School and Training in Sicily, so Commissioner Aricò will relaunch the sector

Alessandro Aricò has been appointed new regional councilor for vocational education and training in Sicily. At QdS he anticipated his plans

Alessandro Aricò a week ago it was the new one Councilor for Vocational Education and Training for Sicily. Now it’s up to Roberto Lagalla, the new mayor of Palermo.

We interviewed him.

The relaunch of vocational training

Councilor, how are you doing in this new position?

“I face this new task with determination and enthusiasm, towards sectors that have always been engines in Sicily and that need the appropriate changes that can project them towards more modern models over time. Continuing with the activities carried out by my predecessor in this regard, in the coming months we will try to pay attention to the many instances of the Sicilian school world, both structural and managerial, while relaunching the vocational training sector, completing the reforms already begun. and trying to conclude them at the end of the legislature. “

How do you intend to reactivate education and vocational training, which are essential for the growth of our region?

“As for vocational training, the programming must be executed with the different financial measures available, in which we are already working, taking on the great challenge of the Gol program within the PNR which puts 100 million euros at the disposal of the sector.

We are already working on the 2021/2027 program of the European Social Fund – ESF, of which the Minister of Vocational Training is the managing authority of Sicily.

It is also necessary to relaunch the training system from a managerial and professional point of view. In fact, we are working for the implementation of the “Skills Certification System”, the path of which began in 2013, which will allow many young people who have acquired their skills in the field to be recognized these job skills and professionals and can pass them on to the world of work; At the same time, we are updating the professional profiles provided for in the “Degree Directory”, in order to make them more consistent with the real needs of the world of work.

The procedures for activating the training of the staff of the Register of Trainers, which add up to about 5,000 training workers, are also in an advanced state of definition. A long-awaited path developed in collaboration with Formez that will lead workers to acquire specific skills for school support activities, for surveillance and administrative activities, to promote self-employment and to acquire skills in the green economy and digital sectors, today essential for European programming. and PNR.

School, greater collaboration with the Usr

With regard to the public education sector, in addition to implementing the necessary collaborative relationships with the Regional School Office of Sicily and the Universities, with which the Department maintains frequent contacts for different subjects, we are working on several fronts to better prepare for the next school year. .

In the meantime, I signed the decree for the start of the new school year 2022/2023, which will start on Monday 19 September and end on 10 June. I wanted to adopt this determination, which in recent years had been fixed about a week earlier, precisely because of the peculiarities of Sicily, which in September is still in the middle of the summer season; The Aosta Valley has also decided to adopt the same date.

New educational and training itineraries

We are launching new education and training courses (Iefp), the launch of level I learning courses (for which the Department has committed about 5 million euros), courses of Higher Technical Education ( ITS) with a global economic endowment, between regional funds and Miur. fund, of about 8.5 million euros, the financing of the regional doctoral scholarships in Sicily (for about 3 million euros), we are also initiating the financing for the specialized training in the medical-sanitary area in Sicily through the integration of national resources to support the study through scholarships. to Sicilian university students and implementing the integrated system of education and training from birth to 6 years, a fundamental tool for the training of the new generations who will arrive at primary school with a strong sense of learning “.

Do you have agreements with organizations or other departments to support both sectors?

“I consider that the continuous synergy with the University, the research bodies, the Urs and the territorial departments involved for aspects related to the education and training sector is a fundamental element that can only enrich all content and substance. our activities “.

Students fleeing to other regions

Many young Sicilians prefer other realities, outside our region, also for their university cycle. How to convince them to stay and study in our land?

“To ensure that young people stay here in Sicily, they must be able to meet their expectations regarding the university cycle and specialization of studies. Many of our young people decide to take to the streets because in some cases other regions offer more opportunities to cover their needs, especially postgraduate. I am thinking, for example, of the graduates who have won the scholarship for the specialization in medicine, who are forced to leave for other counties due to the lack of sufficient places in their county. Then, the challenge for the coming months will be to guarantee our young people the right to stay in Sicily, to implement through our funds but also community and state, specialization scholarships and internships as well as master’s degrees at our universities. Achieving these goals, in the presence of a great financial instrument such as the PNRR, is a great bet that we must absolutely win for our young people, for future generations and for our children ”.

The curriculum vitae of the new Commissioner Aricò

Born in 1975, Aricò graduated in Economics and Commerce and at the age of only twenty-two, in 1998, he was elected deputy of Palermo where he held the position of vice-president of the Commission of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Among other things, the election to the municipal council of the Sicilian capital in 2001 where he was immediately leader of the AN and his entry into the Committee on Budgets, Heritage and Finance. Councilor for Sports and Sports Facilities in 20007, the same year he was appointed provincial vice-president of the National Alliance. He was also a councilor for controlled and investee companies and entities in the municipality of Palermo.

Following his election to the Sicilian Regional Assembly in 2008, the President of the Region of Sicily, Raffaele Lombardo, appointed him a member of the Committee of Experts to carry out technical evaluations on the legal scheme relating to fiscal federalism. Subsequently, he was also a member of the Commission for the Review of the Activities of the European Union and Chairman of the Committee for the Review and Implementation of the Statute of the Region.

He was one of the first to join the new civic movement founded by In the Musumeci“It will be beautiful.”

Roberto Pelos

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