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The coach Ezio Capuano, speaking into the microphones of, he spoke about Vincenzo Garofalo, soon a new addition to Brescia: “I was the one who took him to professional football, as I have done with many. There is a lot of talk now about Parisi making his national team debut. , suffering and sacrifices ”.

“He was in the youth academies of Salernitana, I took him with me to Modena when I was still a child. Last year, after Avellino had not renewed his contract incredibly, you called him to Foggia where, however, I left the club before the start of the championship. He had no doubt that he would have had two excellent championships, the last one was even excellent. He’s a guy of incredible seriousness: on weekdays you never hear him because he rides, he runs, he doesn’t complain for any reason, but he is heard on Sundays when he’s on the field. It is on the verge of exhaustion. ”