Matteo Salvini and Zelensky’s imaginary victories prove Alessandro Orsini right: the worst of the week

Mayoral candidate Adinolfi’s election nemesis, the referendum mega-plot unveiled by Calderoli, the 5-star ethical tax, Sgarbi’s “onanist” tweets, politicians clashing subjunctives, others with ballots and still others with the penalty. code. A few days ago it was voted on, and as you can well imagine the statements worthy of Stupidario have sprouted copiously. We’ve picked them up for you, along with much more.

Zero votes
Ventotene, Mario Adinolfi is a candidate for mayor and gets ZERO votes. No preference for the leader of the “Family People”. He was also beaten by the gay party, which received ONE vote
(@ MediasetTgcom24 – June 13)

The integration of the legislator Mattia Santori and the book “Mamma mi mi le reeds”. The Honorable Vittorio Sgarbi comments: “I would have added: ‘And the saws too'”
(Twitter – June 9)

The case

The flops of Mario Adinolfi and Francesca Donato, a lesson for “monster” gatherings

Mauro Munafò

By Gran Croc
Honors, Angelino Alfano named Knight of the Grand Cross of the Italian Republic. This was announced by the former minister on his social networks: “Thanks to President Mattarella”
(AgrigentoNotizie – June 12)

Wrestling league and holidays
“There is no shortage of resorts where the League wins: from Castrocaro to Ponza to Forte dei Marmi, via Messina.” And we also succeeded “in small towns like Villongo and Valera Fratta”
(Matteo Salvini at the opening of the press conference, “analyzing” the double flop: defeated in the Municipal and the referendum – June 13)

A league failure? Plot
“I have no problem saying that in my opinion there really was a plot (…) so that this quorum could not be reached.”
(Northern League Senator Roberto Calderoli at the conference – June 13)

The measurement of the ethical fee
“Yesterday’s result was absolutely unsatisfactory, I take responsibility, but let’s face it, we also pay a high price for the way we work: we have a very high ethical index.”
(M5 leader Giuseppe Conte at the conference – June 14)


Alessandro Orsini too little on TV and Matteo Salvini respected in the world – the worst of the week

Wil Don’t read it

“Make the sauce first” and “take turns”
The recipe of Vilma Campanile, a small businesswoman from Salerno and candidate for councilor in the Municipality of Mercato Sanseverino (…). “Wash and go out that day. The sauce ‘a facite’ in the early hours of the evening. So your husband doesn’t talk: did he guess you didn’t make the sauce? Hold on back! my father always said that to change things you have to put the waste in your hand, the pencil “
(Republic of Naples – June 8)

‘Or commander or captain?
Piacenza, the Lega distributes pieces of Grana Padano, the wrath of the consortium: “We break away, unpleasant fact”
(Bologna Courier – June 9)

Poor Gabbiano: the most unlikely candidates
Municipal elections: the husband against his wife, the former chaplain, the candidate who is praised for inventing a focaccia, the list of “Povero Gabbiano”; “I will cut off the fingers of those who do not vote for me,” a Bengali candidate for Noi con Italia in Monfalcone has threatened in recent days; In Chiavari, the candidate Giovanni Orecchia bet everything on the name: “Whatever hears you”
(The Messenger – June 10)

The longest-serving prime minister in Republican history
In a referendum, Berlusconi forgot about a card and was forced to vote again: “He only gave me four … one is missing.” But the card reappears folded inside another module
(Fatto Quotidiano / RepTv – June 12)

Head of household
Verona elections, a thousand letters from the League to the “head of the family” to vote Sboarina: it is controversial. The center-left rises: “50 years ago”. The defense of the Northern League: “The fault of those who distributed them”
(Corriere del Veneto – June 8)

“The training was completely different. But can I tell you? If FOSSIMO had studied this way, we wouldn’t have been able to make it so beautiful! “
(Verona Mayor Federico Sboarina – renamed and ready for the second round – at the last meeting with Salvini, Zaia, Meloni and Lupi – June 10)

Intervene? (4 times!)
“I also became a teacher, eh, mind you. (…), it is correct that he INTERVENES in Capranica … “
(Enrico Panunzi, Lazio regional councilor for the Democratic Party, during an election initiative. Also on stage is Dem Democrat secretary Nicola Zingaretti – May 29)


Matteo Salvini’s new fools and Dino Giarrusso’s chair – the worst of the week

Wil Don’t read it

Election campaign
“To Parma. The candidate of the Brothers of Italy is the one who shows the reverse in the city council, the one of Lega-Forza Italia, Vignali, has negotiated two years for embezzlement and corruption. Only in Italy. We support Dario Costi. Architect and urban planner. You do…”
(Carlo Calenda, Action Leader, on Twitter – June 9)

mighty I, mighty you
Detained in Palermo, Pietro Polizzi, candidate of Forza Italia. He said to the mobster, “Mighty me, mighty you.” The accusation: political-mafia electoral exchange in the run-up to the municipal elections
(Corriere della Sera – June 8)

“Brothers of the Mafia”: FdI candidate arrested in Palermo. Intercepted, Francesco Lombardo speaks of “family” and asks for votes from Vincenzo Vella, Brancaccio’s boss. Who greets him like this: “Sangu mio”
(Daily Fact – June 11)

For La Russa, the IDF candidate suspected of a mafia vote swap was arrested after the election: “Couldn’t the magistrate wait?”
( – ​​June 10)

The votes obtained by the non-vax MEP Francesca Donato, candidate for mayor of Palermo, penultimate by votes obtained
(Data: PalermoToday – June 14)

The statesman and Burundi
Upset vote in Palermo, Salvini: “I’m calling Mattarella, these things don’t happen in Burundi either”
(RepTv – June 12)

Romeo and Juliet
Curious that Matteo Salvini’s tribute to women who “conquer their role” comes just when, in Verona, he is on stage with Giorgia Meloni: “Now we are the weaker sex, you can see who manages the money and who manage remote control “. Meloni is in the game. He actually gets up and the curtain continues: “But don’t worry, we won’t end up like Romeo and Juliet.”
( – ​​June 9)

Zelensky: Orsini is right!
“I am an international policy analyst who makes objective, lucid, emotionally detached analyzes”; “I understand Zelensky’s fury, I’m close to him, he says, ‘They’re killing us, they’re killing us like flies.’ Zelensky clearly says that Alessandro Orsini HAS RACE, repeats exactly what I expected “
(Professor Alessandro Orsini in Non è l’Arena, La7 – June 12)

“If I had been President of the Republic I could have repeated with Putin what I did in 2008. In 2008 I was on the phone for a week, and then the night before the planned invasion I kept Putin on the phone for 5 hours and he said : Vladimir, you were very happy when we ended the Cold War in 2002, and now you know that if you invade Georgia in the morning you will be divorced from the European Union, NATO, the United States. At 10 a.m. the next morning Moscow’s order came for the troops to withdraw. Then when I went to Russia I was greeted by the head of the armed forces and his generals who gave me a beautiful gift, and they said, “Thank you, because you have prevented so many boys and girls from being orphaned.”
(Silvio Berlusconi talking to reporters after voting on referendum at Via Ruffini polling station in Milan; CorriereTv – June 13)

The rubles
The trip to Moscow “was paid for by the League, I don’t have rubles and I can’t buy a plane ticket paying with this currency. I worked and I am working for peace with my head held high at our expense, economically and politically. “
(Matteo Salvini answering questions from reporters – June 12)

Magdi Cristiano as Gandhi and Martin Luther
“War and pandemic have distracted us from Islamization.” Journalist and writer: “Muslims fill a gap that exists independently of them, European populations are becoming extinct.” “I am committed in a parallel way to the community ‘Casa della Civiltà’, which promotes cultural education and in perspective conceives non-partisan political actions and acts of civil disobedience. With Gandhi, with Martin Luther King “
(Magdi Cristiano Allam interviewed by La Verità – June 13)

The (geo) political style
Salvini on the ball. On Friday, he quoted Medvedev as saying “peace” and “dialogue.” But that had already threatened Atomics. Westerners are “degenerate bastards,” and he will do anything “to make them disappear. I hate them.” This was stated by Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia, Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man. Not a bad one. But now: guess the riddle. Who will ever be that Italian politician (hint: he is always in place), whom Medvedev practically mentioned last Friday among the pacifists?
(Il Foglio – June 7)

A double at the bar
“Welcome to Bologna and Emilia-Romagna to Bono Vox, singer and leader of U2. Here in a bar in the city “. The next day:” Correction! It was a double. We fell for it “
(Stefano Bonaccini, President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, on his social channels – June 10)

Hi Viktor, I’m Jacopo
CESENA, JUNE 07 – At the end of the match between Italy and Hungary, League MP Jacopo Morrone greeted and took a photo at Cesena Stadium with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. “I greeted him and introduced myself. I’m a deputy, I’m from Romania, I thought it was a good gesture, “said Morrone, who was contacted by ANSA by telephone.
(Romagna League secretary Jacopo Morrone posted the Ansa “self-congratulations” on Instagram, along with the inevitable selfie requested from Orban – June 8)

Last chance
(The tag used in an Instagram story by Honorable Forza Italia member Elvira Savino, posing in a swimsuit, in Capri – July 11)

Giorgia’s DNA
“It’s written in black and white, in the DNA test I just did, and that will allow me to improve with specific supplements: I have the maximum values ​​of adrenaline and dopamine, essential for excellence and endurance, but minimums of serotonin., which allows adaptation. It’s like I’m never calm, like I always want to be somewhere else … “
(Giorgia Meloni interviewed by Sette, Corriere – June 11)

New Zealand wants to tax cow and sheep belching to combat climate change
( – ​​June 9)

Beppe Grillo’s recipe: “We use insects in school canteen menus”
( – ​​June 7)

The female octopus
Orietta Berti: “Be careful to eat hot female octopus that ends up in the hospital … it brings hallucinations”
( – ​​June 5)

Exhausting work
Ravenna, a convicted carabiner: “Have sex in the barracks and set an overtime”
(Daily Fact – June 13)

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