Serie B football, Perugia has a new general manager: Attilio Matarazzo

Perugia continues to change its skin. After Comotto’s farewell, which came just days after the championship ended, here’s a manager with extensive marketing experience to hold the position of general manager. Its identikit corresponds to that of Attilio Matarazzooriginally from Benevento, who will be in charge of the purely organizational aspects of the Pian di Massiano club.

His resume is quite important, as he held the position of head of the marketing sector and the commercial area in the Serie B League and before that at Benevento Calcio. He is now ready to live another chapter of his professional history.

I start an adventure different from the recent past – thus begins the new entry of the company in white and red- I consider myself lucky because I immediately felt at home. I have seen many matches of Perugia, which has had an exciting season and some matches have been very pleasant to watch. The credit goes to the person in charge of starting the engine, that is, to the non-protonist actors whose work is decisive in the functioning of society. There is an organizational machine that needs to be managed. Mine is a somewhat particular way of working: I hope we can also do roundtables with the press. Sometimes the comparison can be useful for everyone. I am very happy, I thank the Holy Father for always believing in me. We delayed the officer because he had Series A proposals, but I chose Perugia, I repeat, because I feel at home.“.

Matarazzo then clarified that “to be able to give a lot but without going into the technical discourse. We know we have to prepare for a new kind of football, as there will be eight foreign-owned teams“.

In addition, on the relationship with Santopadre: “In Lega it is a volcanic. He always says what he thinks, that he can do both good and evil. But if there have been changes, it is their merit. He is popular with employees because he is always ready to defend everyone“.

On the role of marketing and its influence: “We closed the contract with Ami (virtual games) and Massimiliano was the first to believe it. We have to please the fans because I see that, especially the younger ones, they are moving away. There are too many controls and they are treated like criminals. This is a trend that needs to be reversed“.

So is it more important to sell the product of football or the city? “I think we need a network between the city and society. We need a union and that’s how we would sell them both. Then we have to understand what we want to do for the stadium, a very important business card“.

Finally, the first goal is: “We need to start thinking about what we can do to improve what we are doing“.


Even the president Massimiliano Santopadre he wanted to attend the conference, first explaining the reasons for his choice: “I thank Comotto for what he has done for this club and where he has taken us. The skills he did not have were decisive. We have known Attilio for ten years and he was one of the organizational and marketing managers of Benevento Calcio. Let’s not forget he had other proposals“.

Unable to address coach topic: “Beavers will bring us experience and a great knowledge of B, which is crucial to me. We also wanted to continue to give continuity to the three-man defense, which had given us the most important certainties. Not to mention the great private relationship with the coach: when he beat us with Trapani I discovered a man of great professionalism and values ​​such as honesty. At that moment I thought I would call him sooner or later“.

About Alvini it doesn’t go very lightly: “They tell you the options when they are decided. A real Greek cry. The more you go, the more you lose values ​​like passion, pride, keeping what you say. On one side in rivers, on the other you are injured. We are Perugia and it must be respected, otherwise a negotiation is made and if not, you can stay for two years. You can’t always lose something you don’t want to lose“.

Finally, the subscription campaign: “It should be released at the end of the month, between June 27 and July 4/5. We are trying to understand the evolution of the works and Covid, which we hope will be left behind. We must act with reason: “The passion of the people is something to start again:” In May I saw a great awakening of the Italian stadiums and not only in the cartel matches. I hope people want to be close to the live team again. We should play on Saturdays and Sundays because there would be more shares, that’s what the TVs should understand“.

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