Sabatini, Casaleggio’s partner, destroys Tale in pieces: A great political beacon. He lies and does not pay the workers

Giuseppe Conte is a great political beacon. We understood this during dialogues with the Movement in which he refused to pay his debts to the workersand is fierce judgment activatedformer prime minister from Enrica Sabatinipartner ofRousseau Association I company of Davide Casaleggio, son of founder of M5S, Gianroberto.

Words like sharp leaves that they cut off the self-proclaimed village lawyer“- chosen by Beppe Grillo to guide the Five star motion.

“She public statements they were often and willingly in contrast to what he said or did in private of our conversations – remember Sabatini activated Facebook. – He planned public communications before or after meetings to be safe calibrate the appropriate voltage level in the interlocutions: at a specific moment he raised the fight, on the other hand, he said that everything was fine. Regardless of reality. Everything was studied at the table per build your consent and in our case discredit the other party. It was amazing. “

“Oh,” the relentless one continues Sabatini“It simply came to our notice then Coordinated public statement between the partiesto attenuate the pressbut then yes lit in free media attacks I without notice which left us speechless. “

“I remember very well when he publicly stated: ‘Debts are not discussed, they are honored‘while in private he did no more than answer, postpone, or contradict what had been established shortly before – urges the Casaleggio company. – A Reporta few days ago he even went so far as to lie – with disarmed ease – stating that he had proposed to Rousseau a contract which, on the other hand, has never been done ”.

“It simply came to our notice then sidereal distance between the real person and the created character. As in playground when you enter mirror room and in front of you you see one, ten, a thousand faces. After our experience also touched on Beppe. Who came to describe it like this: ‘he has neither political vision nor managerial ability. He has no experience in organizations, no capacity for innovation ‘. She had known him better. And that was the result, “he said With you Theex-exponent pentastellata.

“It simply came to our notice then The movement sank to 2.2%“, re-write on Facebook, Enrica Sabatini.

“No one could have imagined,” he continues, “that he relative majority political force en Parliamentwith a immense media visibility, amazing economic resources I hundreds of parliamentarians he could die like that. But it was easily predictable. There lack of authenticity in the end it always comes out. And if people want to do a selfie with you because you arefamous“That doesn’t mean they see you as a capable political leader.”

“It simply came to our notice then symmetry relationship between the reality you want to create and what others see. There popularity is not synonymous with credibility. As well as thelack of vision is not offset by the proliferation of media visibility“.

“It simply came to our notice thenurgency to build positionsbut to guarantee a positioning ”, he continues Sabatini referring to Giuseppe Conte.

He was not the right person for the Movement Because it was not of the Movementdid not know the Movement, he did not like the Movement. He loved what it could be like to be with him. And the citizens have seen it. Today if he were a true leader he would put his resignation on the table and those of all those responsible for the the worst electoral failure the movement has ever seen, but it will not be so. Reality will be manipulated, communicated, constructed. Again. The character is now glued to the stage, in his own script. Although now there is no one to help the audience.

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