Lamezia, today the fifth anniversary of the death of Professor Barilaro: godmother of sports in the city

Lamezia Terme – Today marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Professor Albertina Barilaro. A physical education teacher for 42 years, Professor Barilaro has spread her subject giving her absolute dignity through all sports disciplines but in particular in the Olympics such as athletics, especially at school level, and the gymnastics, both at school and in the competitive federation, with the amateur. Gascal sports association, of which she was the founder and president and which, in fact, is the first private gym in the history of Nicastro, today Lamezia Terme.

“The diffusion of gymnastics represented in Nicastro, then in Lamezia Terme, by the teacher -explains his son Francesco Scarpino-, Barilaro has been massive and constant through participation in public events such as the” Tree Festival “, the” Festa de l’Unità “., In some editions of the” June Lametino “and on the occasion of the” Saggi della Gascal “, which was the first association that created them in the Sports Hall of Lamezia Terme, where the entrance has always been “Free and open to the public. Wherever possible, he never stopped promoting gymnastics with demonstrations and exhibitions with courage and perseverance.”

The same inspiration was also abundant in the competitive field with both national federal events, such as the “Series A” and “Series B” championships, as well as the official international ones such as the international rhythmic gymnastics meeting “Italy – Bulgaria”. 1988 “. organized by Gascal, the FGI, the Coni, the local authorities and the Me.Ta. Productions by Eugenio Mercuri and Massimiliano Tavella, which today is an excellent example of sports tourism and a milestone among the sporting events of Lamezia Terme for about 15 days. the Italian team with all the federal staff -continues- the Bulgarian team, then world champion, most of the rhythmic techniques from all over Italy stayed in Lamezia Terme to participate in the stages organized in the municipal gyms of Lamezia Terme before the event. which, due to overcrowding, took place both in the morning as an official event and in the evening as a Gala. carried out in regional, interregional and national contexts that Professor Albertina Barilaro has obtained both in schools and at the federal level “.

“Albertina Barilaro, in addition to achieving sports results, has tried to stimulate, through her subject, in students, athletes and sportsmen, the possibility of glimpse and achieve a goal at any level, how to promote their own achievement the protection of the individual, dignity as a person and as an athlete. In many cases the challenge was to know and overcome one’s own limits, a metaphor for facing the many difficulties that life presents. they were the tool through which to reach the goal of improving health, inner balance, respect for others and also, when possible, give rise to a sporty and eminently competitive ambition. In many cases this ambition has translated into the professional realization of many athletes in different work and academic sectors. Through gymnastics., considered a path of commitment and dignity has fought hard for an emancipation of women who still tar to arrive. The inconsistency between this message and the availability of the municipal administrations of Lamezia Terme, which have taken place over the years, in terms of the management of sport, is very clear. With more than 50 years of rented gyms, Professor Barilaro has represented Gymnastics on her shoulders in Lamezia Terme, without receiving anything but that opportunity received for a short period with the municipal gymnasium of Scinà – Romeo “.

“Lamezia Terme – says the professor’s son – has not looked at its history for a long time and women and men who have given a lot, in many cases, without asking for anything, whose work has gone far beyond the territorial limits. Perhaps. is to start taking a few steps back humbly Ensuring the practice of Sport in Lamezia Terme in this-hopefully-post-pandemic inevitably happens, due to the current socio-economic situation, the viability of sports facilities almost. a year ago the current Municipal Administration took office and how long it took to solve this problem.How long will we have to wait? Very sadly we see that there are wars in the world, including one in neighboring Ukraine. It will be very difficult to predict, the accessibility provided so that all the disciplines represented in Lamezia Terme can be expressed together with others who have always done so ?, who knows. Erto in Lamezia Terme, Calabria and the country by the pro “Albertina Barilaro, who is unanimously recognized even beyond national borders, is certainly not asking for much.”

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