satisfaction of manager Brosini. “For the growth and training of our young students”

He Reading projectcoordinated by the teacher Luciana Cuppariis one of the relevant initiatives within the PTOF ofIntegral Institute of Diano Marina. Per train students comprehension of texts and messages from different registers and critical use of information as well develop the pleasure of readingthe intention is directed make the BOOK discover the child who does not readhelp him move from passive reading to active reading, to encourage the discovery of the diversity of reading genres.

Personalities related to children’s fiction intervened in the different complexes to stimulate curiosity in students e involvement by presentation and reading contemporary literary texts and recently published.

The school “Antonio Ferrari ”by Cervoin the Council Chamber of the Municipality, hosted Dr. Antilia Molinarias an actress of the “Lo Spazio Vu” Theater Company of Imperia, who has dedicated an academic yearanimation to the reading of some passages excerpt from The Jungle Book to children in grades 1 ^ -2 ^ -3 ^.

Then the writer intervened Roberto Morgese, teacher, trainer, winner of many awards, including the “Battello a Vapore 2017” award, which offered fourth and fifth graders some passages from The Little Dragon’s Garden and Do the Right, Stimulating. reflections and reflections.

The teacher Giuseppina Gullìa graduate in natural sciences and a retired high school teacher, she presented her second book entitled With Other Eyes …, a journey between reality and fantasy, in different classes, in which he spoke of the animal and plant world from the direct point of view of the protagonists of the stories.

There photo projection taken in nature directly by the author enriched the way in which they arose basic educational elements: el respect for the environment and the ecosystema, the values friendship and of solidarity, acceptance of the differences and the knowledge of biodiversity.

With the collaboration of the Mondadori Library of Imperia, the classes of the plexus of Secondary school from Sant Bartomeu al Mare they met the author Andrea Franzoso, who presented his book Long Live the Constitution. The writer, who deals civics from primary to high school, passing stories and testimonies he effectively illustrated the principles Foundations of the Italian Constitution.

There writer Sara Rattaro ha met the third graders of the IES Diano Marina nin the Council Chamber made available by the City Council, to present his latest novel on the history of Giorgio Perlasca: Miracles exist.

Those in the second year of primary school at the Diano Marina high school have approached the reading the book La Rosa dei Venti of the author imperiese Raffaella Ranise e have participated in an activity related to it.

Students were able to purchase some copies of the book with a free offer at support from the Imperia Handarpermare Volunteer Associationwhich organizes recreational sailing excursions for children with disabilities.

Everyone in the third year of high school met the teacher Alfonsina Sibilla and the representative of the National Association Former deportee to the Nazi camps, Anna Maria Peroglio Biasa (Section ANED Savona-Imperia), regarding the presentation of the book La noia del llaç vermelh. Diary of Maria Musso written by Maria Musso, a village of Diano Marina that lived the horror of the concentration camp in World War II. This time theHistorical Institute of the Resistance of Imperia gave 70 copies of the book to the school.

On the occasion of the “Maggio dei Libri”, in the courtyard of the plexus of the Primary School of Diano Marina sI am engaged in a lively business of Book Crossing in where the students are exchanged books and interacted through comments about them.

The director Dr. Patrizia Brosini Expresses its satisfaction with the project: “I am grateful for the constant commitment of the teachers and the availability of operators of the associations of the territory that collaborate for the growth and training of our young students “.

As a corollary of this literary initiative, the libraries of the various plexuses were stock up on new books.

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