sensational online, Scudetto Milan surpasses Juve and Inter

The May standings reflect the results of the title and title fight in Serie A, but are also affected by the renewed vitality of the Italy brand before the “Grand Final” with Argentina and the League matches. the Nations in June.

Super Milan also online. In April there were conditions, but in May the sensational double overtaking was achieved. The club, deservedly defending champions of Italy by beating Sassuolo away from home, leaving Inter, Napoli and Juve behind in the standings, climbed to the top of the social rankings created by Sensemakers for Primaonline dedicated to football teams in May. .

Domain of Milan

Third in the previous ranking that counts interactions and video views, during the month the Rossoneri club greatly multiplied the interactions (37.3 million, + 191%) produced on different platforms and largely detached Juventus.
Mr.’s team Stefano Pioli also dominates the sub-ranking of video views on Youtube and Facebook with 41.6 million (+ 420%), making the success complete and unquestionable.
No wonder the most watched video is Ibrahimovic’s now iconic speech after the match against Sassuolo: “Milan is not Milan, Italy is Milan”.

Juve, Inter and Roma de Mou

In second place was the former queen, Juventus, but in the process of 21.6 million interactions to 27.6 million last month. Fourth in the league, the old woman greeted two of her great champions at Allianz Stadium. Well, at the party really prepared for Giorgio Chiellini alone, the audience of Juventus and his teammates greeted (and with a few whistles addressed to the directors of the club) a lamentable and affectionate Paulo Dybala, who has not renewed the contract.
In May, Juve also achieved 31.9 million video views and, in addition to being behind Milan, in this additional ranking, it also positioned itself behind Roma (with 37.7 million views video).

Inter were third with 18 million interactions (-7%, second with 19.4 million in April), the ‘magic’ of the Giallorossi jersey was confirmed in fourth place overall, staggering and winning in the era of Jose Mourinho, who also monetized. Tirana’s success in the final of the Conference against Feyenoord online.

The selection returns to the Top Five

Another important news in May is the entry into the top five of the national football team. Italy, with 3.8 million interactions and 1 million video views (+ 302% in interactions and + 226% in video views), in May stepped up its publishing activity ahead of the June races.
The contents shared by the social pages of the azzurri refer mainly to the training sessions held in Coverciano and the preparations for the “Final” Italy-Argentina.

Another protagonist of the month was Salernitana, able to save itself boldly, despite the last defeat: eleventh with 511 thousand interactions, the team of Danilo Iervolino obtained a robust balance + 83% positive for interactions and + 166% for video views, and sent to Cagliari, twelfth (470 thousand interactions) and Genoa, thirteenth, with 437 thousand interactions on the last day of Serie B, which came behind the amaranth team also online.

Best performing publication: the ‘outings’ Ibra, Dybala and Perisic

Rogue nostalgia or at least in the background even in the ranking of best performing publications. The one that reached the highest level of engagement, collecting more than 1.9 million interactions, was the video of Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Alwaiz believes in Ibra) celebrating the Rossoneri championship.
The photo of Dusan Vlahovic and Paulo Dybala at the Stadium after the last of the Argentine champion at home, with Dybala getting excited and touching the Juventus fans, was second for performance in absolute value.

In third place overall follows a Milan stick (photo) celebrating the Scudetto victory. At Juventus, Dybala is the protagonist of the three best performing places.


Although disappointed by the championship final, Inter fans in May were able to console themselves with the victory of the Italian Cup, in addition to beating Juventus. And to this success (two photos and a carousel) that emphasize the victory and the heroes of the cup (and then the performance of Ivan Perisic, a barbecue in Argentina consumed in group) refer to the publications with more performance in the social networks of the nerazzurri. .

Paid partnership: AC Milan dominates with Acqua Lete and Frecciarossa

The record for global interactions on Facebook, which has 65 posts, 12 sponsors including the main Lete, was recorded in May for the post celebrating Milan’s 2-0 victory over Atalanta, with 1,628 million with the copy “The Rossoneri see the sky after defeating the goddess.” Very abundantly below, on the same platform, came the sponsored initiatives of Inter, Rome, Juventus and Naples.

Ranking_Soccer_ Teams_bestpaidpartnership_MAG20221

The record for global interactions on Instagram, with 33 posts, 8 sponsors, of which the main Frecciarossa, with 2,956 million, took home the post that narrates the train journey from Milan to the decisive stage for the ‘Scudetto, with the copy that says’ Destination’. : the final obstacle ”. He also played 1.4 million, with 9 goals and three sponsors, the main one being efootball, the post-Juventus player who immortalized the final defeat of the bianconeri in Genoa.

It is worth noting that two new sponsors entered the ranking of payment associations in May. Both on Facebook and Instagram in collaboration with Inter Nilox, a brand of outdoor technology, appreciated for its products related to high-tech electric mobility on two wheels. Another new Milanese entry, Frecciarossa’s Instagram partnership with Milan. It is interesting to note that while on the one hand the publication of posts sponsored by some clubs such as Milan, Juve and Inter focuses mainly on Facebook, on the other hand the highest level of interactions is reached on Instagram, although with a lower number. than branded publications.


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