Franco Micalizzi’s single “Les noies del 1960” feat. Cristiana Polegri

From February 25 the single for Franco Micalizzi “Les noies del 1960” feat. Cristiana Polegri (New Team Music / Believe).

In 1960 she was a little girlsays Carla Vistarini, author of the textbut I loved the dazzling world of those colorful, fluffy, shy and adventurous girls at the same time, poor but beautiful, full of dreams, with the backdrop of a boom that overwhelmed everything and everyone with their will to live. So it was necessary to sing it at that time, in the spirit of today, even for those who were not there then. And so I wrote the text of “The Girls of 1960,” with music by Franco Micalizzi, by the beautiful voice of Cristiana Polegri. And I did it with the hope of a real debut, despite having a thousand songs behind me, for artists like Mina, Mia Martini, Ornella Vanoni, Renato Zero, Patty Pravo and many more. Never before has telling stories in music been like bringing life, colors, emotions to illuminate days from which we must begin again with the same strength, the same joy of that legendary era. “


Composer, arranger and conductor, completed his musical studies and then began his professional career in Rome, his hometown. In 1970 he was commissioned to compose his first soundtrack, the film is “They call me Trinity directed by EB Clucher, with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. This film, which is known to be a resounding success both in Italy and abroad, inaugurating the start of a new series of Italian westerns, decrees the entry of Franco Micalizzi among soundtrack composers. Many others follow this movie. It was in 1974 when he composed the music “The Last Snow of Spring”whose main theme jumps to the top of the Hit Parade record both in Italy and abroad, confirming him as a successful composer. In 1975 and then in 1978 Micalizzi goes to the United States where he composes and records the soundtracks of: “Behind the door” (Italian title: Who are you?) I “The visitor” (Italian title: Estridulum). Among the soundtracks composed by him we also remember two more hits: “Born with a shirt” I “No two without four” both directed by EB Clucher with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, and again the American production film: “The Curse” (The curse) – directed by David Keith with Claude Akins, Will Wheaton and John Schneider.

There are also many acronyms composed by Micalizzi for famous cartoons Lupine a Trider G 7Ovni Diapolon and more recently the main theme of the series Transformers and the music from the cartoon movie “Welcome Pinocchio again.” In 2006 Micalizzi composed the music for the short VIC directed by the debutant son Silvester Stallone, Sage. In 2005 Micalizzi formed an 18-piece orchestra, the Big bubble band, with which it began to celebrate, with increasing success, a series of concerts during which the Band interprets its numerous sound tracks and in particular the subjects of “Italian police” of the 70s and 80s, much sought after by an amateur audience. Among his followers is the director Quentin Tarantino which he considers one of his favorite composers, so much so that he has included it in his soundtrack Grindhouse the original theme of Italy at gunpoint I, in the final scene of Django Unchainedthe subject of They call me Trinity. In addition, many artists Hip Hop in Italy and especially in the US they use samples taken from their detective tracks for “Rap” hit songs. The song anticipates the release of Franco Micalizzi’s new album “Overwhelmed by the irresistible call of the intrepid 60’s on a summer night” next.

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