Season tickets, from tomorrow until free sale in the available places

The company Via Costadura has published a note to clarify the next steps of the season ticket campaign.

At the end of the period reserved for USLecceProgram Cardholders, as of Thursday, June 16, 2022it will be possible to subscribe to the new season ticket valid for the 19 matches at home of the Serie A 2022/2023 championship, according to the following modalities:


From 10 a.m. on June 16 to 8 p.m. on July 15, 2022
PREPELLATION PLACE for former subscribers 2019/2020
– FREE SALE in available seats not in advance

16 – 17 – 18 – 19 July 2022 – TECHNICAL BREAK

From 10:00 on July 20 to 20:00 on August 5, 2022

AUTHORIZED RESALE in Lecce and its province as well as in the two points of sale of Taranto and San Donaci (see the complete list of POINTS OF SALE on the map)

STADIUM TICKET COORDINATION CENTER temporarily unauthorized for sale to the public. It can be purchased at the STADIO point of sale ground fractional subscriptions through the FINANCING granted by BANCA POPOLARE PUGLIESE.

ON LINE activated (after registering on the site before purchasing – maximum 4 subscriptions). Following the site instructions, a confirmation will be generated after the purchase confirmation no barcode that DO NOT ALLOW access to the stadium but to be used for the withdrawal of the SUBSCRIPTION CARD.

The procedure of buy online for TRADITIONAL Subscription Preference, requires the insertion of the Subscription Code, or Preemption code, which can be obtained from the old subscription. (Preemption code highlighted in yellow).

19/20 season ticket

Enter the number “0” (00000) before the code 5 times and the 7 digits of the subscription code consecutively. For example: (000000173803)

The Preferred Code must be entered twice, also in the “Coupon Code” field, only for the preference of the subscribers of the Upper East Grandstand, who must reconfirm the same sector.

For the prevention of season tickets, which were digitally uploaded in the 2019/2020 season, the season ticket code is identified with the USLecceCard number. For example: 018100002353

Please note that for the renewal of season tickets, both at points of sale and online, it is necessary to be in possession of the old season ticket for the 19/20 season.

LOST SUBSCRIPTION 19/20: it is possible to request the identification data of the old lost card, by sending a whatsapp message together with a declaration of loss at the Box Office number 334 2844565.


From June 20 to August 5 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 – open all day) excluded on 16 – 17 – 18 – 19 July – TECHNICAL REST.

Introduce yourself to the US LECCE Coordination Center Via del Mare Stadium – door no. 3, with proof of purchase online and valid identity document.

Subscriptions may be collected on behalf of third parties with representation and copy of the identity document of the delegate.

SUBSCRIPTIONS LOADED IN DIGITAL TITLES (USLecce or Fidelity Program USLecceCard / Fidelity Card)

Fans who must collect the season ticket purchased online at the Stadium Coordination Center will be able to opt for the issuance of the traditional season ticket (formerly VOUCHER) or digitally uploaded to the USLecce or Fidelity USLeccecard Program (fan card). For USLecce 2021/2022 Program holders, renewal is free (new USLecce Program holders cost € 30.00). The purchase of the USLecceCard loyalty card (fan card), on the other hand, costs € 10.00 (valid for 5 years).

The digital upload procedure is also possible online and at authorized outlets only for fans who already have a valid USLecce 2022/2023 card or the USLecce Fidelity card (support card).

Tickets digitally uploaded during the season may be sold, subject to change of user conditions, only to the cardholders indicated above.

Please note that US Lecce program holders from June 16 to July 15 will be able to regularly renew their season ticket for the 19/20 season using the methods described above.

Those who have renewed their season ticket at the Stadium from June 9 to 14 and who have not received the new card of the free US Lecce program due to technical problems can contact the Stadium Coordination Center on June 20. on 05 August, at the times indicated above with the exception of the days provided for the TECHNICAL EXCHANGE.


Point-of-sale and online season ticket prices are net of Vivaticket service fees equal to € 5.00 per ticket.


Subscribers only for 19/20 of the Upper East Grandstand will be enabled to renew in the same sector (not the seat occupied in the 19/20 season) within the limit of the permitted capacity of 943 seats. As of June 16, 2022 seat selection in this sector will only be possible for other seats that have not been purchased during the June 9-15, 2022 period by US Lecce Program holders.

Renewal can always be done at authorized outlets and online at

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