Football on display at the Design Museum. Special night for Italy with Alessandro Nesta

The relationship between football and design has become closer over the years. A combination capable of attracting more and more attention from fans, enthusiasts and professionals in both fields, so much so that the Museum of Design of London has decided to dedicate a temporary exhibition to the subject.

Soccer: Design the beautiful game will be installed until August 29 and inside there are memories from around the world such as champions’ shirts, game plans implemented by the most famous coaches, stadium reconstructions that have hosted memorable matches, but also and especially objects that explain the evolution of football from a technical and technological point of view, between fashion and design, from the whistles of the referees, which have become increasingly high technology to dominate the the noise of the fans, passing to the ball or the goalkeeper’s gloves, just to name a few.

The exhibition aims specifically to explore the history behind the world of football, revealing how design has been used to push the game to new limits. The route proposed by more than 500 objects, films and interviews on sports shows, is also developed through the architecture of the stadiums and legacies that leave names of the caliber of Pelé, George Best and Diego Maradona.

The exhibition space is structured around six themes: stadiums, graphics, equipment, athlete bodies, media and communities, and also presents some valuable memories provided by the Coverciano Football Museum, with the aim of strengthening increasingly the link with other internationals. museums.

Specifically, the objects donated to the Design Museum are: the shirt worn by Roberto Baggio on May 27, 1994 in a friendly match against Finland, just before the US World Cup; a pair of gloves from the 1962 selectionI two World Cup postersone related to the World Cup hosted by Italy in 1934 and the other related to the event held in Switzerland in 1954. In addition, special shows will be able to relive the highlights of some matches played by Italy, including the against Italy. ‘ England won 1-0 with a goal from Fabio Capello in 1973. Although it is a reproduction of Ciao, the mascot of the World Cup in Italy 90 is present among the most important symbols of world football, such as the champion pair of the English Premier League.

Alessandro Nesta last night at the Design Museum

To further highlight the role of Italy, from the point of view of fashion, design and technology applied to the world of football, the Museum of Design has organized an evening dedicated to Italy with an exceptional presence: Alessandro Nesta , now a Series A. ambassador to the world. Along with the champion, museum director Tim Marlow and Carlo Ferro, president of the ITA – Italian Trade Agency, did the honors, overseeing all aspects of the evening.

Italy has given and is giving a lot to the world of football internationally – said Alessandro Nesta – but in recent times it is beyond doubt that English football, through the Premier League, has attracted more fans, more interest and above all more financial investment. Italy can and must do, to return to the glories of the past, I am sure we will achieve it in no time because we have all the credentials to do so.“.

The Football Exhibition: Designing the Beautiful Game is open until August 29 and tickets cost from £ 9.25 (children) to £ 16.80 (adults), as well as special rates for students, families and groups. Here is the official website where you can book and get more information.

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