. and physical and mental well-being.

From motorsport to sailing, from cycling to tennis, to hockey, fencing, surfing, trampoline and many more: 64 related disciplines and specialties analyzed, which provide useful information for individual choices with a focus in costs, facilities, facilities, tips and features. and also providing a summary of the figures.

To this end, a Scientific Commission was set up to draw up a personal data and evaluation form, which was then disseminated to the 50 sections of Anaoai throughout the country.

By sharing the main themes of the project on social media, it has been possible to obtain greater immediacy in communication, focusing on the organic growth of views, likes and coverage.

At the moment, there are more than 600 questionnaires examined (61% men, 39% women). 28% are under 30 years old, 47% are people between 30 and 64 years old, 25% are over 64 years old. In terms of geographical origin, 44.8% of people live in central-southern Italy, 30% in the northwest, 27% in the northeast and only 0.2% in the south. ‘foreigner.

100% of people said they had exercised in the past, 89.5% still do, as opposed to the remaining 10.5%. Smoking, alcohol and coffee are the other indices of analysis of the subjects. The data show that in the Northeast only 2.5% of the population has abandoned sports activity, while the rate is growing in the Northwest (18%) and the Center-South (20%).

Men who practice a discipline currently are slightly more than women (the biggest difference is in the Northeast, 16%). Athletics, fitness, walking and cycling are the most popular activities.

“We decided to do an examination of 64 sports,” said the president of Anaoai, a former swimming champion journalist, Novella Calligaris, at the press conference, giving all the basic information, so how to do it, where to do it, how much do it. the cost of activities and equipment. And we gave advice. We involved the Scientific Committee: I thank Dr. Antonio Spataro, Maria Luisa Sette and Francesca Base who wrote a questionnaire that we disseminated through our sections “.

“The latter,” he continued, “allowed us to collect 700 interviewees in less than a month, a great result. The results are very interesting. It will be important to enrich this survey with Sport and Health, perhaps also adding some demonstration videos about the activities.” “I want to thank Valentina Vezzali, who is above all a friend, and she gave me a big boost in this new role.

“A big thank you also to Vito Cozzoli – he finally stated – who believed in us in a complex situation: we inherited some projects and made them operational.”

Vito Cozzoli himself, President of Sport and Health, has been enthusiastic about the project: “They have something to say. They have experience, lived life, history and a role model. What Anaoai gives us today is important because of the importance of the message, a fundamental message.”

“We supported and funded this research because the sport has to work together and this is a virtuous model that we are experimenting with, also to ensure that our contributions go to useful activities. This study opens our eyes and it shows us that many people are not affected by sport. The idea of ​​well-being is endangered by chronic phenomena for the population, such as sedentary lifestyles, smoking and alcohol consumption. “

“Minister Speranza told us that sport is health, so we must promote all actions to achieve this goal, even with new techniques, technologies, applications and social networks. These are unacceptable data for “In a country like ours, which has 25 million people who are overweight or obese, it costs 2.5 billion for our health care system, but it’s also a quality of life problem.”

“These data will be made available to the political decision-maker. We need to intercept some trends in this historical phase, I am thinking about outdoor sports and sports tourism. sport that grows through school, culture but also through those over 65. We unite to achieve this goal. This association with its activity promotes the value of sports activity and for that I thank you. “

“Thanks to this analysis,” said Valentina Vezzali, Undersecretary of State in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers responsible for Sport in the government of Draghi, “we have an image of the practice of sport in our territory. I think it is useful to start “We need to work to take ad hoc measures and intervene in this regard to have a more ingrained sports culture in our country.”

“Since I was an athlete,” Vezzali recalled during his speech, “I’ve always talked about a lack of sports culture in our country, and it started in school, because if teachers consider sport a different subject than others and put athletes in a position to have to choose between study and sport, we start from a wrong sports culture “.

“Since I took office, I have learned that in our country we are in fifth place in number of athletes. An alarming figure, because we are very good at winning medals but Italians do not play sports. So. We Italians are sedentary and have habits that have worsened with the pandemic period, which has led us to think more. sports activity “.

“I am not surprised by the result, even though we have been among the top 10 Olympic medalists since 1996. These results after the pandemic have had a positive impact on the younger ones, who have chosen to approach a discipline to emulate their heroes and pursue a dream, to become champions.Physical activity is key to reducing national health spending and this is a good reason to encourage grassroots sport and feed nurseries of the different disciplines “, he concluded. (TO SAY)

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