Sentenced to 40 years, among the 12-year-old victims of Foggia

Following an important investigative activity, initiated by the Postal Police in September 2020 and concluded in November 2021, the Bari District Prosecutor’s Office collected significant evidence that led to a first-degree conviction and, therefore, , not definitive, against a man of about 40 years, resident in northern Italy, convicted of crimes of sexual violence with the aggravating circumstance of substitution of persons, child pornography, possession of personal material of child pornography.

In the abbreviated trial, recognizing the continuity of cohesion in the commission of the crimes indicated, on June 7 the Gup sentenced the defendant to six years and two months in prison and a fine of 40 thousand euros, in addition to the sentence disabling accessory. from public office and from any office of guardianship, curatorship, support administration or teaching relationship in contact with minors.

Since November 2021, the accused has been in prison, precisely because of the danger encountered during the phase of the investigative activity that revealed a series of activities of seduction, sexual violence and possession of pornographic material. childish, to the detriment of four girls. , minors.

Investigations began in September 2020, when the Foggia Postal Police received a complaint from a father who had found him in the cloud (connected to the shared email account with his 12-year-old daughter), self-produced images with sexually explicit. content. In close connection with the Prosecutor’s Office of the Juvenile Court of Bari, it was discovered that the minor had sent her intimate photos, at the request of her “virtual boyfriend” whom she had met on the well-known social ‘Instagram’. He told him that, despite being from Milan, he lived in Rome, making him believe that he was a youth player of a well-known militant football team in Serie A, sending him a photograph of him in which he was represented with the shirt. of the team.

All the computer data of interest was then acquired, related to the suspicious Instagram account that was constantly monitored: most of the “followers” and “followers” of the profile were in fact girls under 18 years of age. Request behavior has been evaluated. of the man, which could degenerate into much more serious wrongdoing, the Bari court prosecutor’s office delved into the investigation of his “virtual” conduct.

Through the Postal Police, activities of technical electronic interception of the users in use by the suspect were initiated. This made it possible to verify that he, using the same methods, and posing as a youth player of a well-known Serie A football team, had attracted additional underage girls with whom he maintained a virtual relationship. and of which he was sent. self-produced videos and photos of child pornography. In particular, with one of these girls, the suspect had gone far beyond mere “virtual knowledge.” In fact, the interceptions revealed a serious danger of the detainee, discovering that he had gone to the city of residence of the minor, had initially followed him and even photographed.

In view of the seriousness of the evidence, the danger of the suspect making real serial requests to the harassment of possible victims, as well as the urgency of stopping the criminal activity, the Judicial Authority issued a decree house and personal search by the suspect. , carried out on time by Postal and Communications Police personnel in December 2020.

The result of the operations made it possible to find in the address book of the telephones used by the suspect, the users of four minors already identified. The seized devices were then “appraised” confirming the circumstantial sources already collected. The Prosecutor’s Office then proceeded to request an appropriate precautionary measure to prevent more serious consequences, so much so that the Gipi issued a precautionary custody order in prison, which was carried out on November 4, 2021 by personnel. of the Foggia Postal Police section. . .

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