People with disabilities, there is still a long way to go for true social inclusion: the annual report

“Mine is a final relationship.” Thus began yesterday, June 14, the municipal guarantor of the rights of the disabled Lia Sacchini at the City of Pisa in the presentation of the annual report on reports and interventions promoted. With the usual rigor he intended to specify that the data collected were related to surveys conducted until January 31, 2022, but it was also a farewell, being the seventh and last year that the doctor holds this position.

“It was an important experience for me,” he told the assembly. which happened in 2020, the culmination of the pandemic, and therefore in 2021 was a search to resume many issues already addressed but blocked in the previous year.I must also say that for next year, 2022 is well under way, there are some very important things to do, and last but not least, the implementation of the UN Convention on the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in the Social fabric of our city. “I say this because my job has always been to follow the convention, European laws, and national laws.”

The guarantor recalled the substantial value of the inclusion: “Based on the reports of the various committees of people with disabilities, a problem that is found throughout Italy is not yet having applied what is stated and deduced from the term.”social inclusion‘. It does not mean insertion, it means recognition, recognition not only of problems but of people with disabilities, as people. So much so that the word ‘person’ was first inserted, to invite you to take a look at who the disabled person is, just like anyone else. A person is not included because he is in school and therefore has the right to study, but the person is inserted in a public school when the whole school complex is oriented to respect the personality of the student and gives answers The positive signs in Tuscany are: “The guarantors of people with disabilities have increased in the municipalities, this shows how necessary is the predominantly welfare approach, to another. bio-psycho-schoolto see the disabled person in their context “.

However, as a change of pace is still a long way off, the Guarantor soon explains, noting that “among the sectors of intervention in which I intervened directly in 2021, one, the first, is the difficulty, after 7 years, still, to report both on the existence of the figure of the guarantor, both on its functions and on its function The guarantor is an autonomous person above the parties, who works to assert the fundamental rights of persons with disabilities and to mediate between them and the Administration or their extensions, to ensure the correct application of the laws and to facilitate the resolution of conflicts, as well as to denounce dysfunctions and misconduct. I have always adhered to these lines, in the most consistent way possible. ”

The annual report summarizes the cases recorded during 2021, highlighting how the pandemic has greatly affected the services and quality of life of people with disabilities. Among these cases, we also read “unfortunate and frankly unpredictable situations”, linked, for example, to the opportunity given to restaurateurs and owners of bars and the like to be able to expand their possible outdoor spaces, due to the pandemic situation and the consequent financial difficulties that arise “,” situations – writes the Guarantor – often documented with the sending of relative photographs where you can see tables and chairs placed in the parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities with cude ( ed.) exposed, if not at the sidewalk access points “. Download the full report.

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